Another Thanksgiving Special – Back Cyst Le Creme

Originally **ZIT**led “World’s Biggest Pimple 2” – remains to be seen…

Family fun, at home in the dining room surgery, male back (potential for cuteness factor? yes.) – verily, all the hallmarks are there for a great video. Camera work – excellent! Keep the volume down, however, this family gets really frightened and loud in the beginning. I think there may have been a clearing out of the dining room followed by a mad dash to the various bathrooms in the house. Popper wears gloves, points given!!!

Some good quotes:
“Mom, you lanced the **ZIT** outta that thing!”
“Take a big whiff of it” and the reply “YOU smell it!”
“There’s still more goop!” (repeated several times over)
“That’s the sac.” “The sac of what?” “The sac where the thingy was getting its food from…” (Really?!? I love it!)
“Its like a placenta!”

And wait until you see the sac after its pulled out – wowzers! Then they actually go back (ha ha – back) for more!! Sac that is…

So, as our Holiday Weekend starts drawing to a close, I hope everyone is enjoying their leftovers, and be on your bestest behavior, because Santa is watching!!! 🙂

~ H.S.

World’s Biggest Pimple 2” originally filmed and posted to YouTube by enjoyhhi on November 26, 2010

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