Scalp Cyst (Emergency Surgery Ecuador)

I suggest going straight to approx. 7.45, it takes that long for the good stuff!

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  • The suggestion to start the video at the 7:45 mark is a good one, because that’s when the squeezing starts. But again we have another Mensa member running the camera; he totally misses the first squeeze. Ugh. I’m gonna keep my potty-mouth to myself this time, and say that at least he caught the rest of it clearly.

  • Started at 7:45, nauseas from camera movement by 7:48. Why on earth to they not cut to the point, keep the camera steady, and just shoot the “money shot”.

  • I’m sure the guy with the cyst was freaking out with all those people standing round. Nice bit of pus though. I bet that felt a lot better afterwards for him.

  • I can see having witnesses but is this really the new **ZIT**tail party alternative of the century? Do we REALLY need to have 50 bystanders oohing and ahhing like it’s a sporting event?

    The simple rules to filming a popping event…

    1. Shut up

    2. Hold still

    3. Focus on the action, not the floor, wall, ceiling, p**ZIT**ing dog, people shoes, etc.

    4. If anyone in the room is going to scream, squeal, vomit, gag, or have some sort of crude and obnoxious statement, take precautions to either have them shut up, leave, or close their eyes.

    How hard is it, really?

  • Fast forwarded… Nice chunkage… but I was sorta disapointed when they finally squeezed the thing out, but cameraman was too busy looking at the poppers arm. :C

  • A waste of a good section of 00110011. That was a LLLOOOOnnnngggg buildup and although there was a payload, we had the usual **ZIT**py camerawortk, and the usual “NotEnoughStuff” or “NES” syndrome from the camera worker.This is an epidemic here, this NES syndrome and it appears to be affecting many contributors here. What can be done to eradicate it? And this was not “The End” by far! There was definitely more!! JUST ONCE I want a video that finishes what it starts and has good camera!!

  • First lesson of PYZ Film School: learn to edit. Well, maybe the first lesson should be “hold the camera steady”, or “don’t move the camera away from the zit”, or “make sure zit is in focus”…

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