This almost made me sick and that takes a lot! Start at 6:13 please unless you have a really strong stomach!

“** WARNING GRAPHIC AND NASTY** Clogged Salivary Gland Stone Self removal and DRAINAGE” Uploaded to YouTube by moestress on Aug 16, 2010

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  • i have seen some gross stuff in my time but that even nearly had me puking, great video though and that looked like a plug of hard pus that popped out! please post and tell us what the doctor said! looks like maybe a salivary gland issue?!?

  • LOL I cant believe my video made it here. Ill be going to the doctor later this evening… lol Wow but its a salivary gland stone. It wasnt pus that popped out, it was a hard cartilage type deal. I might have another one inside, if I do ill b sure to save it so we can figure out wtf that was! lol

  • It is a salivary gland stone. I’ve seen them three times that size. I think they are the same composition as tonsil stones… calcium and sulphur? Been having bad breath? When really swollen they can hurt bad. You might have another in there but you have the big one. At least it is not cancer. I’d use listerine or similar couple times a day. Could have been worse. Could have popped out while you were kissing a boyfriend.

  • Moestress, you were so funny when that lump popped out. The look on your face was priceless. Hope that you feel better, but if not….we’ll be here to watch! lol!

  • WOWEEE! Moestress, this WAS the MOST!! The vid was strokin’ on, lady! And the pus was flowin’! That stone you ejected has more in back of it, usually a granulama, a type of infection due to very tiney particulate matter that clogs pores and ducts, and your salivary duct was really clogged. Now for the bad news: Reoccurent infections can… CAN turn into types of cancers or more serious infections such as MRSA. They “graduate” into these other, bigger problems and will REQUIRE a LOT OF SURGERY. Get to the MD NOW, girl. Don’t wait, don’t “wait and see if”… cuz girlfriend, “wait and see NUTHIN”. You do NOT want THAT kind of problem. And while mostly they do NOT graduate, this is usually because people who have these infections are smart enough to go to the MD right then and there. You should too. But take the camera! We all wanna see!!! Good luck, grrl.

  • lol wow, thanks guys. You guys are so much nicer than the folks at youtube. Im guessing cuz you like this zit! lol. I am going to the doctor. And I dont have health care so thats whyh draining it first was my only option. Im heading to a free clinic to see if I can atleast get help for this because my appointment has nothing to do with this gland stone. Anyways Thanks for the concern guys! Keep watching. And im feel a whole lot better but its still a lil swollen and **ZIT**e…<--- can I say that?? thats the right word right? lol Anyways we shall see!! STAY POSTED?!

  • I think your “gland” is about to make you a rockstar!!! HOLD ON TIGHT and DON”T FALL OFF THE SADDLE!!! I would tell you to “milk it” for what it is worth- BUT that would sound kind of tacky!! I mean milk it for the last nickle you can get!!

  • Moestress, I hope you get antibiotics from the free clinic and heal that salivary gland!
    This posting was great. I felt sick to my stomach the first time I looked at it, but found myself coming back to watch it (about a dozen times) due to the fascination of the pus pop. Great find, Dripper!

  • Hey Moestress,
    Welcome aboard. When I saw this last night I wished I had your phone number to see if you were going to the doc as I was kinda worried. I almost didn’t post this because it seemed so personal but I couldn’t stop thinking about it and it was all so real. Too real… really. Listen to Sarge and do what you can and while we enjoy the entertainment, your health is more important! I have to say again I didn’t think anything could bother me with these vids but it has finally happened and I don’t know if I like the feeling.
    Give us a shout when you get back from the doc please!

  • Bogey and Chrisa thanks for the vids with the explanation, I know it sounds stupid but it’s gonna take me awhile to get over this. It was at around 2 or 3am and I couldn’t sleep for hours after.
    Does that ever happen when anyone else comes along with something like this? Have you ever thought about not posting?

  • This isn’t just weird people looking at gross stuff. It’s scary seeing people who have something medically wrong but other posters gave Moestress good medical information that will help her! Sometimes the patient has to be their best advocate and knowledge is power.

  • Moestress~
    Hope your dr.’s appt. went well!
    You are so funny! Your commentary was great!! Sorry about all your pain but, man, that was some awesome popage!!

    Good luck to you!!!!

  • Two major points to touch on:

    1.) Commentary was awesome. The look on her face and subsequent “WHAT THE F**K WAS THAT???” i had to rewind about 10 times. Laughed my rear end off.

    2.) All in all I will admit that this is the first and only vid i’ve seen thus far that made me slightly nauseated. I have seen some NASTY stuff before, even in person and this take the cake.

    Hats off to Madame Dripper!

  • I can’t get over the loud noise it made when it flew out and hit the back of her lip. Between a clicking sound and a slapping sound. That was wild! Hope she gets to the doc and gets some anti-biotics. Great filming!! Awesome vid!!

  • Holly Zitaki~ I had to watch it twice! Please go get antibotics…next time you get that tingle under your tongue eat a pickle…it will stimulate the saliva glands! Good Luck, you tongue stone ROCKED~~~

  • That was awesome. I can’t figure out why so many people are grossed out by it. Compared to other stuff on this site, it’s pretty garden variety. However, the pop belongs on the PTZ all-time highlight reel. Nice squeezin’, babe. Now you know the supreme satisfaction that comes with violently expelling grossness from your body.

  • That was amazing! I want to see that thing flying out in slow-mo. Too bad it fell down the drain. It didn’t gross me out but I realized halfway through that my mouth was doing some major sympathy salivating. Thanks for putting this on youtube. You were obviously in a lot of pain and handled it with cl**ZIT** (and hilarity). I hope they give you some good antibiotics and you get it all taken care of.

  • @moestress. That was F***ing AWWWWSOME! I was drinking a **ZIT**e,jumped, and spilled it all over me when that stone popped out. Yes, for the most part we are all pretty nice on here with the exceptional few. If you use listerine on a daily basis that will help keep the bacteria down in your mouth and you wont have as many and it will keep it from turning into a serious bacteria infection. I have seen these before working in the hospital and the doctors I have worked with will tell patients to use listerine daily and if they do start to swell, use warm compresses on your neck and swish with warm salt water. By the way, was that you singing in the beginning of your video? If so, you have a great voice there and this video may not be your only name to fame. Thanks for sharing with us and I hope you get to feeling better. Please stay with our site, we have some pretty cool sh**t on here.

  • @ Dripper and @ moestress….. THAT was AMAZING!!!! I was on the edge of my seat, and I totally did not expect that! The way that thing flew outta there was too cool!! It’s definitely getting 5 stars from me and going on my favs list!!
    BUT, as others have said, your health is the most important thing here. Princesspustule’s experiences and suggestions are EXACTLY the same as what I’ve seen as a nurse also. Definitely some good advice there but, you still need to see a Dr. for some antibiotics and further treatment. I’m really curious to see what the Dr. will do and say about it so, keep us posted and WELCOME to PTZ! Stick around, we have a lot of fun!! With your sense of humor you will make a great addition!! πŸ™‚

  • Well I went to the Dr. ( initially for another appoin tment) and showed her the aftermath and told her the whole story about the gore, and the pus, and the videos. She says” Oh My goodness. I have never seen anything lik ethat. Its gross. Its cool, but nasty… Grabs a light to examine more and say ” I don’t know what to tell you I’ve never seen such a thing.” lol She referred me to an ENT Ear, Nose & Throat specialist as she says she’s never seen such a thing before and has no clue how to treat it. She actually looked it up online then came back telling me what I already knew. lol Thanks so much for your concern. Especially @Dripper. Your so sweet.

  • moestress! I hope you come back and keep reading these comments. **ZIT****ZIT** it, the health insurance system is so f—ed up in this country. You had to suffer until you couldn’t stand it anymore just because you didn’t have health insurance. Honey, since the free clinic doc has referred you to a specialist (ENT) you will be stuck with that whole bill, correct? Well, I want to put my money where my mouth is—errr, no pun intended! Seriously, I want to donate a few bucks to help pay for the ENT visit and the antibiotics. I don’t quite know how to go about this, but if I had your email address I could Paypal you a donation. Or emilbus, could you be a go-between? I’m serious. I’ve always had the luxury of insurance, have always been lucky enough to have a job with benefits. I want to do my part and help you, moestress, get that ENT doctor bill taken care of so you don’t need to worry about it. Lois in Spokane

  • Moestress, please take care of yourself. I hope you get rid of this craziness (I would have freaked out). You’re talented and **ZIT**y and should be known on the intertubes for that!

  • @Catmom, I can’t stop from reading the aawesome and amazing comments I’ve read so far! And my mother, she is super excited to know how sweet and caring all these comments have been. I recorded this for a few reasons #1. No one would have b elieved me. I have been complaining about this pain for two weeks and it was just like eh… But this particular day I got sent home from work adn soon as I got home this happened. No having health ins sucks big time and I am just now realizing after your comment that I will have to foot the bill for this. Going to a free clinic was bad enough, but going to a “Real” facility is scary. I probably wont be seen in a caring fashion because I dont have any of the money to cover anything. It’s bad enough im behind on rent ( land lord just went off on me today lol) NOT FUNNY! Anyways your awesome and sweet Catmom, and so are all the other super awesome comments. I will do the listerine thing and wait for this referral to come by mail ( may take a few weeks … up to 6. If something else pops up ill be sure to share, and ill b back to see who else I have grossed out. Catmom again your awesome. Not sure how to respond to your donation request which would be awesome, but I just feel bad… thats just how I am. Thank you from the bottom of my heart anyways πŸ™‚

  • @moestress YOU ARE SO CUTE! You remind me of a girl I once coached in cheerleading! Thank you for sharing this with us! We are a bunch of pus lovers as you see. You could tell that you were in pain and that pus verified that completely! AND when that stone popped it was AWEWOME!
    So sorry about your insurance and financial problems. We are a caring bunch and someone could set up a fund for you if you needed it. I’m sure people here would donate to your cause.
    I’m going to go to YouTube and subscribe to your channel right now because you are too cute!
    This is the best vid ever, dripper! Thanks for posting!

  • @moestress – That was one of the best vids anywhere, hon! You’re so cute! I’m so glad that your “infection” cleared up and you feel better. Awesome, awesome video! Thanks for sharing, sweetie!

  • @Catmom, I feel I should apologize to you. You opend heartedly offered to **ZIT**ist me and I pridefully, basically said, no just leave me here to die thanks. My e-mail address is b2lcreations@gmail.com. I do have a paypal account. If its in your heart to donate that is perfect and wonderful. If not that is absolutely fine as well. @The rest of you awesome people, thank you so much. I am not used to reading nice comments at all! Thank you for caring, and viewing my vid. You guys have made me rethink how I feel about our citizens of this world. I guess they arent all half bad πŸ™‚

  • Hey Moestress and Dripper….all I can say, is MAGNIFICENT WORK!
    Moestress, I’m a nurse, that didn’t gross me out too much. I found it interesting, hope you’re feeling better and on some antibiotics maybe. You are energetic and creative! Please let us know if you’re getting better. I don’t post much usually. You two are ROCKIN’!

  • The human mouth is a REALLY terrible place to have an open cut or sore or anything like that. The amount of bacteria in your mouth is astonishing. No, I mean really astonishing. There are SO MANY different species of bacteria in the human mouth that everyone is almost certain to have bacteria in their mouth that doesn’t exist anywhere else on earth. In fact, if we could collect representative samples from the bacteria in every persons mouth, you could figure out who has ever kissed or been kissed by another person just by tracing the unique types of bacteria each person has. There are a lot of common ones, of course, but the population levels of bacteria are so ridiculously high in the human mouth you’ve actually got some of your very own that probably exist nowhere but in your mouth and in the mouthes of everyone you’ve ever kissed, shared a gl**ZIT** with, etc. Truly stupendous. Most other animals don’t have nearly as much bacteria, I’m not sure if they know why humans specifically have such a variety. I wish I could remember exactly where I learned this, but it was more than a decade ago so I don’t exactly recall. Of course, most of the bacteria aren’t dangerous in any way at all, but lots of bacteria depend on where they are. You’ve got loads of bacteria on your skin that could kill you if they got inside a cut, for instance, that’s why it’s important to keep wounds clean and to keep them covered up (the idea of ‘giving it air’ is horrible and a very, very bad idea!).

  • @moesstress
    Glad to hear you’re scheduled for an ENT visit. Thanks for trusting and sharing your email address. May the fruits of PayPal come your way. May you find beneficial the well-intentioned advice that comes **ZIT**uredly straight from the hearts of the comp**ZIT**ionate PTZ nurse membership and all other experts in allied health. And thanks to Emilbus (our august Tyra Banks celebrity and rock star) for this site, the psychologically troubled webmaster of such sicko, heartfelt fun!
    Do check in often w/us. Have fun. Visit this unhinged fetish family of pus-o-philiacs. Whenever bored, join the pus party as we laugh our cyst-seeking **ZIT**s off, riffing on the POV zit-popping and the screams of relief and joy and kacking of others equally deranged enough to post to the general public their delightfully sickening experiences; thus, enabling us to spend hours upon hours mining pus content from YouTube and the web at large; always trying to extract from our fellow members – using clever techniques of industrial espionage and inference to reverse engineer their secrets for being first in finding videos on the web that reduce the literary genius of John Le Carre and Tom Clancy to a puddle of drool – the covert technology of other members that involve web-crawling cyberbots, heuristic search algorithms, automated scripts and Windows chron tasks; revel in the ensuing vitriolic dialogue from members of our tightly-knit, tightly-wound dysfunctional family – spewing war-like dialogue fit for a Jerry Springer script – as our fragile self-esteem gets trampled upon discovering another member [DAMN their soul!] beat us to the punch with that very same, precious footage we submitted to PTZ revealing a delicious, swollen, purple, succulent, turgid, throbbing, vibrating, pulsating pus bomb exploding all over someone’s blackhead-encrusted face, as we rush to Emilbus to get him to post our prized discovery FIRST so we can revel in the singular joy, the pageantry, the glory of being the launch point for a synchronised global scream spreading across the face of the planet at warp-factor 9 comprised of shrieks loud enough to send quasars, super novae and black holes squirting out of the galaxy like a watermelon seed EEEEEUUUUUWWWWWWWW EEEEEUUUUUWWWWWWW, spanning the shires of England to the outback of Australia to the Fiords of Scandinavia to the parched tarantoola-crawling lizard-infested sun baked front yards of Denton Texas. Welcome home, Monet, you are now officially a sick puppy, SQUEEEEEEEZE that thang, pus me out baby, do it, do it, DO IT, get your BAD ON, GIRL! paint the walls with that goo, SHOOT that rock onto the mirror… moooooooooo hooooo hoooo hooo hoooo ha ha ha ha haa haaaaaaaaaaa!!! j/k
    Monet, you’re a hoot! Get well soon…uhhh, but not toooo soon couldya maybe send us one more squeezie, I need my fix, jonesin’ bad, gots the disease, man, on the floor twitching with the DT’s! LOL!
    take care XXOO ;-O

  • I have been a lurker here on PTZ for some time, at least a few months, and have never really bothered with trying to join. saw a lot of vids that were amazing, but never got the energy to join till tonight. why? because of this video RIGHT here. moestress, the fact that you were able to handle getting that thing out so well, WHILE making a video on it, is amazing. and the fact that the quality of your video turned out so well while you recorded it, is a feat that you should be proud of, hehe. I was able to watch the entire video, and i cant imagine going through what you did. Good work, and i hope you get better soon πŸ˜€

  • a friend of mine had this problem.the doc removed the stone and told him to suck on sweettarts for a week.this made his salivary glands pump out all the infection. hope this helps

  • If you pause it right at 6:18, you can see it launch that thing right up to your tooth! MAN THAT WAS AWESOME! SICK, but AWESOME! I would have run SCREAMING all the way to the E.R.! You are much more of a woman than me girl! I hope you get that taken care of! Keep us posted!

  • That young woman is tougher than most of the men I have seen here with zits, cysts and so on. What a trooper! While I usually root for zits to return (for our entertainment) this is one — for the young lady’s sake — I hope we never see again. Thanks for sharing and get better soon!

  • @magna-**ZIT**-pus wow what an awesome comment! Thank you again so very much! And of course I will be coming back often! HELL my mom told me she stayed up for hours watching vids on here so we’re a family of pus having, and watching folks! lol/ Anyways again to all that left comments I really appreciate it! I still havent been to the doc just yet but I will keep you posted when I do. The swelling has gone all the way down under my tongue and almost 100% under my neck. Lets hope its not too bad with all that nasty bacteria otakucode talked about! lol

  • @moestress from the bottom of my heart, i wish you all the best. i’m only 16, and therefore dont have money or a paypal to help you out, but if i did, you would have the majority of it. i hope you geel better and the swelling and infection are gone now.
    i absolutely love this website, and your video was by far the BEST i have seen so far. that m**ZIT** amount of hard cartlidge pus stuff coming out around 6 minutes was the shizz!
    i really do hope you get this cleared up.
    <3 deadly ags.

  • WA-WA-WE-WA!! I usually can’t deal with the mouth, or things that one would hack up or drip out. But this…THIS IS EXCELLENT!
    Seriously…wow. That pop keeps playing over and over again in my head!
    @moestress- I hope you’re feeling better! I can’t imagine the pain you had to deal with, and I hope you NEVER had to go through that again. (but if you do…you know where to post the next video. There are some strange people who get satisfaction about oozy popping things, lol)

  • THIS CHICK CRACKED ME UP hahahaha. I was laughing so hard. she said “THAT ZIT WAS SOOOO HARD” Oh my god im dyingggg. “I WISH I COULD GET THAT ZIT.” ahahahaha and the last one “I DONT KNOW IF IM CURED BUT IF IM NOT IMA JUST POST ANOTHER VIDEOOO CUZ ITS NASTY” LAWL

  • I swear there is another one,smaller,i saw a white hole in there.therefor another stone? you crack me up girl,loved this. that look you give when it came out,priceless
    and epic girl. **ZIT** keep it coming. whatever you get. you are fun to watch!

    • Really? Was that absolutely neccesary? Maybe you need another hobby…one that doesn’t include being nasty to a very cool girl that was very sick, and felt really good that we all supported her. Comments like these are not warrented. I sincerely hope that there comes a day where this kind of garbage is sent right down the drain with her salivary stone.
      And really? Really are you so dense that you didn’t understand that she wanted to see it and show it on camera, that’s why she looked in the drain for it. I cannot imagine anyone being that dens, so I will **ZIT**ume that you are just full of hate and need to vent it somewhere. Take it elsewhere.

      • Good comment, Inna!

        I think some people forget that we are watching other real people on this site. And that video makers do join in the discussions here, so we need to keep it positive.

        Of course, some people just haven’t grown up to realize that kindness is more attractive than cleverness. Hopefully, they’ll get that sorted soon!

  • OMG!!!!!! I agree with the **ZIT**le! EWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! Thats SOOO WEIRD!!!!!!!! I gotta’ say my fav part was when (i guess) the core popped out!!!!! That’s SOOO COOL!!!!!!!! I loved her reaction!!!! I bet that tasted NASTY and probably SMELLED even worse!!!!!!!! I hope she got it all out!!!!!!! AWESOME video!!!!!!!

  • Wow, this video has been so many places.. First here, now World star hip-hop a whole year later.. I think thats pretty cool!! lol .. And yes. I am fine… No more duct stones.. Sorry guys!! lol

  • These stones are amazing! Saw a video this morning. I’ve seen one pop some of teem pop, I am explode from the gland! One so big it had to cut out – a miniature pine cone was growing in the duct. They are ‘milked’ running the finger underneath the jaw bone.

  • Congratulations girl, you’re brave!

    My stomach is not sensitive ( that’s why I am here among the rest πŸ˜‰ ) so I can watch surgical operations without problems, often nibble chips or something while watching PTZ videos, but this one is the first of hundreds of reviewed here which is slightly stirred the contents of my stomach.

  • Why can’t I get this one to play? Keeps coming up with the ’embedded’ message. I’ve seen it on YT but I want to see it on PTZ! Please H.S. let me see this awesome video!

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