Excision of sebaceous cyst

Just wow on this one!!

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  • This doctor was a little rough, wouldn’t you say? Good **ZIT**! He was stabbing that guys face with that needle like a serial killer hacks into his victims. Then the s**ZIT**ches…I haven’t seen a lot of s**ZIT**ches in my time, as all of my surgeries have been done laprascopically, and the 2 x’s my kiddos fell and put their teeth through their lip didn’t require very many s**ZIT**ches, but I have never seen the tissue all wadded up into the s**ZIT**ch before. I thought the goal (esp. on one’s face) would be to make careful, small, “nice” s**ZIT**ches. Perhaps a giant scar is no big deal when you’ve been walking around with that cyst for so long….

  • Omg I thought I was the only one that noticed how brutal that doctor was being with that needle! I have a needle phobia that I have pretty much over come except for times of serious distress, pain and sickness. But watching that dr do that to that poor guy made me really queasy. I dont even know how this guy got his medical license being a hack.

  • Damn, he should have just taken a freakin chain saw and dug in…it would have left a little less **ZIT**y scar but would have been lots quicker. Quack, quack, quack, veterinarian. Oh zit oh dear.

  • Jesus H Christ……… What is wrong with that doctor. It looked like he was trying to dig a hole in the garden. Poor guy, he’s going to have one nasty scar. I have one of those on the top of my foot.

  • This is why I choose home lancing over surgery. Those football shaped cuts, tearing off a huge section of the face and pinching it together afterward are a nightmare. I find that to be the general case. Home surgeries are a lot less brutal and mutilate the skin far less.

  • Thank **ZIT** the patient is out cold…when I found this, I was appalled by the horrific Frankenstein s**ZIT**ching…nasty surgeon..obviously, takes no pride whatsoever in his work.

  • AGAIN takes us back to the forum discussion about home vs medical excision-that poor guy now has a **ZIT** on the side of his face
    anways i don’t think it was a cyst-i reckon his eyeball just slipped

  • What a loser- this doc hasn’t got a clue when it comes to making a nice “cosmetic closure”!!!! He will have a huge scar; which, by the way- can only be repaired after the fact by a good plastic surgeon. Don’t know where this took place, but by the looks of it, more than likely a third world country. Even our worst(medical care) is better than this **ZIT**!!!!

  • Wow! Keep him away from me! He uses that needle like a shovel! Did Dig Dig hole big enough to find China in there.I didn,t think we were going to see anything at first with the big white hand in the way. That’s going to leave a mark…………

  • Since I still am new here, I like to peruse back and find what I have missed.

    O M G! Yeah- I hope this doc does NOT do plastic work, I thought he was rough and wayyyyy too free and easy with the scalple and needle. This is someone’s Face, not their **ZIT**!

  • I thought they were filming at double speed. In defense of the doctor;;;; pretty certain we are in a third world setting. I’ve spent a lot of time is such countries. Medical facilities can be primitive and scarce. He may have had 20 patients waiting for surgical procedures. Lot of rural clinics only get a doctor to visit for a day or two every couple of weeks. If he doesn’t finish with everyone they have to wait for the next doctor.

  • OMG!! This is the one I saw a long time ago that made me so angry I wanted to climb through the screen and throttle that “doctor.”

    This could have been done with a small slit or punch biopsy. Not only was the needle twice as long as those I use to vaccinate my horse, but it was wielded more like a weapon of punishment than a pain-numbing device.

    Don’t even get me going on the Franken-sutures. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    The scar will be horrendous.

    No ” poor country” or ” limited supplies” excuse here. Dr. Mengele had what he needed. The things he DID lack were comp**ZIT**ion for the patient, skills to do the job and pride in his work. Oh… Let’s not forget the least expensive thing there is: common sense!

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