Splat! 1 & 11

Yes I know we missed the first shot! Why do so many people start these things without thinking of us first? It’s OK because the second, and filmed shot, looks almost as good as the first.

Part one…

Part two…

“Cyst” posted to YouTube by none other than “KingRichard16” on Thursday, February 10, 2011

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  • WELLL, I DUNNO HERE….. It seems that Federico and Fellini here di at least get a coupla splotches on the mirror in the video, but frankly that camera angle didn’t catch much. If only the camera guy could have hel the **ZIT**ed thing ON the neck instead of jerking all around the mirror, first her and then there and then back again… ad infinitum ad nauseam.
    Still, though they did get those two BIG blots of pu**ZIT**ting the mirror, and that’s GOTTA count. 4 Stars!

  • Why the does popper keep on telling the camera man to be quiet? Is this some sort of secret zit popping session due to zit popping being banned in that household? I need answers! Props to the dude for not giving up on that thing and giving us some decent squirts…A better camera angle could’ve made this a whole lot better.

  • i never saw anything come out of the **ZIT**p, credit to him for squeezing like crazy, however the two of them kept giggling like little girls. the poor camera person was all over the place.

  • I love how they are trying NOT to talk, as if that will some how identifiy them more than thier faces plastered all over Youtube will.

    That thing still had some stink in it. Wonder if we will be treated to a part three.

  • Hey guys, yes we are twins and we tried to keep quiet because it was around 3 am and we were making tons of noise lol. I was the one holding the camera, it was my first video so I’m just now gettin used to it. If there is a next one it will be straight and less jerky. Oh and we were laughing because I have never seen something like this before, and I found it hilarious. Sorry I couldn’t make the first 2 pops, my bro has had that thing for 2 years and it never popped, so he didn’t know. Some of the pops were like a shooting little line of puss that the camera is unable to catch, but you can tell by our reactions what happened.

  • I think it was because they were up late at night and didn’t want to wake their parents or something….naughty school boys lol. I knew something was wrong with this…it doesn’t look all that real if the camera is not focused on the cyst! I almost didn’t post it!!! You guys are right as usual…it could have been epic!

  • I have to be honest….I saw a lot of splatter and mess all over that bathroom, but I didn’t catch any pus shots at all….I even watched it full screen and didn’t see one pus shot! Maybe it was just me….

  • My thoughts are a sm. incision would serve him better, and not such a mess to clean. I always think about the clean up, after mirror shots..Takes something away. Yes?

  • why, oh WHY didn’t he get two hands on that sucker?!? I managed to see the pu**ZIT** the mirror each time, but only by keeping my eyes on the mirror instead of the cyst! I bet it would have been glorious had he gotten two hands on it…I was screaming at my laptop screen- “NO! Let me do it!!”

  • Oh my **ZIT**, I am so sick of this “norm” character calling any guy who acts like something hurts by yelping a bit, or giggling because the pus all over the mirror is funny “girls”. This is the 2nd time I’ve seen this, and it’s disturbing to see someone so entombed in the dark ages.
    Give it a rest “norm”, your comments are beliitteling to the people that make videos that we love, and chauvanistic to a degree that makes me naseous. Are we just ignoring the troll-ism of his comments, hoping it will leave, or are none of you other women offended by these **ZIT**ist remarks?
    I’d like to see you, “norm”, push a watermelon out of a lemon sized hole, w/o pain meds and then and only then, would you have any right whatsoever to call these boys “girls”. Good luck with that, and film it for us if you get it right.
    It’s a cool video, thanks for posting both parts. I think the guys are probably up late, and trying not to wake family while filming their little pus fest, that’s why they are “shhhshing” one another.

  • Very entertaining with all the shushing and **ZIT**led giggles. I thought it was pretty funny too, just because of how they acted. I’m looking forward to seeing more from these two.
    Did anybody else turn their laptop on it’s side to avoid neck spasms?

  • for those that insist they could see nothing, how about focusing only on the mirror rather than the guy squeezing. you will see quite a bit of gunk splotching all over.

    as for “norm” he’s just a buzzkill, ignore him.

  • @chrisa I agree that’s how I watched it…also on several of the shots you can here the sound which is cool when it hits the mirror.

    The kid had this for 2 years and decided to see what would happen if he gave it a squeeze. That was the first shot we missed and he was alone. He called his brother to come film the last.

    I like these kids and I think that they did a great job…I am however a little disappointed for it to have received such a low rating for them. Its much better than that.

  • You ever wonder what parents think when their teenage son locks himself in the bathroom with his buddy, and they’re being a little too quiet, giggling occasionally, and shushing each other. Mom and Dad must be wondering what they’re doing in there. “Drugs?” “Porn?” “Gay?” Would they be relieved or even more worried if they found out they’re making a zit video?

  • The rating’s for the camera work. If he’d stuck with a closeup of the zit itself, it would’ve been 5 stars from me. All the movement and all the sploosh already on the mirror made it hard to see the squirts. I still give them 3 stars for a solid effort and a quality zit.

  • I personally love the giggling. I was giggling myself as their laughter was contagious. Twins and cutie pie ones at that! Sweetie pie you tell your brother if he has any more of those to give it a nice little incision and squeeze with both hands and he’ll totally make our day here. Oh yah… hugs and kisses for not waking the entire family!

  • They were mosdef in some kind of sport’s tournament!
    Both have the same “Reebok” hood on.(like a team thing)

    Nice vid anyway,thanks for posting.

    P.S: 10/10 for the effort

  • Oh that was funny! thankx guys, good job for a first attempt. We shall look forward to more and better filming in future. lol Next time try that pop at a reasonable hour and you won’t have to sssshhhh each other lol and maybe we’ll get the whole effect! Oh and clean the mirror between squirts if not focused on the zit itself, makes for more effect. I highly recommend you watch some of the videos in the top 10 lists, give you a good idea of what gets rated well and what doesn’t. An incision in something that big allows you to get all of the gunk out and often the sac as well. As you will discover, removing the sac is crucial if you want it not to return. tee hee not removing it is just fine with us. oh and Norm … go suck an egg, we “girls” are a lot tougher than you are and we can take ya … just let me at im! What was that hubbs? Oh 🙁 ok ..sigh, I’m not allowed to hurt em he says sigh … so not fair! I was looking forward to injuries and pus… **ZIT** man. Doesn’t he understand this addiction? 4.5 outta 5 fr me 🙂

  • I’m getting such a kick out of the video AND the responses! (as I usually do) I love these guys and would be proud to have them in my family! Great job, fellas, and I’m putting you in my favs!

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