Tonsil Stones

Stinky stones!!

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  • Hi! I get tonsil stones and I have no idea why. Mine don’t hurt but sometimes I can tell they are there because of the TASTE. And yes, they taste as bad as they smell.

  • Tonsil stones Painfull?? Dont know…they say everybody who still has their Tonsils ,they can or have them, but if they are so little then you swallow them Unnoticed…. But dont think it is painfull

  • I get these all the time, but I pick them out with a tool I got before they get too big. When they get too big, I can feel them and I can cough them out (disgusting, I know). They dont hurt at all, they just taste rotten and smell worse than you can even imagine.

  • Im surprised that the tonsils are not removed if the stones are causing pain or problems. That seems logical considering thats what happens when u have gallstone attacks due to issues with your gallbladder. Now I know its normal for everyone to have some gallstones but too many or an infection or obstruction in the gallbladder and it becomes a potentially life threatening emergency. ( I know this because mine was life threatening and ended up with ER surgery and 5 day stay in hospital, not fun!) What i’m wondering since someone said its normal for everyone to have some tonsil stones is….. Do they have the potential to cause similar damage, pain, infection, obstruction and loss of life, that gallstones can?

  • I´ve had them from time to time. It feels like you´re about to catch a cold with a bad throat. I take a cotton stick(?) and wet it with saliva and push them outta the hole – it hurts some and I gag but I get the lumps out. I´ve also notised that if I dont eat white bread I don´t get them!

  • Strange. I wonder if Diet has anything to do with the body making these. Like too much yeast.

    I still don’t understand why the tonsils aren’t just removed if the stones are constantly recurring. Take ’em out!

    (Wouldn’t it be cool if some stone filled tonsils were removed and disected? One can hope!)

  • That was bad**ZIT**. I’ve never seen tonsil stones squeezed out like that. My dad gets them from time to time… He’s never said anything about them hurting, but he’s a popologist like us. He flushes them out with one of those curved syringes people get for preventing dry socket after wisdom teeth removal. Awesome vid.

  • I need more tonsil stones. Anyone. Who out there loves tonsil stones, kidney stones, or just any kind of stone. hehehehehe Make more tonsil stone video’s they are very hard to find, I need more, more, more!!!!!!!!!

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