Debridement of an Infected Diabetic Foot Wound

You must be gellin!! Not!!! 😉

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  • Not my cup of tea even if this is what happens to a diabetic when things go wrong. Please stick to poppin, squeezing,bursting zits, cyst and boils. Have a good day. 🙂

  • even i cringed at this one.
    i must say that having my computer crash and burn a couple weeks back, i missed tons of videos.
    now i have a brand new laptop and i have just finished watching 5 pages of postings.

    i am now over-stimulated and must lay down, i feel weak. 🙂

  • I think that it’s cool to see a little something different once in awhile. It was a really cool informational video that I may not have seen if it weren’t here. Thanks for posting ultraworld!

  • I am a dibetic, and I have **ZIT**isted at debridements of necrotic tissue from diabetic ulcers. I almost always tossed my cookies from the smell. The tissue is so fouled after it becomes necrotic (dead) that it is as if it isn’t there; no nerve endings, no circulation, the foot is forever “tingling”, “pins and needles” type feelings are always reported with this type of thing. And I am weeping for this poor soul who will very soon be losing that foot. He has over 10% necrosis of his foot, and that cannot heal. The tissue won’t grow back in; it’ll just form a covering dermal layer,not even a true epidermis due to the level of involvement. The endodermal layers were revealed here, and while not a full thickness loss, the rot is extensive here, and cannot heal due to the diabetic etiology. Once the circulation retreats from an area, it NEVER re-establishes itself. It cannot do so. The blood vessels in the outermost layers of skin are dead, and can’t be regenerated. This is why I can’t work in a hospital. never could, outside of the ER. I stayed on the ambulances as long as I could. But the diabetes and other related injuries finally brought me down. It’s a bleak outlook children, and I feel for this man very much. I pray that **ZIT** give him the strength to persevere, and not lose hope, as so many do.
    The moral here? Don’t EVER put that diabetic foot into suspect water, not even the sea, not a lake, not a stream no matter HOW CLEAN it looks. Once ulcerated, warm soaks and epsom salts for that foot, or hand, or whatever (yes, down THERE, too sometimes).

  • @ Emilbus…..Posted a Tonsilstone Vid….another But Zit, few days ago……for dry Times, not so good Camworks but better than Just surgical-vids. Why not Up ??

  • wow, thanks, ultraworld. i just got to click on what appeared to be a pile of zit in order to start the vid over at crazyzit, and then got buxom babe popups all over my monitor. i saw the first few seconds of the video and then left. i wonder why emil wouldn’t want to deal with that nonsense?

  • as for *this* vid? i just got put on insulin to help combat high blood sugars due to an apparently untreatable infection in my joints — also due to steroids. so i had a hard time watching this… but i appreciate you submitting it, ultraworld!

  • I thought it was interesting haha! It could have been a little longer so we could see what the wound looked like after all of the tissue was removed. A close up would have also been nice :p

  • Woah….that was awesome! That little tool at the end was sweet…how it only took off the necrotic tissue. A close up would have made it much better…but…still cool. I like the weirdest things….strong, strong stomach. Heh. Thanks!

  • @sarge1064 you said “And I am weeping for this poor soul who will very soon be losing that foot.” As the doc who filmed this video. I can **ZIT**ure you that he didnt lose his legs. I will post a followup to that video to show his healed foot as well as more gruesome ones for people who enjoy that.

  • Thanks to ultraworld and Dr. Mayer for giving us the news that the patient’s foot was saved. I feel this type of video is so important, if for no other reason, then to give hope to young diabetics so they don’t have to grow up believing every infection is an automatic death sentence for their limbs.

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