HUGE Feline Sebaceous Cyst Expression

OMGOSH! This one is quick but boy is it ever satisfying! You might have to play it a few times to be fully satisfied but it is worth it! The cheese is a bit strange looking but heck who cares right??
I never knew cats could grow such things!

submitted by pineconepethospital on YouTube Sept. 27, 2011

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  • Okay – was the doctor being timed? I mean I’ve heard of lean business practices and am all for efficiency, but that kitchen timer *bing* cracked me up! The first thing that went through my mind was that all of the Perfection (remember that game?) pieces were going to pop up if he didn’t get that cyst evacuated in time!

    I had a dog that would get frequent epidermal inclusion cysts that I would handle at home. As he got older he also started developing skin tags. Through a strange confluence of events, a skin tag grew right on top of the enlarged pore from an inclusion cyst. Over time, the cyst contents extruded upwards into the skin tag causing it to swell up and have a soft, gushy feel even though his cyst contents were normally quite firm feeling under normal skin. It looked exactly like what this kitty has. Alas, I was unable to handle the swollen skin tag at home (it was located on the back of one of his hind legs directly above one of his pads and it was obviously painful to him when I tried to do it myself) and had to resort to getting our vet to remove it. I really would have liked to see what came out of that thing!

  • Suolucidir, that was a kitchen timer. but the vet wasn’t being timed. the poor cat’s cyst was full of cookie dough. the timer was just letting them know that the first batch was done! mmmmmmmmmmmm Tollhouse chocolate cyst cookies !
    But seriously, why didn’t he have a scalpel? seemed kind of crude using what looked like a sewing needle to pick at it.

  • @tattoo2u He used a safety pin and I thought the same thing after watching it 45 times last night. This is fantastic PPM…thanks for the great post.

    But if this were my cat…I would have done it myself…sorry I know thats cruel but how could I resist. Of course I would have told the vet it popped on its own and kept a really close eye on it every hour!!! Thats how far I have fallen into the pit of zit popping.

  • That gem of a video was hidden on YT since September 27 and no one caught it? Probably because it was there only from Sept. 27 2011 and it’s technically not there yet… hehehe. Great find ppm!

  • YOWZA!!! Now THAT was a great cyst! Thanks, ppm! But, I, too, wondered why the vet used a needle(?) instead of a scalpel? Seems like that would’ve made a cleaner incision. Oh, well, either way I got my ‘fix’! 🙂 Thanks again!

  • @Gabina and dripper
    No… wasn’t posted in September… I just goofed and I can’t find a way to edit it now. I’ve been sick for about three or four weeks with two kinds of flu and am definitely out of it. I was lucky to just post this let alone type anything coherent… sorry folks! It was posted January 27, 2011… NOT September 27, 2011.

  • PPM, Take care of yourself..
    Hi, my names MomE. and I got it too!
    What a glorious vid!! “here kitty, kitty kitty…Let mom take a GOOD look @ you” I want you to give me one of those..Quit licking your paw and look at this!!

  • aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh…….my favorite kind of video…. *leans back, lights cigarette*

    Hi, Larry, dripper, and MomE. Glad you’re here. Keep coming back- it works if you work it…
    My name is pickypicky, and I am also a popaholic.
    HOWEVER my life has NOT become unmanageable yet and I have absolutely no desire to be relieved of this defect of character!!! Let’s watch this one again! and AGAIN! AND AGAIN!

  • Looks like he used a large gauge needle for the cut and that makes some sense. Medical needles have a beveled (cutting) edge that makes it easier to pierce skin. I have used them to remove sutures as they are sharper than the scissors usually provided for that purpose.

  • For some reason I wont watch vids for a few days. I’ll check the thumbnails, but not do much else. But when I do, it’s even better! Like the heart grows fonder or something… lol

    My name is Squeezie Queen, and I am a popaholic! lol

    Awesome cheesey vid! (Will it fill back up without getting the sack??? Hmmmm…:)

  • I hope one or two of my cats gets something like this!( yes! I am totally a **ZIT**! ) It would be on PTZ before I even cleaned up, I swear! awesome PPM! Watched it 6 times…B..E…A..U..tiful

  • Well done Larry. Recognising your condition is the first step.

    The second step is to join PTZZ

    Third step is to watch really cool zit, pus, goo videos.

    All steps after thet…. refer to previous step:)

  • Hi, my name is Halph Staph (stop snickering, for the last time I *am* a girl! See? Ta-tas – *real ones!*), and I’m a popaholic zitaholic. At first, I tried going to just ZA meetings, but they seemed too limiting for my addictions. So now I come to these meetings, everyday. (Hi MomE and Inna! Lunch?) Ahem, ok, back to bidness –

    Does anyone else feel like coming to these meetings is like going to an AA or NA meeting and getting all liquored up, then doing a couple lines? He he he, yeah. We got it *goooooood* – *hic* All Hail PTZ!!! And now, a reading from the Book of Emil…

    ~ H.S. (where’s my Two Year Chip? I don’t want a stinking key ring, gimmee a chip!)

  • P.S. Why fix the date PPM? Its more fun this way!! Makes you seem psychic, or you have a Time Travel computer link to YouTube! Ah ha! NOW we know how you seeem to get all the good ones so fast!!! lol

    😉 ~ H.S.

  • *pull string* “There’s a snake in my cyst!”

    C’mon – tell me you don’t see it at the very end???

    ~ H.S.
    (Help, I can’t stop watching it!!!! I’m going on a bender!! Where’s my sponsor’s number??? Darn it!)

  • Just to clarify ThatSmellsLikeAss
    , I don’t call a remark that contains no racial slur racist. I will continue to call racial slurs what they are: racist. If you want to hate me for that, it speaks far more about you than anything else. Cut the **ZIT** and stop bashing me all over the site because I had the courage to say that something was racist. I like to watch videos about pus, I don’t want to read insulting comments about people in the videos that are based on their ethnicity, language, religion or size. Stop using this forum as a way to continually trash me for speaking up against racial slurs. It’s ridiculous. Go ahead and hate defenseless kittens but leave me the **ZIT** alone.

  • *bwahahahaha*
    Clearly there are those amongst us who have 12 step experience! *mwahahaha*
    Ok some of us definately need to call our sponsors and for some of us ..HS.. yo uneed to be 12 stepped and dragged kicking & screaming to a meeting! HAHAHA!
    As for me I’m isolating and staying in the ba**ZIT**t with this great and may I shout GREAT !!!! find from PPM!
    Momma Penguin has come through once again to bring us a clasic!
    Now what did I hear that you were feeling poorly?
    Please take care of yourself lady, you are a dear gal, and I feel sad you arn’t up to par.
    See you at the 1st PTZ convention everyone!
    Puss 🙂

  • Dearest bothers and cysters you must seek your higher power..Know there is something out there greater than yourself, that can guide you to spiritual pustulance!

  • This is just a shot in the dark gang. Maybe the vet opted for a pin hole because of the texture of the kitty’s tongue and the thought of it licking the wound. Seems the friction would irritate an incision more than a pin hole. I dunno, sound ridiculous?? (hick*)

  • That’s an interesting point MotherEruption65. My kitty had a huge abscess from a bite on his tail/**ZIT**. They drained it without incision and were exceedingly reluctant to just open in up and drain it. And yes, the licking is a HUGE problem but not for the rough tongue but for the bacteria in a cat’s mouth. A cat bite willalways fester and that is why they get so many abscesses if they are a “figther”. This particular one cost us almost 800 dollars. 3 vet visits and 4 rounds of anti-biotics. The other reason I thought he might have use the needle was that he was scratching open a previous drainage hole or rupture. Cats will use their tongue to lick their own fur off of an infection or lump and wil often succeed in getting it to rupture on their own. Wish my own cat had “taken care of business” himself!

  • I emailed pineconepethospital to ask about the reasoning for using a needle or pin in lieu of a scalpel and this was the response I received:
    “The skin over this cyst was very thin. Shortly after this video a scalpel was used to excise the entire area. The skin was closed with absorbable sutures.”

    I don’t really see that this answered our question very well. I still think a scalpel would’ve been cleaner and better but, hey, I’m not a vet….

  • For those of you tired of costly vet bills when your cats come home torn up from a fight, consider keeping your cat indoors. Yes, I know all the arguments about “it’s cruel” or “cats are supposed to live outside”, and those arguments are all wrong, so don’t bother. 🙂

  • Did I say my cat got it outside? Nope. He was bitten by our other cat. I believe he had it coming since the older one is uber tolerant of the kitten’s shenanagins.

  • One of the Best Vids around here….and I didnt comment , ….Strange. But annyway got nothing to say what makes some sence annyway.!! So maybe I can use my brains and ask myself the question;,, why did he use a blue sheet instead of a green one ?? AnnyBody ?? ??

  • Owh … and I forgot something, The Big Question about Pin/Scalpel …. I think the vet used the pin because he already had this betweeen his teeth for a toothpick , (like others chew a match the whole day) so the pin was in a closer range/reach than the scalpel . This is the most common thing what comes to my mind…… I dont believe a Vet has a Scalpel for a toothpick in his mouth the whole day….

  • you all say youre a popaholic like its a bad thing! I saw my brother for the first time in over 3 years last friday night, he had a growth on his back, im begging him to let me at it first!!!

  • So **ZIT**ody knows the answer about the Bleu sheet , instead of a green one ?? And everybody agree with me on the Pin instead of a scalpel ?? owh…and I forgot to say that I am a Poppoholic too !! I am realy a Die Hard Adict !! And it affects my regular life too !! I just keep on watching Vids…Popping Vids…all day, all night. The Vids are realy addictive. I wonder if I can proceed to Emilbus in a Law-Suit. Because Pop That Zit never warned me about being addictive… Such things are for real in America isnt it?? I mean the Law Suits and things ??? Can I get rich now ???

  • Another vid here I missed… an avid supporter….don’t know how this happened except laptop was in the shop for a few days and I may have fallen behind! Vet I work for always uses a needle rather than a scalpel to open mushy cysts, as this one was very pliable and bubbly, before the incision time. That way no s**ZIT**ches have to be used and no Elizabethan collar. As to what this vet did upon close of surgery is another story. Great vid. Thanx!

  • haha i love the song in background cuz your amazing just the way you are while the cats getting pus squeezed out of it lol great find PPM happy new year smooches hugs and audie bear loves 🙂

  • Totally disgusting! Excess skin laid flat after expressed. Would have thought the vet/person would have used a scapal to open the wound rather than a straight pin. One of the easiest pops on the site. Hope the sac came out as easy.

  • haha cuz your amazing and the microwave ding i missed the last time i watched this haha like ding your cyst is done lol great find PPM smooches hugs and audie bear loves 🙂

  • PPM, thanks for the post. I read that more work was performed after they stopped filming, but it seemed like a great deal was excised on camera. I bet kitty felt much better afterwards!

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