Abscess on the Back of the Head.

Now this one leaves a whole new stylish Hair-Cut ,dont ya think ???


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  • Good find TC!!! This poor guy’s in such bad shape They had to make 2cuts just to have a shot at getting it all out! He had to think his skull was comming through his skin.

  • Was it just me, or did it look like you could draw a face where they shaved and call him Two Face?

    Sorry – it just looked so strange, the way they cleared the hair – it just was begging for a nose, mouth and two eyes!!!!!

    GREAT find, TC! You racked up today, thanks!!!

    ~ H.S.

  • Looka here, now. This is NOT a candidate fer a frikkin’ OSCAR! It’s a Zit Film, and we need to be able to SEE WHAT THE HELL’S GOIN’ ON!! So he made a couple cuts, here and there. So WHAT!! We couldn’t really see much, and then it was all over too quickly! I hate ta say this, but wot-a-JIP!!

  • I liked this one…From Russia with Love…it was like a movie and from the low marks I thought there would be no pus…but there was lots of it. Good finding there TC!

  • Now that was a lot of pus! Very nice Twisted Cyster.
    I also thought of Goonies but first I thought the 2 pus humps resembled supple woman’s lips. After collagen injections, of course . LOL

  • Great post TC, makes me want to kiss the North American soil I walk on, and be thankful for decent health care!
    I agree with the comments regarding the hair cut … bad health care & awfull hair stylists! *sigh*

  • OMG – I am so amazed at the myriad of **ZIT**ogous comments! It seems like everyone was reminded or saw something different, all evoked by the weird haircut and the abnormal pair of abscesses on this guys head! Man, I don’t care if it didn’t show enough of the abscess being drained – the commentary it s**ZIT**ed is frikkin’ fantastic! 5 stars from me, TC! And 5 more for each commentator! lol

    ~ H.S.

  • Sorry zif**ZIT**irl but it freaked me out!!I thought they were going to behead him at the end…If you’ve ever seen one of those video’s (I really don’t recommend it, wish I hadn’t) you’d know why it sets off an alarm..

  • I don’t think it’s racist at all to think that dude might have got his head cut off. I kinda thought in those lines as well cause the cutter was a little overly zealous and cut way to deep!!
    There is no conviction in knit-picking. Being truly offended, I don’t think a soul was. I’ll ask my friend ahmand and get back to ya…Jeeze!

  • It just a little off hand remark that I thought was little bit funny…

    Main deal is all of us I mean everybody need to set back and enjoy there self on this site a little bit more and quit looking for trouble..

    You go around looking for trouble you will find it everywhere you look and you will never have no enjoyment out of life..

    If you don’t want to enjoy your life that’s fine with myself.. But I don’t want to hear people crying around trying to make other peoples life like there’s.. Most of us don’t enjoy our life like that..

    Now you know why I don’t ready under maybe 10% of these post ..

    Kick back enjoy your self for a change you be surprise your overall life will be so much better..

  • I felt badly for this fella. It looked like a combination of ingrown hair and skin that rolls on top of itself. The size of the infected area was really amazing. I wondered if he had headaches and if it was that close to the brain, if it could have caused damage to the aural or occular reception (or really anything). I’ve always heard that the closer to the brain or heart an infection resides, the more rapidly it can do very bad damage. I’m glad he got treatment and hope it helped.

  • I respectfully disagree. If we fail to address racist language, we tacitly agree that it is fine. And so as a white person, I cannot stand idly by when I hear or read any kind of racial slur. Can we all just drop it? If someone had used the N word, we would all agree it was racism. I am simply pointing out that Muslims are the latest in a long stream of peoples who have been marginalized and attacked and that somehow it is okay with people these days to do so. Can we all just move on now please?

  • It’s so funny how so many of us think the same way.
    Just like Halph Staph all I could think about was drawing a face on the back of the guys head.
    and I agree with SLIDER1964..the end was bizzar, it felt like some jihad group was going to behead the dude.

  • The overly dramatic music at the end was pretty funny. I don’t think the doctor was putting the guy at risk – he was cutting into the skin, not going through the skull or the spinal cavity. And no, I don’t think it shows anything about health care in….wherever this was from. American health care has plenty of horror stories and incompetence, and if you haven’t seen a doctor do something worrying, you haven’t been around clinics enough. That said, if I were the doctor I would totally have drawn a face on that thing.

  • woah, do you think they cut him open enough and deep enough? Yikes, it’s the week of butchers here. poor, poor man. That would have to hurt like **ZIT**.

    and I’m with zitfangirl … lets just enjoy the pus. not generalise about a particular race or religion, it hurts peoples feelings.

  • I thought I was looking at Voldemort’s-Face-On-The-Back-Of-Professor-Quirrel’s-Head.

    That poor man’s spinal c**ZIT**/brain stem was juuuust underneath the tip of the scalpel the doc was so cavalierly poking into that ocean of steaming putrescence. I wonder whether he survived the subsequent “meningitis”.

  • My thoughts exactly JBob, so good to see you still chiming in, always enjoyed your informed opinion.
    Bluecorvettemom, I sure turbans are wrapped and wrapped and wrapped some more. I have a physician acquaintance from Israel, he actually had a wasp fly into his wrappings. It was really very comical to see him unwrapping in a panic (seems like there was 30yds. of gauze like wide material..Then hair fell out of the wrappings and down below his knees. I offered to help (like I could, thought it was the thing to do.) He was very touchy about that! What I got is, according to his sect of worship, men did not cut hair on the head. They wrapped the material around the hair, then wrapped the whole thing around their head. I bet in that instance, Doc P. wished he could simply pop it off his head as he sustained several stings!

  • the music in this is awesome love it it went great with the pus flow and i hope they shaved the rest of his head afterwards lol now that be a funny hair style to walk around with great find Twisted Cyster smooches hugs and audie bear loves 🙂

  • TC, I don’t have the skills to understand what the doctor did while they weren’t filming, but the patient got up and moved around after being bandaged, so I can **ZIT**ume he healed up from this awful condition.

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