BOTFLY from the BUTT!!!!!!

Yeahhhhh a BOTFLY !!!!! Been so Dry the last weeks…..Here it is !!!!! BOOOOOOOOOoooootfly!!

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  • Poor kid. I am sure she (I think) will feel much better now. I wonder if she was crying at first because of the pain of daddy squeezing her cheek or because she was afraid of what would happen?

  • I totally felt for the little girl. Her discomfort moderately lessened my enjoyment of the video… I’m fine with animals and adults but little kids just make me sad when they’re in pain. I used to lose my cool when my dad would even try to get a splinter out of my skin, and he’s a surgeon. Definitely knew what he was doing. I vote for a combination of fear and pain. Still, nice BUTTfly, and thanks for the post!

  • I realize that the Brazilians are a bit … welll, not up to where we afre, culturally, at least not in their “sticks” areas, and I’ll venture a guess and say that these folks are from a more rural area. In any event, putting the completely naked **ZIT** and genital area of a child at about 5-7 years of age on this service is completely inappropriate, in my view. YES, it was a good Bot-fly vid. YES, the lighting was great, the camerawork was A-1 and the screams were at a minimum, but even so, I believe that we do not need to see this little girl’s … “equipment” on view on this site. Please, Chris, pull this one before we get “unwanted attention” from officialdom.

  • On second viewing, I think she was crying from physical pain, fear and the total humiliation of being put on videotape, having her older sister laugh, and having that disgusting thing in her face, while her father holds it up like a trophy….yuck!

  • Poor kid…I normally like to watch this but if a child is hurt it breaks my heart.
    Some good zit-video’s get removed all the time for no reason it seems, but I think this one should. We shouldn’t enjoy an innocent child being in pain.

  • Amazing. Until sarge brought it up it never occured to me I was watching a minor’s exposed bottom. I mean, I knew it was a kid’s bare **ZIT** but I didn’t think of it as meaning anything other than a **ZIT**fly hatchery.

    So, after reading sarge’s post and the well-wisher responses, I went back and watched the video this time looking specifically for revealed “parts”. All I saw were two **ZIT** cheeks, compressed as to reveal nothing “in” between the two glutes. Maybe there’s a brief, 1/4 second or less flashing pan that shows her legs connected to her glutes, but again none of the “little girl’s ‘equipment'”.

    My god, why did your mind go there.

  • Poor kid? Yes
    Does this happen? Yes
    Is this inappropriate content? No – (unless you choose it to be and have weird and an adverse synchronisations, but then everything is screwed)
    If my daughter had the same, would I post it? Yes – (Not everyone is a prude and takes offence fro reality)
    Can we **ZIT**ume that we (Europe and US) are so high and mighty above such people and predicaments? No its on all our doorsteps (and get a fkn life and travel the world if you think and believe otherwise)
    Can it be shown? Yes
    Don’t like it? Well get a life and suck the lollipop of real life and reality…….you think this is bad…………….?????

  • Jesus, i hate to see kids suffer in any way but this is a procedure for her well being and can only be seen as a educational piece and nothing more – and if anyone sees it otherwise, well serious questions should be asked.

  • couldnt help it twisted….it was the FIRST thing that came to mine….they should make the parents get a bot larve. (hehehehehheheh and they should have to post it so was can see them pop out!)

  • Good vid. I felt bad for the poor kid, but the father did an expert job of getting that out of there fast.

    As far as the video being inappropriate, I just don’t see it. Yes, there was a clear video of her buns, but nothing even REMOTELY **ZIT**ual involved. I dunno, but I was raised with easygoing parents who never had or imposed body-shame issues, so that kind of thing just doesn’t occur to me. I’m sure there are those who would disagree.

  • OMG I felt so bad for the lil girl and I think her dad should have been trying to finish getting her wound tended to and comforting her, instead of waving that **ZIT** parasite around! I hate seeing kids sick or hurting, it breaks my heart.

  • there is no way this video is even close to being inappropriate! the child cries, belatedly, as children do. she didn’t “suffer.”

    i do so love it when PTZ decides to leave its reality-based rustic crustiness in favor of hand-wringing woo.

  • Now is there **ZIT**ody who gives a zit about the well-being of the Botfly-Larvea…?? I mean that poor lil fellow first is sqeezed out his nice safe & warm place, then they grasp him with a tweezer by the BUTT !! And pull as hard as they can…..until the poor things body is stretched out twice his length….Not even to speak about whats for it in store Next….Im sure this one is Murdered Too !! And all YOU do is whining about the Kid !!!

  • Murder in the 1st degree…the victim? BUTTFLYS! lol…Now I’ve heard it all. And on the “inappropriate” content of this clip, I’m with cyrilcyst and profderien. It’s funny when we veer off the pus path this site is meant for and start with the “woo”. C’mon…I re-watched the video myself to see if anything bad or “equipment” wise was shown…and there’s nothing. Just a little girl, howling for **ZIT** good reason, as loving parents extract a parasitic **ZIT**fly from her **ZIT**. Nothing perverted, not even a little bit. And…as said above..anyone fixated on that…well…should ask those serious themselves.
    Anywho…nice vid, again, Twisted!

  • Great video – but like the others I was questioning the child’s age and how much is being shown. Actually the kid looks older than 5-7 to me. She looked closer to pre-teen to me, either way, this is inappropriate to videotape and I have to question the parents that think the “botfly” is cooler on YouTube than protecting their child’s privacy.

  • Seriously? Too many people here at PTZ have waaaaay too much time on their hands. Getting your panties in a bunch over a kids **ZIT** is ridiculous. If there was no sound, you probably wouldn’t think anything about it. I cannot believe that you are sitting around **ZIT**yzing the age of this kid and making judgements regarding her parents ability to parent and other things that are of no consequence to you. This video shows nothing more than a **ZIT**. We have seen TONS of **ZIT**s on PTZ. For all we know, the kid posted the video of the botfly herself! To instantly take your mind to dirty places when it comes to a child’s rear end might make you want to reconsider your own thinking. There is nothing but a **ZIT** shown, really people, get over it!

  • Inna, maybe it’s the line of work I do – it’s nothing for ME to see this kind of video – but there’s all kinds of freaks online and they SEARCH for things like this for THEIR OWN PURPOSE. I don’t have to reconsider anything I think – I know what some people are looking for and unfortunately, it’s this type of video with this type of “shot”, a helpless, half naked little girl screaming in pain. Maybe YOU need to reconsider YOUR own thinking and GET OVER the fact that some of us are looking out for the best interest of kids and don’t want to contribute to anyone’s sick mind. WTF – getting your panties in a bunch? Anything that happens with kids should be of consequence to all responsible adults – apparently you have tunnel vision and can’t wrap your mind around what some sickos are looking at. Whatever.

  • I didn’t read all the post, just the latest, which is how I used your name. I’m not using anyone as a punching bag (pssst…it’s the internet, you can’t really fight LOL) it’s just my opinion. Speaking of panties in a wad, get over it. Just take out your name and insert another, it’s just my opinion.

  • I’m with you gilming. I was for them removing this post and I’m glad to see that they did. There are too many sick people looking for the wrong reason. Kids need to be protected. Good call!

  • Always better to be PROactive rather than REactive. People are cruising YouTube and other things for any sign of child nudity (which I can’t wrap my mind around but it’s the truth), problem is people accept certain forms without question, with leads to more for the sicker minds. Yes this video is information, I, for one, am obsessed with the whole “botfly” thing. But seeing it come from the naked behind of a little girl is just a red flag for weirdos. Once again, proactive rather than reactive.

  • I would like it put back also — can you do it, Emil? Mostly, I think it is wrong to cave to warped perceptions… and nothing warps perception faster than the inclination to police the “bad” out there.

  • I dont know what the big deal is. I have a 6 month old god daughter and if she had a **ZIT**fly i would most certainly video it. And btw for all you people who are worried about **ZIT**ual predators, they google macy’s adds as well, would you like to remove children in bathing suites from magazines as well? As far

  • Sorry cut off… As far as I see it, its basically a national geographic or a frickin medical vid. It shows a **ZIT**, they show worse on TLC, its a **ZIT**fly and a bottom and as long as her **ZIT** are out in plain view I hardly see an issue.

  • Wow, I forgot about all the blather this second video stirred up–never saw it, so it left my mind. Can’t say I disagree with gilming’s **ZIT**essment of the predator aspect, so I guess it was with good reason it was removed. Sorry, Inna, I’m basically in total agreement with you too, but then, there IS that element that must be considered.

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