Head Cyst Home Surgery

Man gets what he refers to as his “horn”, plucked out of his freshly sliced noggin. A good old-fashioned sebaceous cyst, DIY home surgery procedure. My only qualms with this one is the rather excessive “X-CUT” incision the “surgeon” makes, and the fact that the music drowns out some of the dialogue towards the end of the video. Other than that, a rather nice quality to this one, featuring a thorough excision plus bonus “fondling” & clear display of “the goods”. Hope you all enjoy 🙂

Note: Please read the following section AFTER viewing this video for some additional insight and my 2 cents, for optimum viewing pleasure 😉

One other note I’d like to address is that the “surgeon’s” closing comments, may leave some of you wondering if the recording was indeed stopped prematurely? Well, please allow me to put that concern to rest right now. Simply by using common logic and observing the behavioral patterns of the people featured in this video, I was able to deduce the answer to that question quite clearly and easily. When you consider even the most obvious facts….1- They were familiar with these type of cyst removal procedure videos as demonstrated by the lingo used and procedure itself. 2- When the cameraperson asked if they should stop recording after the cyst removal had been completed, the parties directly involved with the surgery made it a point to NOT stop recording yet. It wasn’t until the “bounty” had been FULLY captured on video in all its’ glory, that they gave the green light to stop the recording ….So, given these basic facts, common logic dictates that had “the surgeon” indeed discovered anything else to extract, there surely would have been an immediate and excited urgency to turn the camera back on and resume recording, thus ensuring that “everything” would be captured on video 😉

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  • Yeah, I guess he has that ‘X factor’ hahaha …
    And she asks if she should turn the camera off …. “No you STUPID woman!!”
    No cheese but an enjoyable up all the same.


  • Yikes. Did she have to make that ‘X’? Nice extraction, sac and all, but the cutting was a bit overboard. I’m **ZIT**uming that those cuts are going to need s**ZIT**ches, no? I’m not a medical professional, so I have no idea, but I can’t imagine that they’ll fuse together under a bandage.

    Good vid, though. Nice to see the pod taken out intact. And there was blessedly no screaming.

  • Good find Ano!!! I agree with Ano and John1964 on the X-cut being unnecessary. But again I need to make another pint to the camera person; USE THE VIEW FINDER!!!! We can’t see when you don’t use it!

  • It may have been this video or another were someone used the X that a guy commented the part of the Geneva convention outlawed certain knives and bayonets that left similar wounds because they are so much harder to fix.
    That made perfect sense to me, so you figure this person is really messing up.
    But then I’ve seen several done the same way in Dr.office setting somewhere South of the boarder.
    The guy looked like a Doctor but I wouldn’t have wanted him working on me.

  • @ bb

    Yep, my sentiments exactly. It’s interesting that you brought up the elliptical incision because I think that would make for a rather interesting poll. Which incision do you loathe more, A-The elliptical incision or B-The X-CUT, if you had to choose between the uhm “lesser of two evils” lol.

  • Although as bad as those type of incisions may be, it still beats the geniuses who try to pop ridiculously giant cysts with a pin. Ar least in my book anyways 😉

  • I hate to use the “B” word but….That crazy zit
    butchered that guyd head, there was no need to make an X cut, the dude was in alot of pain you could see it while she ripped the x-acto deep in his scalp.
    I have seen one other fool use an x cut and they tried to s**ZIT**ch it up and made a mess of it. I quess the guy was lucky she didn’t cut a 3/4 inch circle of skin out over the cyst.

  • omg! that woman should never be allowed to have a sharp object in her hand. she was enjoying cutting that dood’s head. trying to act all like she’s a pro. she is clueless. good thing she didn’t have needle and thread cuz i’m positive she’d have made a proper mess outta sewing that up. the x cut went out, wut, 40 years ago? she must not have seen an eliptical cut or i’m sure she’d have gone for that. and boo at no goo!!!!!!

  • What a stupid….

    *Bites tongue*

    She should start an apprentice ship at a Butchers. I thought she wanted to carve his brains out. Somebody take her hands off so she stops touching scalpels!

  • Holy zit!!! Remove the freakin’ scalpel from that chick! If I were that guy, I’d have punched her in the face! That was soooo not necessary! It’s like she gained satisfaction from hurting him and also from the tremendous amount of blood pouring from his scalp. Although it was a good vid, I think the popper could have done a MUCH better job.

  • Person #1 “How did you get rid of the hair?”
    Person #2 “We shaved it.”

    BRB adding that to my list of most ignorant questions ever asked in a video lol

    And the X incision? Ouch! Dude has great pain tolerance.

  • That was done in a trailer in Kentucky (no offense to other people from Kentucky) in the hills and that was his sister/cousin/wife doin’ the cuttin’ and he was jest happy to have his tongue pierced.

  • I was horrified at the length of the first incision and completely undone when she proceeded to make the X. Such an uneccesary cut. However when the guy was messing with the contents it looked to be almost stone like and perhaps the x was neccessary to a degree. Not sure
    I am gonna agree with the cut tho.

  • A simple, basic procedure turned into a 100% textbook botch job, and the bonus of having the parents treat their 5-year-old to the “Zit You Song”…and singing along in case he has trouble understanding the words. There is a reason some people wind up living in mobile homes all their lives. Dogs would do a better job taking care of their wounds and raising their young.

    • I agree about the swearing in front of kids- its pretty shameful that these people bother having kids when they’re not concerned about language like this- i’m no prude, i was brought up on a council estate in Manchester England but my parents didn’t swear like that in front of us kids because of mutual respect. I guess that doesn’t enter there tiny minds!

  • agreed, the X was way too much, should have been just a single line cut. but good job of squeezing and empting it out. i just hope she has a suture kit handy. cause 2 little pieces of duct tape just wont do a good job of sealing this wound up.

  • I think this Guy should talk to microsoft about promoting the X box 360 haha.

    The parting shot on the video is priceless and says it all.

    Thanks Cleetus to you and all your kin without whom Our lives would be so empty.

  • Shes like Hannibal….
    obviously,she was kind of weird with that knife!I wonder what she did with the “X” she made in that guy’s head???
    A plaster?He mosdef needed s**ZIT**ches,that,I’m sure of!!!

    The camera work was,for me as a viewer,the worst part.She clearly never used a camera before!Annoying…
    And the best part;The removing of “the sac”;WE DID NOT SEE IT.Not as we should anyway.

    A weird vid,thats for sure and tnx for posting it.Entertaining thats for sure.

  • I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.
    No brain no pain happy to have his head diced up or the happy slasher.
    Inbred? Time to start swimming in a different gene pool folks. Ditch the ‘cous-band’

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