1200ccs of lung fluid!

When the nurse/tech says I’m getting bottle number 2 I nearly lost it. First post but I think it had to be shared. Yes I know its not a zit vid but c’mon this is nuts!

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  • I can’t for the life of me understand why doctors allow people to film surgical procedures. I can think of so many reasons why it shouldn’t be allowed.

  • it looked **ZIT** originally-kinda like an empyema (infection). These kinds of pleural effusions can be secondary to lung cancer,but due to the youth of the patient, I’d find that difficult to believe.This was a medium sized one. I’ve **ZIT**isted on several where more than 3 liters was removed.

  • The fluid isn’t in his lungs, but in the cavity surrounding his lungs, making it very difficult for the lung(s) to fully inflate because of the pressure placed upon them. So yes, he definitely had difficulty breathing, and probably had shallow breathing due to diminished capacity. This is why they drain the fluid off. And that was quite a bi of fluid, though I have seen more. It didn’t look too **ZIT** to me – just foamy in the first bottle.

    Very nice find, though, I like educational videos! Thanks!!

    ~ H.S.

  • Okay, I am somewhat recovered. If you listen to what they are saying, it is as Halph says, the fluid is in the pleural **ZIT**e. It is not inside of his lung, rather around it. The MD refers to it as an effuusion(sp?). It’s a pleuratic effusion. My daughter had one the last time that she was hospitalized for pneumonia. They don’t always come hand in hand, but people with pneumonia often get these. I too have had one twice. It hurts like **ZIT**. Like an elephant is sitting, no dancing on your chest. THANK GOD our antibiotics cleared ours up before they had to do this to either one of us! Wow, that poor kid looks so weak.

  • In the beginning of this video he says something about “was the fluid in there before the accident?” So…the pneumothorax, or collapsed lung, was due to trauma it seems. Nice vid!

  • Ack, I’m sorry. I forgot an entire sentence above. Been a long day. I mean to say that the fluid filling the **ZIT**e between his lungs could have caused a pneumothorax, or they just needed to do the pleural effusion to suck out that fluid.

  • oh my lord. i need a nap. lets try this ONE MORE TIME….”or they just needed to suck out the fluid and that procedure is a thoracentesis, but it’s a pleural effusion” SP error above.

  • I don’t know the name of the procedure. Neither of us (me and my kiddo) who are **ZIT**e to get pneumonia on a twice yearly basis, come rain or shine, have both had a pleural effusion, but it has resolved itself w/o this procedure, so I wasn’t listening well enough to hear if they say the name of the procedure, but what they are sucking out is fluid around his lungs, also called a pleural effusion. My guess is that he was in an accident, was hospitalized for a long period, perhaps got pneumonia, and the resulting pleural effusion, because the MD or nurse said his original x-rays did not show that fluid build up when he 1st got there. Laying in bed and healing from any type of surgery carries the potential complication of pneumonia, and if you are super-de-duper unlucky, a pleural effusion to go with it. Is that a good answer Prince?

  • We have a vid that is similar to this on the site but that guy has tons more stuff taken out of him. I think he was in a third world country.

    I’ve learned more from the comments on this vid than I did from the vid! My son used to have pneumonia 2-3 times a year up to age 5 and he never had the pleural effusion and thank goodness! I read up on this after reading Tiff’s comment and it happens more in boys and more in kids age 1-5. I’m so glad we never had to go through all that… it was bad enough that he had it so much. Sometimes we could stay at home but at least once a year he had to be hospitalized. Once was on Christmas Eve. He ran such high fevers and it was hard. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone! Especially in addition to pneumonia. I was hospitalized only once with it. That’s enough for me! lol

  • wow guys thanks for the support on the vid. as a first time poster i was worried about some backlash of it not being a zit/cyst vid so again i appreciate you sharing your stories and being fair with my submission.

  • This guy was in an accident. You can still see the bruising near his hip and in the video they talked about how long this had been in his lung since his accident. Probably broke some ribs given he had a pillow pressed against his chest for a less excruciating cough.

    The thoracic cavity can fill with a lot of fluid because our organs can move around quite easily to make room for it. The lung is much larger than you think and if one lung was entirely full of fluid it could easily hold that much.

    When i read 1,200cc’s i was reminded that i lost that much blood during a surgery one time. Scared the **ZIT** out of the doctors. That’s a lot of fluid indeed.

  • When the hospital collapsed my lung and caused my heart to completely roll over to the left side of my chest, I spent 7 weeks in cardiac icu on life support. I had a tube like that in my back and one under my breast where they drained for several days. I can tell you it’s a pain you don’t ever want to know or live through.

  • I have a very strong stomach and have recently gotten over my needle phobia. Now that said watching that dr put that huge needle in that poor guy’s back up into his lung area, made me very dizzy and nauseated actually panicking like I used to when I was terrified of needles! But I kept watching because I was so curious what all was going to happen and glad I did because that was an absolutely amazing amount of fluid pulled out of him. I was shocked that so much fluid could be around his lungs and him still be breathing. Thank god for simple fixes to potentially fatal problems! Great video and first time submisstion! Keep up the good work and I look forward to watching more videos submitted by u. Smile.

    BTW AnalWart, Emil decides what videos belong on the site not u, so if u have a problem with it u should take it up with him directly.

  • That wasn’t pus, xsvwolfgang. It was foaming up when first sucked into the bottle. Thoracentesis fluid is very protein-y, and protein foams. It was pretty **ZIT**, though, but not infected.

  • This procedure is a thoracentesis performed to drain a pleural effusion (fluid in the pleural **ZIT**e – which is the **ZIT**e between the actual lung tissue and the chest cavity). Causes can include malignancy, bleeding (hemothorax), lymphatic fluid (chylothorax), infection, as well as many other causes. A large needle is used to introduce the white catheter you see in this guy’s back. The bottles are vacuum sealed and thus act to ‘suck’ the fluid out of the lung.

    2 liters is a significant amount to take out for a pleural effusion but is nothing compared to a paracentesis which you see mainly in people with cirrhosis of the liver and have m**ZIT**ive amounts of fluid in the abdomen. I’ve taken off about 4 liters of fluid in a guy with cirrhosis but you can take off much more.

    Just an FYI. This site is one of my favorites by the way…

    • Precisely, that is what I was going to say as well. I’ve **ZIT**isted with several large volume Paracentesis where more than 6 or 7 liters were removed in a very short amount of time. Assisting with these type of procedures (and similar) is really the only thing that I miss from hospital nursing. I have seen a few Thoracentesis that removed a lot as well, but not near as many as the para. Ah the memories..lol I was always a sucker for the “gross and nasty” type of procedures.

  • Wow, how could he breathe with all that fluid in his lungs. That was very interesting to watch. I love watching things like this that you don’t see everyday,….Thanks……DwS

  • Awesome video! Great find sixthreeone! Camera work was perfect, the procedure was awesome. It was clean, quiet professional environment. According to some of the comments I’ve read above, this is an extremely excruciatinig procedure to have done. If that’s true, this patient was a total champ to have all that going on and not be screaming his head off or pain meds. I give this a 5/5.

  • I think I already said this but they got over a liter out of my left pleural **ZIT**e in the same procedure. And over 3&1/2 liters out of rt side. They had to open me up for that one!

  • My dad has had this 3 times now first time out of the blue was holding 2 litres of fluid in and around this chest cavity was draining out for 3 weeks solid just kept on building up had tp carry drain around in a bucket to move . then again last year we nearly lost him stopped breathing very scary diagnosed with COPD drained another load of litres out for a month has now go to have oxygen at night and in november went for a talc procedure where they used powder to stick his lung and cavety to try and stop the fluid never found out what started it but its **ZIT** scary esp when you dont know the cause !

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