Poppin’ Pops Pimples!

One great reason for having children – they come in handy when you have a case of bacne! There is one very good blackhead pop, then they seem to go nuts looking for more, trying to discern between freckles, sun spots, and something that will deliver pus. However (I always have a “however” or a “yet”. Nobody is perfect, least of all me!), their technique needs some work.

Ya gotta get UNDER the pimple for it to come out!!!

I know everyone here agrees with me on that one. Its like, rule one in our popology handbooks, right?

~ H.S.

Dad’s Back Pimples Popped” created and posted to YouTube by Imcrafty1974 on May 16, 2010

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  • My hubby has one just like this. The pore is permanently enlarged and there is usually something in it. I just have to wait awhile until it is big enough to squeeze. Sometimes I squeeze just a little then have to use tweezers cuz the contents have gotten hard. Not the most satisfying squeeze but it’s the only I get nowadays.
    I was always like these kids with my mom and siblings. My siblings would have blackheads just below their eyes on their cheeks and sometimes elsewhere, and mom ALWAYS had cheese in her ear lobe for some reason… just came out of indentations left by her clip-on earrings. LOVED it.
    Sometimes my hubby has ingrown hairs on his head but they rarely yield as much as I would like.
    Anyway, this vid reminds me of my hubby’s and I like it!

  • Great find Halph. This one covers almost the entire range of Popology. The **ZIT**ysis shows Popology cl**ZIT**es for the Grandchildren, claiming turns, claiming pop sites, arguing over both, tandem popping, referring to historical gusher sites, and conducting Popology procedures with much vigor, joy and light heartedness. Even though the product was small in comparison to some posts the overall content was remarkable. Great post.

  • Well. S’ok. Personally, I found the “Blair Witch”-style close-up of Aunt Jo to be the most (and I say this with honest, benevolent Carney fascination- not in any way malicious or mean) grotesque part of the vidi. 🙂

  • LOL – “Well it’s bleeding…” It must be a zit, then! Yep, these ladies need to use a lot less nail. That had me cringing the whole time. They WERE onto something with the initial wrapping of fingers in tissues. Really helps the fingers not slide around, and it’s just a hair more sanitary than going gloveless.

  • This vid is SO full of awesome quotes!! My personal favs are, “MY TURN!!”, and, “You cannot pop a freckle!” (I wonder if that last one came from Confucius???) LOL

    Anywho, this was a cool vid! Thanks for posting!!!

  • My brother gets lotsa blackheads on his back, and the absolute best thing for these is one of those blackhead tools from Revlon. It has two sizes of holes, and you just center it right over the zit and press down. The **ZIT** things shoot out waaaaaayyyy better than squeezing- everyone should get one!

  • @Luvnpus Those things are pretty rad, just don’t use them in delicate areas like the nose and cheeks because they can cause broken capillaries. 🙂

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