International Eye Chunks

If you are squeamish about eye videos you might want to look the other way. No pun intended.

Thanks to YouTube’s MrKjmoeen for Operasjon Chalazion posted on Feb 3 ’11

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  • I don’t know which is worse; being the patient & having pointy things & clamps messing with my eyeball, or being the doc & having that comatose eyeball staring back at you. Fascinating vid SD. Thanks.

  • Is it me, or did Dr. Diggy McS**ZIT**erton make that eyelid bleed more than they usually do?
    I don’t want to sound like a baby, but I’d take a good old incredibly painful abscess over a tiny eye thing any day.

  • I had several eye procedures done to correct exophthalmia (severe “bug-eye”). The hardest part was, when they came at you with a tool, you couldn’t close your eye to keep from seeing it! You couldn’t blink-it was killer!!

  • Okay I had to be recusitated(sp?) after seeing that huge (I guess not so huge when thinking in perspective, but too huge for my tastes) needle going right into that beautiful eye. I p**ZIT**ed into the afterlife once again (following the light of course) when all that blood that “Dr. S**ZIT**ey McS**ZIT**erton”, lol that is the best name ever, caused to flow all over the place. Bluhhhhh, and urp. Poor thing, I hope he/she doesn’t have to have this proceduer often. Anyone know if those are the kind of thing that once you’ve hd ’em, they keep coming back? AND what was he s**ZIT**ing at after he did the chalazion? ideas? anyone?

  • Hey SD, “look the other way” on an eye video is a very witty comment! Many people consider wit to be the highest form of humor, while puns are the lowest. I love any type of humor. And I think all of us on this sight like vitreous humor the best (yes, these awful puns are intentional). And eye love chalazion videos, too! 😉

  • Yikes..I’ve had 12 eye surgeries and just got told I need a 13th. I felt sick watching this. There’s a 3 part video of the procedure I’ve alread had done 3 times and am set for a fourth. It’s a lens replacement due to the disintegration of the ligaments holding my 2nd artificial lens in place. They will destroy the old lens with a “guillotine” and then perorm a vitrectomy and put the lens in the anteror region. Is that a video people would be interested in watching here? It’s gross and nauseating but no pus. Lots of fluid and scalpels into the centre of the eye. Let me know if you want to see it and I’ll post it.

  • @ zitfangirl
    I, for one, would absolutely love to see that! Maybe it’s just me, but I find the eye videos to be the most intriguing on this site, regardless of the small amount of puss in most cases. Call me crazy haha.

  • @Scarsdale_Vibe, Oh dear, I’m sorry the vid bothered you. You have a chalazion? That has to really suck. I’m sure you feel like there’s something in there all the time but you can’t relieve that irritation. It would drive me completely batty! When I had lasic they had me focus my stare on something and it really helped. Good luck to you.
    @the infected, Dr. Diggy McS**ZIT**erton. That’s great!

  • The music made me think of old variety shows and people dancing the waltz in Bob Fosse style with a lot of “jazz hands” going on, lol. Made me want a Bourbon on the rocks and a cigarette.

  • eyes are scary. makes me squirm a bit, just wouldn’t want one of those to happen to me. looks so invasive and needs treatment by a doc. no self help for a chalazion.

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