Mighty Chunky Cow Pus Fountain

Credit to Dripper for posting this the other day in the SB – Thanks!!!

*****WARNING! OK, if you somehow missed or did not understand the **ZIT**le, this video is solely about cow pus. Lots of it. Gushing, chunky, arcing like a fountain, going for the distance, C-o-w P-u-s. Some like, some don’t. I don’t have anywhere near the funds or connections to send a whole army of PTZ T-shirt thugs out to each of the member’s houses in order to twist your arm until you watch it. Well, I also abhor violence! I believe in free will, so I am **ZIT**uming here you shall practice your free will in making the decision best for you – watch it, or don’t. But if you do, please don’t blast it in the comments. Remember that you had fair warning… unless somehow your finger got glued to the mouse and you accidentally hit play… if so, sorry!! lol END WARNING****

Wow is this lancing of a cow’s abscess simply fantastic! We’ve seen the high pressure gushing before – but never with so much noticeable “chunkiness” to it!!!! Even when it settles down to a steady river running down the leg, you can still see the juicy bits flowing along. Yeah, its that good!

Enjoy, and again, thanks Dripper!

~ H.S.
“I live in my own world ~ but its okay, they know me here”

Lancing the Cow.flv” originally filmed and posted to YouTube by naitt33whs on January 30, 2011

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  • @tattoo2u – Nope not that leg, luckily for that cow! McDonald’s “beef” comes from the huge CAFO’s – and believe me – they would never even bother to lance an abscess, or remove the cow from the factory line. I’ll end the details there. Gross truth – yeah, I just watched the do**ZIT**entary “Food, Inc.” again. 😉

    ~ H.S.

  • “You feeling better baby?” Hell yeah, she says. What a beauty of a dairy cow. They seemed to be genuinely caring about the cow too. “She’s got medicine in her” and I appreciated the cleanliness of the straw. All around, it seemed a cl**ZIT** act. One to watch with the sound ON! The wet farting noise was just fab.

  • HS- great video as usual!!! as for the inbred-jed filming in the background: his “that is so gross” mantra has got to go…. I’d have to kill him if he hung out with me and my buddies!!! hahahaha

  • That one definitely was chunkalicious- It was snowing pus! You should have seen my face when I finally figured out that the squelchy sound was coming from the pus-ridden abscessed leg…but I was left wanting more- I wanted to watch the squeezing he promised- part 2! Part 2! Pretty please…

  • lpcatz, yeah…What a pretty face, huh?? A Holstein, very BIG cow with lots of milk vol. Now I hve to decide weather I like ribeyes better? Hmm, hard decision!

  • @thedude – I think that is a 1st in PTZ history! Someone actually wishing the camera had spun around to film someone who was not spewing pus!!! (And for the record, I do agree!) lol

    ~ H.S.

  • Thank you Dripper for letting Halph find this in the SB. I wonder how long that would have continued to drain on it’s own. They need to make another incision down lower since pus can’t defy gravity.
    Thanks Halph for noticing this in and bringing it on!

  • She was such a sweetheart. Her little face, so placid and resigned. I just wanted to be there so I could pet her, and, you know, see it first hand and maybe help with the pushing…

  • @lpcatz: Um……….McDonalds buys their cows from the stockyard where the sick dairy cows go. If the cow can make it off of the trailer delivering it, it will become someone’s big mac regardless of how diseased and infected it is. Great video though. Five stars!!!!!!

  • Thought it odd she was lying down; most of them only do this on a hot day under a shade tree; farmer Joe was clean; barn was too, nd so was the cow….not covered in the rear in cow do-do….

  • did you see the cows expression when they turned the camera on him or her it gave them the look like its your fault it got this bad…..poor cow but cool footage it amazes me how the owner waits so long to make it get that big to call the vet….and oreaos sound good right now but i think im gunna skip the milk lol

  • what a good girl! Pretty girl too!

    People asked the question about why vets (and people directed by their vets) make the incision above the lowest point and I wish I had that answer for people (I’m a nurse who has owned horses and dogs as soon as I could hide the fact from my parents and worked on farms as much as I could)

    I was discussing that the other day with my friend when I had a Haflinger with a wonderful loculated (different areas of pus within the same structure) abscess on her ‘shin’. (Sadly for us here, but luckily for us trying to get her sold, my poltice wrap and her immune system turned it around beautifully).

    Next time I see the vet, I’ll ask!!!

  • Chunky ,chunky, pus,pus. I love pus any way I can get it. She was a beautiful milking cow. I am glad that they were taking such good and clean care of her.Thanks for the post H.S.

  • she looked comfy, sounded releved althiugh such a small lance creates an extended drainage. i’m sure she’s glad the vanilla and strawberry shake is on it’s way now…

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