Tyson Desormeaux’s staph infection surgery

Poor guy has a staph infection on his pinkie finger. Not a gusher, but what does come out is good.

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  • oh THANK YOU Colleenigan! I love these kind with that thick glommy pus! You were right… what does come out is good! I also liked how the doctor knew that this is a sensitive area and worked like it! But when he needed to get it on he did! I’m giving it 5 stars cuz I love this kind of pus… esp at 5:40 and 6:15.

  • poor effort is poor…all those painful local injections-and they ARE painful-had them myself-for a few seconds of pus.
    what did people call such infections before MRSA was everywhere?cos these infections did exist,but now every infection is MRSA

  • that poor guy! Those lidocaine shots r so painful, it feels like someone is shooting acid into your body! And yes he was puking from the pain and the needle, he clearly has a needle phobia because I used to be the same way but I wouldnt actually puke just feel extremely nausious and I could breathe and felt like I was gonna throw up, p**ZIT** out and die. So glad I’m over that phobia finally after 25 yrs. I’m glad this guy had a very caring dr and nurse to fix him up!

  • I know exactly how he feels, poor guy. I had to have a biopsy on my arm and they took several chunks of my skin after multiple lidocaine shots. I almost p**ZIT**ed out just looking at the syringe it was so huge. I said “Are you going to use ALL of that?” Seriously the syringe was as big around as a toilet paper tube and it hurt like holy h3ll! I felt like I was being swarmed by fire ants or scorpions. Although I feel awful for this fella, I’m actually glad he got sick and showed his pain, etc. b/c that is the NORM. I have been amazed at all the folks who have had cysts removed, boils drained, etc. using a local who didn’t utter a peep about how bad it hurt. I hope you are all healed up now Tyson.

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