Big Boil

This is a very long video but if you skip to about 4:45 and watch till about 7:45 you will see all the goods. The rest is just a little blood here and there. The camera work is a little **ZIT**py and there is a lot left in there to squeeze! Part 2?

Thanks rod**ZIT**aracay1. From youtube “the biggest boil in dallas texas”

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  • OK this is a perfect example. When someone has an article of clothing so close to the site why don’t they take a piece of saran wrap or something of the short and tuck it into the pants like she did at the end with all the tissue so they protect the clothing. All those germs on the clothing bothers me. Please be nice to the guy…you don’t know his story… and we don’t want to deter EVERYONE from posting.

  • Good find MsPuss!!! This old fat man can relate to his problem! Personally, I’d have popped it myself before it got that bad. If I couldn’t pop it in a day or two i would have been to the doc and let them handle the lancing.

  • Heavy set people like me don’t always get boils. And believe me not being able to “dry” is not goindg to cause infection nor will sweating. And fat people are able to dry themselves just as well as thin people. WTF? That he was verweight didn’t seem to be the issue. He had a horrendous boil that needed medical attention but unfortunately many fat people like myself wouldn’t want to go see a doctor PRECISELY because of the fact that we blame ourselves for these kinds of things when in fact I have seen a zitload of belly boils and cysts on this site and he is the first “heavy set” man I’ve seen. It should have been treated earlier and by a professional and he likely needed a s**ZIT**ch or two on that gash.

    I am sorry if I have upset people by being zity here but we fat people are the last remaining group where it is still politically correct to treat us like **ZIT**. It’s inappropriate. If he had been thin and **ZIT**y, half of this crowd would comment on how they’d love to have “a man with a boil like that”…instead we blame the victim and say he got taht boil because fat people have poor hygeine? Not fair and not nice.

  • That is one of (if not the) biggest boil I have ever seen! She showed no mercy & little remorse while slicing & dicing. I hope he got professional medical attention to close that crater. The pus payload was spectacular as was the “sparkle” at 10:28. Beautiful find MsPuss.

  • I agree zitfangirl—Going to the DR is very embarr**ZIT**ing!! Women who have had kids can develop that same type of tummy flub…’as I raise my hand’. I call it my ‘a**ZIT**.’ UGH!
    It could be from sweat and clothing rubbing or an ingrown hair. It sure looks painful!!!

  • Poor guy, that thing hurt! I love the sparkle!! Missed that the first time around 😉 Emil and I both commented on the youtube site to please film more. I hope he goes to the Dr and takes his camera man with him!

  • I don’t think there is anything left but blood.

    @Zitfangirl You have a valid point and I am appalled that anyone would even think this had anything to do with weight and not being able to dry oneself or keeping clean…a true popoligist knows these things!

  • aaaaahhhhh… there anything better than a big, juicy, drippy boil? Is there? I’m thinking not. After she chopped him, it looked like the crater might start talking to me! Thanks for the pre-screening, Ms. Puss! It was nothing but a terrible tease up until your mark- I’m screaming at the screen: “Make him bite on something hard and just SQUEEZE it! SQUEEEEEEEEEEZE IT!!!!!!!!”

  • If you’re going to film the lancing of a boil…Do it. Do we want to watch him walk around? Do we want to see pans here and there of the surroundings? I can’t imagine what people have on their minds..Pay attention to the Task..The intended purpose..Get on with it..Finally, a terrific bust, THANK YOU! That’s all.

  • I have to weigh in here…choice of wording TOTALLY intentional…

    This type of infection has very little to do with hygiene or being able to dry oneself but, most probably, everything to do with his body type. Bacteria loveloveloves creases and folds in skin…nice and warm, humid…it’s bacterial bliss, babies!

    I know this because at my heaviest I wore a size 26/28, think I was about 275 pounds (I haven’t owned a scale in over 20 years) and no matter how careful I was I got little surprises like this on a frequent basis in exactly the same place. A lost hundred pounds later and I still get these every once in a while…not to mention the occasional yeast infection *pleh* because of all that loose flesh I have hanging around now.

    It IS sad and just plain wrong that fat folk – and I am not fluffy, I am FAT – can still be faced with open discrimination in this “enlightened” day and age; what’s worse (for me, anyway) is that fat men are more widely tolerated than fat women. *sigh*

    Guess I’ll go roll myself in flour now and have my hubby search for the wet spot. ;o)

  • I had to speak up on the comment made about heavyset people “not being able to dry themselves”. WTF? Are you serious? Living under a rock somewhere? Suddenly obesity causes arms to shrink, and large towels to become unavailable? What a stupid comment. Don’t you just wish that some people would just stop and think for a millisecond before typing some of the ridiculous **ZIT** on here? I liked what someone said about the fact that if this guy were thin and even moderately attractive (as I have seen the women here go wild for guys that I found kinda fugly, of course my husband is the most attractive man on earth, so….lol!) then everyone would be going wild about him, but no, he’s heavy, older, so it’s his fat and hygiene that are the culpret here. Sickening, especially considering the unusual intertainment that we choose to view here. All of us (I can only **ZIT**ume, at least MOST) have been critisized for liking pus, but then we turn around and act all intolerant toward a heavy man. That ignorance is why I need occasional sabbaticals from this place, too many over-opinionated, undereducated loud mouths abounding with ignorant comments. My blood pressure spikes and yet, it’s really not worth it, they always have some stupid excuse for their stupidity. phew. K, time to take a break, step off of my pedestal and cool off.

  • Creases are the enemy every person has them just sometimes some people have more of them. But that spot looks like it could of been a irritated pore, from the way the stomach sits. It’s skin against skin. When I was younger and I was a little bigger when I wore dresses my legs would rub , causing friction making a rash or sometimes just zits. Bad area to get a boil too those things are nasty.

  • I am a completely new user and the entire reason I created an account was to respond to comments. Responding to Clutterbug – I do not think that the comment was of ill intent. I am a heavy – set person as well and when I read the comment I didn’t think much of it, then once people started to attack – I kind of felt bad. I deal with people who are over weight every single day in my job, granted, most of them are older as well- but not all. Many times, heavier set people do have trouble reaching their genitals, and lower extremities. It is not that their “arms shrink” it’s that their body m**ZIT** is larger around than the reach of their arm. I am NOT saying that overweight people are dirty or unclean in anyway; they just face different challenges. At times, after bathing, it can be difficult to ensure that all moisture is removed from the body – this is why physicians often prescribe nystatin powders and moisture barrier creams, these help protect the skin from breakdown.

    SO – I cannot speak of clutterbug’s thought process when responding, but he or she did not make any comment that was out of line or disrespectful. Majority of Americans are overweight or considered obese, I fall into that category as well. I am glad to see that so many people are p**ZIT**ionate about standing up for someone who deserves just as much respect as anyone else – but there is no need for attack on someone who was simply stating something that could have VERY EASILY been the pathology behind this infection.
    Either way, the gentleman needs attention and most likely will require wound care, antibiotics and home health to come in and help him with his ADL’s.

  • Actually, it’s because of the folds of skin that hang off his body. Between those folds of skin is a breeding ground for bacteria. Oxygen can’t get to the area at all, it’s just skin on skin. The heat trapped between the folds does cause perspiration, but only to that particular area. An obese person could stand outside in 30 degree weather and that area will still perspire. The most common thing that grows between those folds of skin is mold (I’m serious) then boils (not cysts – cysts have a capsule).
    I know this because I weighed 420lbs by the time I was 18 years old. I used to get them on a regular basis. I used to shower twice a day just to clean between the folds of skin I had. I lost 230lbs, and had to have the extra skin removed surgically. They removed almost 21lbs of skin. I’m not obese anymore, but I sure as **ZIT** remember what it was like. I hope he went to his doctor to have that boil taken care of correctly

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