Hairy Slavic Guy Wimps Out

Started out well enough with some fine dripping pus, but then it looked like the pain was too much for him, despite his director’s encouragement.

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  • It sure is red so I am sure it hurts but if he would just keep squeezing instead of running away, he would feel better really soon! Then he can apply heat or ice… whichever feels better. Too bad, this could have been a CONTENDAH! lol

  • If all else fails….HIRE A SQUEEZER ! ! ! Such a shame …what a waste of this nasty Abscess, when properly squeezed it can be a winner ! Btw the guy has some serious Blackheads on his back too!! Thankz for posting annyway, ……@Prof U2 for encourageing to post this (ForumLink)

  • the director is hilarious! “What would john rambo do? He would take out his big knife and cut it off w/o flinching and then sow it up with rusty cable.” PMSL My son is a big black and white tomcat named Rambo, lol and his lil calico sister is She-ra. But back to the video, I thought at some point they were gonna hold him down and just squeeze the zit out of it. Thats what I was hoping for them to do but seriously he needs to go to the ER because the pus was gray and that cant be good!

  • ok I heard the word razor more than once in italian/slavic whatever lang he was speaking…
    and i agree could have been more action less walking away with toilet paper but have to give him some points for managing some pus output with nothing more than contorting his neck backwards….

  • He’s not speaking Slavic or any Slavonic dialect; he’s speaking Italian! And it’s clear from his actions… or LACK of them in terms of not sitting down and squirting out for us devotees, that he is from the “Grande Polio Terrazza” of Italia. That means “Big Chicken Land”. CUZ HE’S A CHICKEN!! bUUUU-UUUCK BUCK BUCK BUCK bUU-UUUUCK! CHICKEN! In chicken sauce with chicken gravy and chicken feathers!!! buu-UUUUCK!

  • People don’t understand, if you squeeze it hard and drain it good it will feel better. Sure it will hurt like heck but the pain will go away soon after. Just give it one good hard squeeze and it will be over.

  • Seemed like he spent more time covering the cyst and walking around than he did trying to squeeze it & hopefully get some relief. I imagine the pressure made it even more painful.

  • Thanks for the video Squeezer, good find! As for the patient in this video, he rightly looks like he is in a lot of pain! I agree that perhaps one good squeeze is needed, but he didn’t have gloved hands, and this type of abcess can turn into MSRA or another form of bacterial infection quite quickly!
    Get to a doctor quickly sir, and I hope this poor fellow gets on some antibiotics STAT!

  • The best running commentary in a long time. Sexual innuendo, references to the “Youtube community”, and even when all Italian you could pretty much figure out what they were saying about the zit just by their laughter and gestures.

  • I thought he was cute. Hairy, slovenly, belchingly charming! Loved the wife in the background, and the American filming it. Very entertaining. Now someone hold him down and let me at that monster!!

  • A hairy Italian guy, not a hairy Slav, as has been mentioned before. And, apparently, the Amb**ZIT**ador from The YouTube Conmmunity. In general, men seem less good with cosmetic/grooming pain than women. My husband can’t stand to have one hair tweezed out.

  • What a Prima Donna! Doesn’t he know the audience is waiting…the show must go on. Lights, camera, ACTION! We want action, you wuss. Man up, squeeze that lump and give the people what they want.

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