Major Squirting Cyst!

You think you’ve seen squirting before?? Think again!! Open your eyes and shut your mouth ‘cuz here it comes!!! The first half is where most of the fun happens but don’t miss a surprise in the middle that I had to watch 3 times before I believed what I saw!! No hints, just watch 🙂

Thanks arnez8706!! From youtube “GRAPHIC CYST EXPLOSION!!!!!!!!!!!”

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  • AHHHH!!!!! He licked it! He licked it! Ewwwwww! Like a little kid licking a booger off his finger! He licked it!!!!!! I’m damaged now!!!

    *running screaming away from computer now*
    ~ H.S. *aaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!*

  • Just wish the content was a lil more ,,Solid,, But a nice squirter !! At the end he gets a bit nasty ,and a tissue was needed .
    Thankzz Vinnie for putting it up in Shout yesterday, and Ms Puss to post it PTZ.

  • HAHAHAHA! I know some people poke their nose en eat their own snot, but jeez…tasting your own pus???
    Just what the **ZIT** was he thinking? But serious; there was still a big **ZIT**p left so there HAS to be more in there. It seems like he put enough pressure on it so I guess it needs to be cut. A part 2 soon?
    I hope so!!!

  • Just cut it and get it out! …..his tongue that is. He’s got bigger issues than that cyst! Do you think he told his wife before he kissed her good night?! ooohhhh gggoooooddd…….

    • Hopefully he doesn’t have a wife. I think I saw at the beginning of the video a glimpse of the person taking the video and it was a guy.If it was a guy, I wouldn’t think he would have a girlfriend/wife.

  • He was tasting it to see if it was blood or not. My mother once did something similarly stupid and tasted a “spill” on the floor to see if it was orange juice of cat **ZIT**. It wasn’t orange juice. Love the sound on this one. It was finger licking good.

  • ME- I so agree!! My brain just kept saying “nope, didn’t happen!” Twisted- is “shout” the forum? I didn’t read a post for this vid I just saw it on youtube 4 hrs after it was posted and looked in the pending and didn’t see it yet. I have no prob giving someone the main billing! Sorry I missed the post! I don’t want “credit” for someone elses find. That just aint me.

  • Great find MsPuss!!! I don’t care who found it first! Props to vinnie for showing it in the SB!A bow to ppm for trying to help vinnie post!

    Back to the vid: I wonder how many dates this kid is gonna get after that smoothe move!!! Gonna be some strange ladies line up at his door!!!

  • MsP – Don’t fret. Its gonna always be this way – some find it first and get it posted straight from YT. Sometimes it will be a person who gets it from the ShoutBox and posts it first. But irregardless, its usually first come first serve – although its also nice to acknowledge others that were only a bit behind. 🙂 OK – does that make sense? I think I just confused myself… I think the point is as long as it gets posted, we’ll all be happy! :)!!

    BT – scratch the SOS pads, I pulled out ye olde Dremel Tool and ground that image right outta my brain. I hafta wear a bib to catch the drool for a few days, but I’m sure I’ll be *nyanh anyaish ain kis pbbbtthpt * just fine!

    ~ H.S.

  • Giant jaw cyst. Ingrown hair or Submandibular abcess? Interesting.
    Agressive squeezing of the Udder with awesome squirts and squishy sounds.
    Rubbing of site with **ZIT**/pus finger.
    Finger to mouth….

    OH. MY. G O D!!!

    HS, can I borrow that dremel when your done? I need it for my EYES!!!

    As always, fantastic find!!!

  • Might I add that the cyst is super swollen from over squeezing and a hot compress is in order. Along with a bigger opening?

    Or how about the good ‘ol doctor! lol

    (Besides the finger lick, I have no idea why that dude kept rubbing blood/pus all over the wound. Sick!!!)

  • Oh my god!!!! first half was great,,then I was waiting for the surprise that was talked about, I thought it was going to be a giant pus blob..but then dude licks thoes long fingers with pus and god knows what else all over them..I will from now on only watch the first half and try to forget the second…and what the **ZIT** was he yelling about??

  • OMG I must go and wash out my eyes and try to forget this one forever. That was the most unsanitary thing yet to be seen here on PTZ—and we’ve seen UNSANITARY THINGS! The guys fingers are filthy and then he lickS pus and blood off of them and he doesn’t gag? WHAT THE BLEEP!! He has a lot of blackheads too! Wonder if he’s saving those for a midnight snack”?

  • …Wow.

    Usually you see people who wipe too much…not here. Seriously, that was disgusting at the end. I wanted to bust through the screen with a tissue and wipe his face for him.

  • You have to go a long way to gross out people at this sight, but pus-blood licking is what it took! Wow-I wonder what other “hygiene” rules he could teach us? Somebody follow this guy with a secret camera so we can see a few more examples of “what-not-to-teach-your-children”! Is this a good example of “raised in a barn”?

  • You know, as much as I like the DIY poppers (and even more so when it’s a group dynamic of amateurs, either friends or family, with or without alcohol, I find myself gritting my teeth with concern… because even the well gloved, sterilized home pops have such a high percentage of getting worse, not better, after they’re initially popped at home. I want to have a little watermark stationary that says, “Go to the doctor. Do not p**ZIT** start. Do not collect 200 dollars.”

  • And ewww ick ewww… not the normal surprise you posters warn us about, as I too was waiting for the supreme burst right about the time the blickiest blick I’ve ever seen ensued!

  • Hey gang, The ever present question of any run-of-the-mill psych. professional. “And how did that make you feel” tee-hee I think we’re gonna be OK, good venting, everyone!

  • Halph, you know that irregardless isn’t a word, lol! it’s just regardless, lol! That cracked me up, you HAD to have done that on purpose. I am so happy that I must have looked away when he licked his finger. I’m having a hard time deciding if i should watch it again or not, as I have had to do waaay to many bleach baths for my eyes lately. Were those sounds real or were they added? That was monster noise. WoW!!!
    And MsPuss, TC was genuine, he was just saying thanks, nothing more, nothing less. he knows not everyone would have seen it in the SB, and agreed that it should be put up on the main page. He was sincerely thanking both of you. He’s too much of a good guy to be snarky like that!
    Great find! Icky lick.

  • OMG! OMG! OMG! **ZIT**, why oh why didn’t I just take everyone’s word for it? I will have nightmares over that nasty finger in his mouth. Dear GOD, WHY???? uhrgh. my stomach feels all jumpy now, thick saliva forming, I’ve gotta get that out of my head or I’ll go mad!

  • OK I’ve been quiet till now…..

    this deserves a response


    I’ve seen gross, nasty, vile, filthy, digusting things in my life but…..sure, lets rub all the bacteria and rot all over the side of our blackhead pimple infested face them lick our fingers to make sure it is our own filth!

    great find by the way!

    now I gotta go get my memory erased……

  • if you watch it carefully i think he licks his fingers the entire time. i dont hear the water running but every time he wipes his fingers on his face and the go out of camera view then come back they come back clean and you can see his mouth moving. i think we just got lucky on that one shot where we actually saw him licking them. but yea i am totally scared for life now.

    • I was thinking that too–its almost like his way of “cleaning” his fingers off for the next attempt. Ohh, ewwww, I feel like some part of my brain that was still a “virgin” has now been de-flowered!
      My son made me turn off the video for while he was here, or he was gonna leave! (I prolly won’t ever watch it again)
      I bet U-tube wouldn’t even take it! Ohh, ack kaff kaff….RALPH!

  • I didn’t read any of the post cause I wanted to see if I could catch what it was in the middle . I had to watch 5 times till I saw it ,I mean I was looking at the boil not his mouth.
    now i will be going to bed with nightmares in my head for the next week and will not be able to drink anything red for a month( good bye **ZIT** marys).

  • Given that the first moments look like milking a cow, maybe he thought he was growing a **ZIT**. To clear that needed a 2 handed squeeze. He has a deep core with a seriously ingrown hair under it.

  • Wow! I almost didn’t believe that was real. At first I thought it was a fake special effects cyst because of the pressure of the spray. Like a cow or goat when it’s being milked.

    This was disgustingly nasty with all the fingering around and no wiping but then he licked it. Oh my **ZIT** my jaw dropped. For a while. Seriously.
    I saw this in the Shout Box also when Vinnie asked someone to post it for him. I didn’t even try because I’m really slow at that stuff since it’s so new to me.

    I have to agree with biglilsis. I think he was licking the whole time. Everytime his fingers went out of frame he swallowed. Made me gag so much it was unreal. I couldn’t believe he would actually post it on YouTube when we could actually directly see him licking it at one point.

    I went to his YT page and he has one from 7 months ago with an obvious fake throbbing of the same cyst; just jaw clenching to make it move. Lame. Plus another vid with a guy blowing up a “used condom.”
    This really gave me the creeps. I wonder if YouTube will let it stay up. I mean it is so much more gross than Dr J’s stuff.

    I need to go brush my teeth again.

  • I have seen and done quite a few nasty and disgusting things in my time, but I can say with a clear conscience I have never dined out on my own septic juices. I wonder what his breath smells like. Just a thought girls, kissing him would be like gargling with the contents of a septic tank.!!!

  • WOWWWWW!! Wotta disGUSTING thing, to lick yer own pus-covered thumb! Wotta man!!

    But wotta great video!! Hey! The Iranians all wipetheir own dirty behinds with their left hands and then wash them after **ZIT**ping in an open drain in the floor of their “bathrooms”. And then they call all of US here “people of the left hand”. As it’s an insult in their language. At least WE are hygienic about this stuff. Well, at least MOST of us are, anyway. Maybe not THIS guy, not after “thumbing us”. But while we will never live this down with the Iranians, it warms my heart to know that we can always turn around and bomb them and their open sewers to **ZIT** and back if they get too uppity with us! So they better not be callin’ US “people of the left hand”. Nope. Just call us “people who lick puss-covered thumbs”. Unfortunately, they can prove this with this unfortunate but great video!

  • Wow, that is instant HOF (Hall of Fame).

    That mound was so ANGRY. So close to the arteries that go directly to your BRAIN or veins that go directly back to your heart! Not a great place for an out of control infection. It must have been an ingrown hair, an unspeakably awful in-grown hair. The monstrosity needs to be lanced. I fully expected the 1/2 way surprise to be a nasty black hair flying out. When he went colonal sanders “Finger licking good” my brain could not process it. I did not scream or exclaim, I was just utterly speechless!!

    • Me too! I was so attentive, watching the timer for the halfway-through “surprise” (which I figured would be a big chunka cheese or some such)–and when I realized we were well past halfway, I turned it back and, OHH gack gack gack. Sure as heck isn’t going in the favs. Ohh yuchh and gick and ewwwwww………

  • FOR RENT: One (1) Dremel Tool. Slightly gooey from rending of brain to destroy short term memory center. Can be used on long term memories. Rechargeable; includes 215 accessory pkg. and reusable diamond tips for really thick skulls. Not responsible for any resulting damage from tool usage, no warranty is implied, use at own risk.

    FMI: PM Halph Staph

    ha ha ha drool weeeeeeee!

  • I FEEL LIKE I HAVE JUST BEEN VIOLATED!!! Or more like my eyes have just been raped by what they have just seen. Whoever raised this dumb **ZIT** needs to go back over hygiene with him. But if it hasn’t stuck by now I doubt he will get it. He honestly wasn’t trying to gross anyone out or trying to be cute. He tasted that chunky,**ZIT** pus covered thumb like it was something he does on a daily basis and never gave it another thought. I bet anyone on this site that he did’t realize that was on the video when he posted it. But, I bet he realizes it now by all of the comments he is receiving from that little ooops!! He can forget a love life, **ZIT** life or friendship with a women (or man) for that matter from here on out. He has just f@$%*d that up big time.Did you guys see him. HE NOT ONLY SUCKED THE CRAP OFF, HE WAS ACTUALLY CHEWING ON THE CHUNKS OF PUS THAT WAS ON HIS THUMB. His face was filthy. He had huge blackheads, zits and craters all over his face. I am done rambling. I must go and give my eyes an acid bath to clean the filth off of them.

    • OMG I was actually doing ok reading the comments, THEN I came to yours, I honestly gagged and puked in my mouth!! You have such a way with words princesspustule! hahah that vid was the sickest i have ever seen!!!

  • @Inna & MsPuss – I have to agree with both of you. I’ve not found myself laughing out loud over video comments before like I have on this one!

    @HS – Dremel & drool – rotflmao!!! Even better than some of your video intros! 🙂

    @Dermoid – instant HOF indeed!

    This one is a true train wreck that you can’t help but slow down to look at…..

    • OMG, what if he eats all of his stuff that leaves his body?? He is a monster, I am serious. In my personal opinion, he has the potential to do horrible things to people. If I had my way, he would be removed from free living as I beleive him to be a threat to society. Seriously..

  • Ok, I need to be neuralized by one of those doo-hickies on Men In Black. I cannot BELIEVE this creature actually LICKED HIS FINGER!!!!!!! BARFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!

  • Finger licking aside and just from a popping stand point. My guess is dude has a ingrown hair, he was able to squeeze some pus out the little hole but now it’s clogged and needs to be opened more. He also looks to have a fine crop of blackheads ready to be harvested. But back to reality..I just watch the first part.

  • He was in the bathroom. We know that because he was screaming it at someone in the background. Why couldn’t he just turn on the faucet and wash his fingers off? I feel so dirty right now.

  • BEST VIDEO EVER! First, a farting cyst, then he gives it some sweet lovin’ and eats the squeezins. BTW, I agree with biglilsis: After watching it a second time, there are definitely several instances of taste-testing before we see the big chow down.

  • It’s a good thing I’m on heavy, heavy pain meds atm or I might actually vomit. Do you think the warnings on the side of a bleach bottle are just suggestions or would it be safe to bleach my eye**ZIT**? Hmmm maybe just poor bleach in one ear and let it drain through to the other side. After having watched this more than once to clarify, it does seem he has cleansed his fingers without use of water or cloth the entire video.

    going to vomit now

  • 1st: Agree with Inna, MsPuss & PillPusher – This is the funniest commentary in a long, long time.

    2nd: LMFAO @cobb482 – “That zit needs a Dr., so does the cyst” 🙂

    3rd: That thing was HUGE even after he milked it. Why, oh why, would you let something get that huge on your face? Oh, of course! Because you are making yummy milk to suck off your thumb!

    This is the first video that every made me cringe and my toes curl up. I was completely grossed out, but all the comments made it completely worth it!

  • What I find so funny is that we all watch gross pus and pimple videos and even WE are ready to barf! So how gross is this in actuality?? Would a non-pimple lover simply die of too much grossness?? EEEEWWWWWWWW!!!

  • I guess you have to taste one of those things to see if it’s ripe or not. Hell I don’t know. Zit Me On Fire. Guess my shrink will have to figure this one out.

  • Use a **ZIT** pair of pliers to apply pressure! There waits a truly angry hole to become Old Pussful. I’m sure that with enough pressure, he could have shot his load at 10 meters away.

    After the liquid, he must now squeeze out the chunks as well.

  • I bet we’ll be seeing this on the cable and satellite show–WEB SOUP…they show just these sorts of things in a feature called ….”THINGS YOU CAN’T UN-SEE!”

  • haha had to watch this one again its so disgusting how he licks his pus fingers then he write in the description part he wasn’t eating his stuff lmao well hmmm it sure looks like it from all are end lmao so gross and that pop sound was beautiful just like meg griffin when she pops her pimples lmao great find MsPuss smooches hugs and audie bear loves 🙂

  • He taste it just to find out what type of bacteria cause that huge boil on the smart face.
    So please don’t laughing… he studied microbiology.

    Do you read on YT how idiot justifies himself by writing in capital letters that he licked up the blood and not pus?

    OMG Maybe, somehow and hardly I could understand that he just slightly touched the top of his tongue, it might be somewhat ridiculous to funny… but he rolled his tongue around the entire finger, it came to me to contuse him with fist through the monitor. Fortunately I quickly realized that I do not have good enough sterile gloves nearby. 😉

  • there was a big spray.. a zoot.. and a big “Pow” @ 0:20

    i usually like to see the chunks fly (lol) but it was kool.

    (I been stuck on this site for about a month now, and jus signed up today : )

  • I can’t believe it. I had to rewind three times and still can’t believe it. I wonder if he was taste testing the whole time and we only saw the one. One time too many if ya ask me. Blech!!!!!

  • Okay…. First I was getting antsy about him not wiping the blood and gore with at least some TP.. then the lick! ACCCCCCCCKKKKK!!!! This is the first video I’ve ever had to shut off. I can handle oozing sores, maggots, globs of gooey ear wax… but licking off pus…..*faint*
    I have eaten breakfast many times with PTZ playing–first time ever I gagged on my coffee!

  • Not to condone it but there are enzymes in saliva that are solely for the purpose of healing, Most people will lick there fingers if they cut themselves as an automatic recoil response. There is speculation that the body’s first response to infection resistance is thru ingestion. There are many things that people consider as gross taboo but are done all thru the animal kingdom. For instance human’s are the only creature to not ingest the placenta after delivery, even though it has all the nutrients to jump start the mother’s milk production, I guess I am saying is sometimes it is just a weird natural response to a wound or an infection. Just my 2 cents

  • Loved the beginning, but I thought he was moving his mouth around because he had an abscess that was filtering out through the outside zit and he kept filling it up for our pleasure! But alas, that was not the case. He was salivating over his own body excrement, waiting to get another lick of the unique taste! EEEWWW!

  • ok, after first epic spray, cut the hole bigger!! How do u expect the chunkiness/sac that is so obviously in there to get out thru that tiny tiny hole!!?? gah!
    and as for tasting the contents….just GROSS!

  • The zit was so inflamed and big that I thought it was going to blow! But, alas, we were treated to the pus at the beginning of the video, and the surprise in the middle. All in all, it was a great video due to the surprise factor. You don’t see that everyday!

  • Ah yes, I remember this from years ago. Damn, that has to hurt! But still, this guy creates a mountain of edema on his jaw, and grosses us all out by licking his **ZIT**, **ZIT** finger! Why do I even watch this **ZIT**?

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