Back “Tumor” Drained, Chunks Included!

Now, the poster of this video to YouTube has termed the back growth/lesion to be a tumor, and had it treated non-surgically. Instead, it was drained homeopathically. Not sure really what about it all is homeopathic, but whoever does the squeezing is really into the chunks that erupt from the hole in this persons back. Lots of pus, too, in vibrant colors. With many close-ups throughout the filming. I think there was definitely some popologists present. Ya think?

This is another yummy one, folks. We seem to have had some good fortune smiling on us lately – maybe everyone was incubating some serious cysts and abscesses over the Winter, beneath all those thick, multiple layers of clothing.

Yay for us!

~ H.S.

Removal of tumor without Surgery” created and posted to YouTube by kunripk on March 08, 2010

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