A Mouth Full of Pus, Yum!

**Edited for reconsideration by the il**ZIT**rious Emilbus2O, first draft was lame, but the video is really cool, I promise!**

Pretty icky – poor woman has a large pocket of pus needing to be drained from her lower jaw/inside cheek. I’ve actually never seen such great gouts and gobs of pus inside the mouth before. The dental surgeon presses on the side and suddenly swfoom! Pus! She must have swallowed some – I can’t imagine they got it all sucked up fast enough. There are some nice pus **ZIT** as well as the flowing liquid.

And the woman isn’t too bad to look at either, for those who will get a smile from seeing a nicely tanned, pretty, healthy young lady reclining in a dentists chair.

~ H.S.


Abcesso” created and posted to YouTube by euridicemota on March 26, 2010

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  • so this is supposed to be eye candy?


    these folks are pretty slow with the suction. were i the patient, i’d have grabbed the thing and done the job myself, rather than swallow that goo.

    i dread the comments on this one.

  • I mean, I’m guessing people are going to talk about all that stuff in her mouth … but let me just go there before y’all can. If ANY of you know ANYONE whose **ZIT**z looks like this, they need to reevaluate their diet and their overall testicular and penile health. Wrong, wrong, wrong. This is why they make floss.

  • I kind of want to see the comments on this one prof… some of them could be pretty funny.

    Feel for this girl but at least they look like they were trying to get it all out!

    Good find as always Halph! I can watch this one yay!(ref: Cow Liver Abscess) Keep ’em comin’ and as always… WE ARE NOT WORTHY!

  • I had a infection/abscess in my mouth in the same area as this girl. I got mine after having a wisdom tooth removed by my dentist. It was the nastiest tasting thing I’ve ever tasted and was the foulest smelling thing, too. I had to carry a empty water bottle around with me so I could push on the side of my jaw which made it hurt like **ZIT** and spit it in the bottle. I was so happy when that thing healed up.

  • Christina, is there a reason that you have to use **ZIT**ography in your comments? Please remember that this is supposed to be a family friendly site.

  • U can tell that the camera operator is a guy. Very first shot was of the girl’s **ZIT**s hanging out the side of her tanktop.

    Actually Chris now that u mention it, if a guy’s stuff is that color he should be tested for stds and the girl too.

    I really hope that the girl in this video made a complete recovery w/o anymore infections. It would have been cool to see everything that was sucked out afterwards to actually see the full amount that was brewing in that sore.

    Thanks uploader!

  • I had an abcess on my jaw like that once – most painful thing i ever experienced. Woke up in the middle of the night in agony and showed up at Dentist office first thing in the AM begging for him to do something. if he had said he was out of novacaine i would not have cared. He had to drill down through the crown of the tooth to reach the abcess. When that pressure was released it was the best feeling ever – almost instant relief. I really feel for people who get an abcessed tooth like this.

  • @ Victoria, if you have to complain about Christina’s comment, then you have obviously not seen some of the other comments left by people on previous videos here. Before bashing her, I’d suggest you look through a few as the comments often attached to the you tube videos would make Christina’s comments look like child’s play. And family friendly? Where did you ever get that? They warn people of even the worst of videos that I wouldn’t show to my ‘family’. *Rolls eyes and the comment police.

  • I bet the relief she felt after that was almost instantaneous and the best thing she’s actually felt in her mouth. Not including what some of you’ll be thinking after reading this comment though. 🙂

  • LOL I posted my comment before reading the “**ZIT**ographic” conversation above. I guess if someone were to read my comment above and actually know where I was getting at with the joke, they would have to understand the whole meaning of oral **ZIT** to begin with. So family friendly or not, I’m sure kids know what **ZIT** is before they know the meaning of abscess, cyst, or the REAL meaning of cottage cheese.

  • Hey thanks guys for backing me up. I’m not one who’s a fan of offending people. I’m also not one who usually responds to feedback as I look for the validity in it. But Victoria, *NOTHING* about this site is family friendly, **ZIT** is a normal thing to be produced by men and it’s normal in this day and age for **ZIT** to end up in a woman’s mouth. Also, it was one comment, not multiple. Come on, you’re totally killing my good time. This is a website about zits, not a workplace.

  • Oh my **ZIT**, this must have been very painful! I once had an abcess from a root c**ZIT** and it was the most intense painful thing I have ever had in my life! I was behind the wheel of my car on the way home after my proceedure & I thought I would p**ZIT** out! I actually had to pull over and waite for the pain to subside before I would allow myself to drive again!
    I am sure that she is feeling better!

  • Christina- It seems that you are an expert when it comes to “**ZIT**z, testicular and penile health- as it relates to diet”… hahaha Did your opinions ‘come’ after exhaustive “field-work and research”!!!!!!

  • thank god for the suction thingy to suck all the pus out could u imagine getting a big gulp of that stuff eww i know the patient felt so much better after that great find Halph Staph smooches hugs and audie bear loves 🙂

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