Endometriotic cyst

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  • Ok this was from either PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome) or endometriosis. I know about the PCOS because I have that and have a large cyst in about the same area along with the typical engorged follicles on the ovaries. PCOS happens due to extreme chemical imbalances and typical signs are abnormal periods from **ZIT** ( way worse than normal periods) along 24/7 moodswings, bloating, sharp stabbing pains, cramping that feels like being in labor and growing hair on face, chest or other areas that only a man would get hair. Now my cousin has the endo and similar issues. Either way both conditions are extremely painful and hysterectomy is the only way to get rid of them. But for women of the childbearing age we use treatments such as birth control, IUD’s and medications such as Metformin to try and balance the hormones. If all else fails then hysterectomy becomes becomes the final solution. I know when mine reaches that point, I will say zit it and get the hysto done because im tired of suffering and because there are already plenty of kids on this planet that need moms, so I will definately be adopting kids either way.

    Now that I have written my essay. lol This video was awesome and the commentary was very helpful! 5 stars and great job!

  • @Rac87el
    This may have nothing to do with either PCOS or endometriosis. An endometriotic cyst, although similar sounding, is actually a blood filled cyst, sometimes called a chocolate cyst. That’s why the doctor said the “chocolate” material. It’s just called that because it looks that way on ultrasound.
    Secondly, it appears they totally butchered this poor woman. Now, I’ll admit, I’m not a surgeon, but I have seen these types of surgeries before, and I look at the female pelvis with ultrasound all day at my job. But I do think all that cutting and cautery was not necessary for this procedure. And stringing the ovaries up like that at the end? OUCH!!! What the **ZIT** was that for? I don’t see how that could prevent anything, although I’m sure it’s providing the patient with a wonderful pain sensation until they remove those sutures. If I ever have to have surgery in India, I’ll be sure to avoid this doctor at all costs.

  • yes I thought the cauterizing and stringing up ovaries wasnt right either. If this woman develops an infection from this surgery or becomes infertile due to their procedure..whew weee, that woman will have a major lawsuit against them. I know I wouldnt want that done, I would rather have the hysto and that cyst the blood in it look like it was mixed with pus and for them to spill the contents inside her cant be good. I hope she recovers with no complications.

  • I cannot imagine how much pain this woman was in prior to surgery, from all those adhesions to the bowel, in addition to the sheer size of that cyst, ouch! I also wondered about dumping the contents of the cyst like that, because if it is endometriosis then they’ve just dumped more endometrial cells EVERYWHERE and it would just grow back even worse than before. Am I right?? I think that the whole ovarian suspension thing was done to let things heal with less chance of more adhesions (just a theory though). This whole surgery was just strange…. GREAT post though!! Thanks! 😉

  • iam sorry i think the wanna be docs just sound so zitin stupid leavin 3-4 paragraphs of medical bs on a pimple/cyst popping website. iam glad i didnt come here and get medical advice cause who knows what more problems i would have.. sorry for the cursing but it aggravtes me i love this website for what it is. i just wish it could stay in these giudelines

  • FYI Jables,alot of us are studying medicine or work in the medical field and we appreciate learning about the causes and such of zit/cysts etc.

    Ewwww, what is up lately with rude nasty people joining this site trying to make others miserable, lord please help them!

  • @justis **** you i bet my gl**ZIT** hous is bigger than yours!!and @rac87el FYI ive been a member of this site for a 7-8 months and FYI just sounds stupid. ewwwww what is up with all these morons thinking they are smart going to google and copying and pasting info like their doctors(wannabe’s) and thinking they enlightened hundreds of people…?? idk, and if you are studying to be a doctor and coming to popthatzit.com to learn lord help the poor unfortunate souls you people are operating on!!!!!!!! holla at me~~ …jables…

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