Cystic Nodular Acne

Yikes! This is a **ZIT** PUS mess at the beginning…after that it’s random blood and a bit more pus around 6mins. Looks painful.

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  • Really savruk, really?? Just because he has this doesn’t mean he has bad hygiene and who is really gonna wash their face 3 times a day (i bet you dont) and washing your hair daily is really bad for it… strips it of its natural oils. So maybe you should actually know what your talking about before you try and tell someone how they should take care of themselves…..just saying. Oh and if it soooo repulsing….then why are you even on this website??? Because this is what we love!!

  • ewwww omg wipe off ur face already@!! he leaves it lying on his face for sooooo long!! it was chunky, must have hurt coming out :S if I had one of those that close to my brain, I think I’m going to a Dr!

  • for some people washing their face that much actually makes it worse, like for me i tried that for a week and it had made me get so oily i broke out worse than before, i switched face wash and did it just once a day i’m fine now
    Also, awesome vid, i agree with CF

  • I don’t think he’s dirty. But if i were him after going to a doctor for serious meds, I’d get a buzz cut. I think in his case the less hair the better.

  • even though i always wanted a good zit/blackhead/cyst..i am pretty grateful that i never had’s not a nice condition and leaves some nasty scars.odd how he only has small patches of it though.
    acne is easily treated with,yeah,i would get to a doctor

  • Poor **ZIT** needs to get that looked at by his doctor. Maybe some antibiotics would help that. Some folks cam wash and wash all day long and it still does not help. He needs to be careful because OVER popping zits can leave scars and that would suck.

  • well that is me in that vid.
    and thanks for calling me good looking.
    BUT… i dont have bad hygiene, no matter how clean a person is, syastic noduclear acne is a genetic issue. i have had it since i was 15 and will have it for the rest of my life.

  • that is me in that vid.
    and i have been to many doctors and dermatologists.
    i have been on every antibiotic known to man, plus acutane, and proactive. and nothing works…

  • i have been to many doctors, no one and nothing has helped. and its not small patches. it is all across the back of my neck, and working its way up my scalp…

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