cat abscess drained at home

I have to say that is a very good kitty! I can barely cut my cats claws without them going nuts.
Vet trips are always the best.
Hope she gets those anti-biotics she talked about!

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  • Seriously, my cat would have used up all of my lives! That was amazing, the way he sat there, even while she turned on the water, he had to know something was up, and yet he hung out, my cat would have hidden herself away for days! But now i am upset all over again, as my pregnant Bella Cat has disappeared. i don’t know how she got out, as she isn’t supposed to be let outside at all, and I had calmed myself down, but now I am going to do the driving all over the neighborhood yelling “Bella”, like a Twilight freak…AGAIN!

  • Lol zi**ZIT**cher, my cat would also have ripped my face to shreds.

    There were so many things wrong with this vid and I have lost too many cats to condone home surgery with infections.
    She gave him over the counter meds and other things I would not have done now or as a breeder.

    Why not leave it and take him to the vet today as she said she was going to? She is not going to save herself any money as the vet will do all that over again and more.

  • I think she was good with the cat and the cat was amazing. I would have lost my face and both arms if I tried to do anything like that to my cat. My only criticism would be that she didn’t give the pain med any time to work. Oral meds have to be absorbed. Give the med and wait at least 15-30 min.

  • She’s doing fine.I’ve done the same thing with my cats. if the cat acted really sick, or had a temperature I’d contact the vet. Otherwise it’s such an ordeal to drag them to the vet, they just freak out and really they are much more comfortable at home with the owner.BTW never give a cat Tylenol, it will kill them.

  • okay, here’s an idea…how about keeping your cat indoors so he stops getting into fights with other cats? then you wouldn’t have this problem to begin with. cats should be kept indoors for their own safety and longevity, any vet will tell you this. if they must be outdoors, then make sure they are fixed and build a cat run. they have some really neat catwalks/pens to allow kitties to be outside, but safe from other animals. all my kitties are indoor kitties and they are healthy and happy and getting very old. something that is rare with outdoor city or country kitties.

  • What a good kitty and an awesome owner! My only suggestions here are, as snapcracklepop said, give the pain med time to work and I think that, Mr. Spalding Grey needs to become an indoor cat! Otherwise I think she did a wonderful job with him!
    Nice post!! 🙂

  • My cats would have been wailing and fighting long before I could even get a towel around them. The reason I can still see and speak is because I take my cats to the vet so THEY can mitigate the fury. lol

  • Keep him indoors & don’t treat this at home. A vet will sedate him & clean it up properly. She’s not equipped to safely drain this. The cat is in obvious pain. I don’t like this at all.

  • I don’t have cats, but I do have dogs. On occasion over the years, under instruction from my vet, I have drained abscesses on my dogs. This not only reduced the anxiety for the animal, but the vet bill was much smaller for just the check over and the antibiotics.

  • Wow. Wotta mess! But this chick had it goin’ on wid’ da kiddy! An’ kiddy was gellin’. He was in la la land from the looks of it. But that camera-weenie… I dunno; it was almost like the weenie had Bell’s Palsy. Too much movin’ around. Still, in all it was a good video. The infection was gross, and the pus push was expertly done!

  • Docters are getting away from using so much hydrgen peroxide, it can cause deep tissue damage. She should have used saline solution instead, or at least diluted the peroxide with some sterile water.

  • NO NO NO! first, do not mix homeopathic stuff with pain meds cuz you don’t know if they may have an interaction. second, kitty was obviously in pain. third, NEVER squirt peroxide into a wound. fourth, if the pain meds she had weren’t out of date, they did no good anyway cuz dshe didn’t give em time to get into the bloodstream even. don’t do this to save money people, it’s CRUEL.

  • Hurrah to everyone who has criticized both the obvious pain that went beyond what mr. kitty could tolerate AND the misuse of (that much!!) Hydrogen Peroxide! Flushing a deep, large wound once – to loosen and rid it of dead tissue, alien material from the bite, etc. – MAY have been alright (tho, from experiencing this myself, it hurt enough that I threw up) but using a saline solution would be better, I think. I lost count of how many times she flushed it! … I think people still believe that HP isn’t “finished” until there is no more fizz action. I’ve asked and heard it from both my vet and my dr: use hp sparingly, and only to move dead or foreign material out of a surface wound. …Never like this! It doesn’t work to sterilize very well… but it does burn like **ZIT**! Maybe I just can’t tolerate pain or watching others in pain as well as I used to – this was just horrific to me.

  • Good job to the kitties mommy! You did just what the vet would have, minus the large bill, but PLUS the LOVE! Hope you keep a close eye on it and if it looks like it is getting inflamed or if you notice any sign of infection, however, please please please take that sweet baby to the vet!

  • love cats, my two aussies are averse so we’re on hold to adopt
    @innafit – I bet she’ll be back after they’re born!
    that kitty was of p**ZIT**ive nature and trusting, I could her him saying “STOP WIPING ME MOMMIE!” heh heh

  • Chrisa just a few thoughts.
    Outdoor /indoor kitties, Are you serious! News flash… Your so called domesticated kitty is only one step away from being completely wild. We need them more that they need us. Our soft domestic cat can turn into a very efficient killing machine at the drop of a hat. As for keeping your cat in on a permanent basis, just to avoid it getting into fights is **ZIT** cruel. You wouldn’t keep your kids in all the time to stop them getting into s**ZIT**s. Our so called country kitty was 27 years old when he died. He had an outdoor shelter and he used to feed himself in the summer on Rabbit, Birds, Moles, anything that crossed his path, as it should be., he always had access to fresh water and never drank milk. By your ideas about cats, he shouldn’t have lived more than a few years.

  • OMG I know that the vet is expensive but I think this sweet kitty deserves to be attended to properly. That was not drained correctly or thoroughly as one could see and the cat should not have had to go through such agony; that was brutal even though she gave some pain meds; did she check to see if it was still good??? I have 3 of my own babies and would find the money somehow to treat them correctly if that happened.

    Christa, would you let a declawed cat outside???? Don’t be so judgemental. NO I do not believe in declawing. Just that I adoped a former indoor/outdoor kitty that was declawed by it’s former owner and almost lost his life after having a fight with a mean Tom Cat. We found him 3 days after bringing him to another state which probably confused him to begin with, and since he was used to the outside, he took off and incurred an abcess soo huge it looked like he had two heads. Yes, he was in agony, went to the went; we paid $500.00 but he means more to us than any money can ever.

    You would’nt take your own appendicts out at home would you? So why would you operate on something else you love at home. Just does not make sense.

    Im happy the cat is okay now and I know the lady tried her best, but she could have lost this precious kitty.

  • I hated this video because of how much that kitty was suffering. Did u see the death stares he was giving her towards the end? and the growls/cries? He was saying “mom leave me the zit alone. U r hurting u zit. Please take me to the vet asap!” I am fluent in cat because of my 2 kids. I couldnt do that to my babies because of the risks and their pain. My kitties are strictly indoor cats because I dont want them to get seriously injured etc. Both my kids are front declawed for the fact that when they were babies they liked to destroy stuff and used to tear my arms and legs up bad, which was not a good thing considering I have an auto immune disease and any infections from scratches were very painful and took awhile to heal plus made it harder for phlebotimists to find veins to draw blood. My kids do like to wrestle but if I notice they are getting too rough I separate them but most of the time its just fun and games. I love my kids so much and couldnt live without them. They have brought so much joy and laughter to me and how much they love me is just amazing. They are 2 spoiled kitties and they know it. smile.

    Thanks for the upload and the effort!

  • dear “**ZIT**” LOL! you chose an appropriate name didn’t you?

    you have no clue about caring for cats and what is best for them. you and the rest of the folks that think this way are the reason we get so many sick, pregnant, unwanted, feral and injured cats in at the clinic. most of which are so bad off when we get them, they must be euthanized

    stupid is as stupid does i guess.

  • Chrisa.
    My 27 year old tom was castrated at 6 months old, as have all our tom cats been (we have only ever had toms) you’re absolutely right I have no idea on the caring of animals. I care enough not to “de claw” my cats, (I suppose you’re in favour of female cir**ZIT**cision as well) I care enough not to inflict pain or suffering on any animal, or person. As for keeping cats indoors for their own safety, of all the domesticated animals we humans keep cats are amongst the most capable, of taking care of themselves. “Without claws, not a chance” How do you arrive at the conclusion that cats live longer by being kept indoors? I’m so thankful that I don’t care like you do about animals. Your cats are going to be safest anywhere that you’re not. Yes ASS is my knick name, but unlike you, I don’t talk through mine like you do. You work in an animal centre and you talk like you do. It’s at**ZIT**udes like yours that cause suffering to animals. Keep up the good work….A quick word to your pets “RUN”
    stupid is as stupid does I guess. LOL.

  • dear **ZIT**, et al,
    nowhere did i condone declawing, it is a cruel amputation of the first joint on a cat’s toes. also, i work with a vet daily and the messes we see from owners who think its okay for kitty to be outside are horrid. cats caught in fan belts, hit by cars, arrows through their bodies, burned alive, skinned alive, tortured etc. is enough to convince me that they are safer indoors, nevermind the statistics…try looking them up, instead of having a sh*t on someone for posting an educated opinion.

    done with you now.

  • Chrisa,
    I Have been caring for animals (domestic and wild for over 40 years) I live in the countryside in Derbyshire England, I have cared for Hawks, Eagles, Falcons, Owls, Polecats, Weasels, stoats ,Foxes, Badges, and lots more besides. I can say with hand on heart any animal I have ever cared for as been released back into the wild if at all possible and if not have been found homes with people who share my love and respect for all living creatures. All the cats I have ever had have always had access to our home 24/7 and to the outside if they want it. I don’t go as far has to decide for them how they should live their lives. I have cared for mentally scared cats that have been kept indoors full time, by well meaning owners a few times and it made me want to cry. It takes a lot of time and patience to acclimatise them to an outdoor environment. Have you ever seen cats frozen with fear and too scared to move? Because, they were outside for the first time in their life. Try re-housing a cat with this kind of problem; they usually have to be put down. There are two sides to every coin.
    All pet owners are not good owners. Some people’s ideas, about pet care is, to say the least border line, and at worst, Bloody sick. Both you and I and other people are left to pick up the pieces. But I would not go as far has to say that indoor as opposed to outdoor is a better environment for cats. All situations are different City / Country living. Cats live to old age both in the City and the Country (with love and care). Britain is supposed to be a nation of pet lovers, on the whole we are, but as with all nations we have our share of sick **ZIT**s. I can only do my little bit and hope.

  • Ass,
    Not all animals get to live in the English couuntryside. Animals that live in cities have a much different existence. I would never allow my cats outside as we live in a highly populated area with busy streets and too many cars. And yes, I do love and care for my pets.

  • This is totally off topic, but I have a question….my dog Quincy (long haired chihuahua) has a cyst on his belly that showed up about a month ago, and has gotten a bit bigger since I noticed it…..I do have an appointment to take him to the vet, but they couldn’t get him in for 2 weeks, so in the meantime I am just curious….is there a way to determine if it’s fluid filled such as pus, or a sebaceous cyst? I am not about to attempt to drain this cyst on my own….even though I am a nurse, my dog is very jumpy and I can’t even cut his nails without him yipping and biting at me so there’s no way I would attempt to drain it myself. I’m just curious if any of you who have drained your pet’s cysts knew how to tell what kind of cyst it was before you drained it….thanks in advance for any responses!!!!

  • P.S…..Enough of the peroxide already!!!! Have you ever squirted peroxide into an open wound? It hurts and burns like **ZIT**!!! Obviously after the first time, the cat had had enough with the peroxide…jumping out of the sink should have been a red flag that it was seriously hurting him!!! She was very caring about her cat, and trying to do what was right but in my opinion, and this is only an opinion….these types of procedures should be done by a vet. I hope Mr. Spaulding is feeling much better 🙂

  • @chrisa and everyone who believes cats should be kept just indoors:

    Sometimes I think people tend to forget that pets are ANIMALS who need to follow their instincts, not fluffy pillows to lie around and be pampered all day. We have had a tomcat for 10 years now (we live in a house+garden in a medium sized town), and since he was about 3 months old we let him outside and do as he pleases. OF COURSE he has gotten into fights with other animals and caught the occasional scratch or abcess, and of course we then took him to the vet to have him taken care of. BUT instead of being caged he can lie in the sun, climb on trees, play with our neighbours’ cats and hunt for birds and mice, like an ANIMAL is supposed to do. He’s even wandered off for a few days a couple of times, like tomcats sometimes do, and came always back in a good condition because he’s able to survive on his own.
    Long story short, he’s super fit and healthy for his age and I’m very sure he has a happy life between fooling around outside and cuddling with us on the couch. And our vet has NEVER told us to keep him indoors. If people live in huge cities they should refrain from getting a cat, it’s just egoistic. These animals need their **ZIT**e.

  • 1.) dilute the hydrogen peroxide if you must use it, I used only home-mixed saline solution warmed up to about body temp(or warm to my inner wrist).
    2.) shaving the area or at least the wound opening helps keep it from closing back up.
    3.) what a chill kitty! Cats are sometimes aware when you’re trying to help them, though, and calm down rather than shredding your face.

  • Really enjoyed the cat absess, but to go as far as to say never let your cat go outside is just crazy….I can understand if you live in the city…Or for some reason you don’t have access to an outside area..But could you imagine living your life closed up in a house everyday, and not ever getting to go outside. OMG..That is just animal cruelty…But like I said if you live in the city you really don’t have an option…But I say if you have access to an outside area please let your cat go outside and play….Please…..Poor kitty’s don’t like staying inside all the time…for goodness sake they used to be wild animals…..Nice video….If you ever have to work on a cat, always wrap it up in a towel, that makes the task so much easier to complish….I should know I am a vet tech….and I would strongly recommend outside time for any animal…..DwS

  • god either one of my two cats would have torn me to shreds trying to attempt that poor kitty hope it got its antibiotics and amazing how calm the cat did stay still little hiss there little growl meow here and there great find bogey1 smooches hugs and audie bear loves 🙂

  • That video was hard to watch. He was a good kitty, even though he was being tortured. Maybe it’s the vet who gave her those instructions. Anyway, as soon as she said that the kitty was getting into fights, that really **ZIT**ed me off. That kitty should be kept indoors. My two are both indoor cats and they love it. I would never declaw them because I understand it’s basically an amputation. Just had to put in my two cents. On to the next video!!!

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