Milking the anal gland is not as nice as it sounds…

OMG this is nasty. You are sure to lose your breakfast lol.
I will never do this to my cat, thats what vets are for!

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  • Well, squeezing **ZIT** glands never sounded exactly “nice” to me, but now I have a great visual to go with it! Blah! I shouldn’t have had that Toaster Strudel with the chocolate topping that squeezes out of the little packet just moments before watching this!

  • OMG!!!!!!!!! I felt so sick!!! Our dogs used to scoot around on their **ZIT**s when their glands needed ‘squeezing’. Thankfully Mum n Dad always took em to the vet for this. Gak yak barf!

  • This is way too much. Are we now going to see everything that comes out of something. How about showing the cat using the catbox or a dog hiking his leg. Just because it squirts out doesn’t mean want to see it.

  • Used to have a cat that needed this. Glands would swell up something awful. And the SMELL. Somewhere between infection and **ZIT**. Poor kitty hated the swelling, hated me squeezing his elementary c**ZIT**, but loved feeling better afterward.

    Other cat used to get chin zits. Always amazed at how large those zits were in proportion to his size. Would be like you or me getting blackheads as big as apricots or cysts like tennis **ZIT**.

  • I have always had a love of critters. Since I was a little girl I always wanted to work with a vet and I finally got my wish when I was in college. I didn’t have any formal vet **ZIT**istant training so my duties were mostly cleaning up cages and playing gopher. A neighbor of mine brought her geriatric dog in for some routine check up work and the dog went crazy on the other vet techs and tried to bite everyone that came near him. Due to a health issue he was not able to anesthetize the dog. I told the vet that the dog knew me and I would be glad to hold him and he calmly sat still for me and **ZIT**ody else. Before long I was asked if I would be so kind as to “**ZIT**ist with a procedure” and all I could think of was my moment to prove myself finally arrived. Unfortunately for me THIS was the procedure and I almost puked from the smell alone. The vet was so happy with my efficiency that he told me he would pay me to help with this in the future. I quit my job the next day and went back to work for Dominos Pizza. Never never never never never again.

  • One of my cats gets infections of pus in her **ZIT** glands. I usually have to partially drain them myself until I can get a vet appointment, otherwise she gets an abscess that bursts. It’s really no nastier than cleaning the litter box. She hates the procedure but she feels so much better afterwards. Cleaning off her dingleberries helps prevent the infections though.

  • I certainly did not ‘appreciate the material coming from both **ZIT** gland openings’ BOAK. My pus and popping fetish, as with any other fetishes i might have certainly does not extend to poo. No more of this please.

  • It’s not technically “Poo”, but a build up of secretions that, in the wild, would be used for territorial marking, scent production for attracting a mate, etc. It’s similar to a cyst (the string cheese ones is the closest thing I can think of) like you see here so often. It’s something every pet owner should be aware of as getting an infected **ZIT** gland can cause some serious problems if left unchecked. Personally I don’t see any difference in this or some of the other gnarly vids on the site already, I say if it’s produced by the body by a process other than your standard “eliminations”, post as many as you like.

  • I’m with Wee and Morgan. Videos of surgeries, third world babies with flowing rivers of pus and now animal **ZIT** extrusions have taken this site into a whole new extreme of gross-out. I have a zit popping fetish. This is what brought me here. I am disappointed, but I will continue to avoid the videos which promise anything beyond zits and cysts, thank you very much.

  • Q: “Are we now going to see everything that comes out of something?”

    A: I sure hope so. πŸ™‚

    This was so gross and funny. Thanks for the post! My folks had one dog with this problem, except it was a thick, yellow substance that would shoot up to five feet. Appreciate THAT material! LOL

  • I’ve smelled a LOT of nasty things in my years as a nurse but, I can honestly say from personal experience that this is THE nastiest thing I have EVER smelled!!
    Good post!! πŸ™‚

  • My mom’s yorkie has to have this done pretty often at the vet. Her **ZIT** gland got infected once and the “stuff” inside actually ate a whole in a gland (I guess that’s where?) and she had to have antibiotics orally and topically for quite a while.

  • Oh Quit Yer Crying People! If you don’t wanna watch it, DON’T! Nobody is forcing you to click on it. Personally, I found it rather interesting, so Thank You Very Much CystPack.

  • Most pet groomers perform this service as well. I took my English Mastiff, Jessie, to the groomers and she always loves a bath. Next time we went to PetSmart she wouldn’t go near the door to the Grooming Salon. LMAO, now I know why. And just think of the “product” that comes from the glands of a 165 pound dog…Yikes. And guess what? I asked my wife if girls ever needed that done. She’s had the bedroom door locked now for about four hours. Was just asking….dang.

  • Great stuff! Very interesting. I’d always known about the glands, just never how they truly worked. These seem like they could also be the “tonsils” of the **ZIT** area.. where a buncha stuff just collects. Not that I’d go rubbing my tonsils around to leave a mark.. >.>

  • I dont mind these videos at all. My only concern is cant some type of numbing medication be rubbed on the glands before hand so that the squeezing doesnt hurt the animal? It seems kind of cruel to squeeze anything inflamed on a private part, made me think of a human having hemroids squeezed. Atleast if they cant numb them up can they atleast sedate them abit? I just dont like to see animals in pain but I know its done to make them feel better. At first when I seen that black gunk I thought it was necrotic tissue being squeezed out. I’m glad my 2 babies have never had this problem. Thank u jesus! Anyways thanks for the video it was very intersting! Keep up the good work!

  • If only we had smellavision. Buggin is being subdued about the smell. Its like rancid grease, a fetid swamp. It stains like mad. I had to throw away towels because even after laundering, the smell remained.

  • Don’t get me wrong – this is totally sick. But I think I’m going to have to try this just once. I mean, now that I know what it’s all about. It would be against my nature to NOT go “monkey see monkey do” on this. I suppose I’ll just wait for the next time I find Charles doing the **ZIT** scoot boogie.

  • Common procedure I perform very regularly. Yes, it can be painful to do, and in the more severe cases where the gland is hopelessly ins**ZIT**ated (blocked with dried material) you have to anaesthetise the patient and flush the sacs in order to clear them out without causing undue pain to the patient.

    But a regular squeeze every three months on average for dogs and every six months for cats I find is usually painless and very good at maintaining **ZIT** sac health.

  • Unfortunately, this is a normal thing for me to see. What really shocked me is when we had a dog come in to work with a tumor below his **ZIT**, and as we extracted it he sprayed **ZIT** gland secretions all over the wall beside use-twice and while under anestetic.

  • Humans don’t have them, but all cats and dogs do. What they are supposed to do is let the secretions come out during a ‘number 2’ to lubricate the area. However, a lot of animals are unable to fully secrete the contecnts and it ends up in a blockage. A blockage, if left untreated, can lead to the **ZIT** glands rupturing through the skin and becoming extremely painful and infected. I’ve actually seen a rupture, and it’s looked like a gunshot wound that stank and had thick pus and **ZIT** gland juices mixed into a bud type substance. Very, very sad to see that dog in pain.

  • I have a border collie as they used in demonstration. I am glad you showed the vid. because I now know NEVER to try this at home.

    It looked like the collie already had an inflamed **ZIT** region….poor thing.

  • Thanks so much for this Cystpack! My sister in law is a vet and i had a hard time believing what the heck these things were and what the stuff looked like that came out of them.

    People are just bothered because we wouldn’t show a human **ZIT**, but we can show an animal **ZIT**. These are the same people who watch pimples the size of small melons birth cheese chunks and not even blink.

    I think i might actually try this and see if my dogs need some relief. I had no idea it would be that easy to squeeze.

    I’ve read that the dog and cat foods aren’t making their stools hard enough to press up against these glands in order to excrete the substance.

  • **ZIT** bless America and **ZIT** glands! That was fantastic. My buddy almost puked on my desk. This is why is signed up for this site. Keep them coming!!!

  • LMAO @ Skull Ranch…too funny!!! And, hey, I agree…I kinda threw up in my mouth a little. But, like someone said earlier…for those that are ziting about this video..if you don’t want to watch it – DON’T! No one is forcing you to so why watch it and complain? I don’t get that….Now…

    Someone mentioned numbing the area so it’s more comfortable for the animal….I would definitely think there’s something topical that the vet could use. I mean, look at it this way…for humans there’s a ‘cream’ that can be used for..ummm…backdoor pleasure (hey, I’m trying to come up with something that’s not offensive…LOL) that numbs the area that it’s rubbed on. So…why couldn’t they use something like that on the animal? Just a thought??? (I’m very sorry if I offended anyone…just trying to get my point across)

  • For all you gripers that just want to see a zit being popped shouldnt think theyre replacing the videos with this kind. This is just extra content.

    If you dont like it, try reading the **ZIT**les, duh.

  • I am a dog groomer and do this on a daily basis. I always use gloves and do it while in the bathtub. It comes in many forms, and colors, and it all smells like zit……OMG….. Always wear gloves and then disinfect the tub after every bath. We do make very good money..I say it’s worth every cent….Of course you have to have a special kind of love for animals. I do just dogs, no cats allowed……Nice vid…..DwS

  • very educational i love when they explain things as they do it and wow crazy what comes out of their **ZIT** glands great find cystpack smooches hugs and audie bear loves πŸ™‚

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