Cystic Acne Guy Sharing a Neck Squeeze

We used to have two amazing videos of this guy, but we’re down one due to yappy-happy YouTube and their “shocking and disgusting” remove **ZIT**on. I wonder if its a big, red, candy apple colored **ZIT**on that the YT “Video Police” just loooove to push?

Jim Bob YouTube Employee #43098768: “Oh YES! A flag! What?!? Someone thinks a video is shocking? AND disgusting? Duh Da Da! To the rescue!

(hits a **ZIT**on and all the whistles and swirling red lights come on – then he stands on his chair)

J.B.Y.T.E.: “Sir! I’ve got another one! All locked and loaded in the targeting system, Sir! Permission to press the Big, Red, Candy Apple Colored Button and delet video, Sir?

(Booming voice comes from nowhere and everywhere all at once)


(J.B.Y.T.E. jumps down from chair, exits his cubicle, hamster mazes his way to the center aisle and runs as fast as can straight toward the **ZIT**on, skidding to a halt inches away. The **ZIT**on is twice as tall as he is in diameter…)

J.B.Y.T.E.: “Sir! Pushing **ZIT**on now, Sir!


(J.B.Y.T.E. reaches out, with his forefinger pointed out, the rest of his fingers curled so tightly into his hands his nails almost break skin. Tongue sticking out from the corner of his mouth, he is concentrating so hard sweat beads upon his forehead… at the last millisecond…)

J.B.Y.T.E.: “Oh what the **ZIT**, why not?”

(J.B.Y.T.E. *head **ZIT**s* the **ZIT**on as HARD as he can, then p**ZIT**es out on the floor, a huge, BLEEP-eating-grin on his face)

B.V.: “VIDEO…REMOVEDDDdddd..d….d….d

(fading until the last echo of the dies away from human hearing)

Hey, do *you* work at YouTube? It could happen! PPPbbbbttthpt! LMAO! Enjoy the video folks, for as long as YouTube lets us!! And thanks to mikal1101 for sharing his cystic acne adventures with us – it takes a lot to put that out to for the whole world to see, so two thumbs up and a big toe!

~ H.S.

PS: Due to the yellow wash color – it is harder to distinquish the **ZIT** pus from straight blood – but believe me – it is all pustulant! 🙂

Another on my neck” originally created and posted to YouTube by mikal1101 on March 27, 2011

Here’s the Other Video I mentioned: “Cystic Nodular Acne

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  • love it! Sounds like the guy is used to the regular trolls who don’t have anything better to do than criticize him. Too bad he doesn’t just post exclusively to us. We’d be kind to him, wouldn’t we? HS….your write ups are priceless as usual!

  • H.S. you are so creative and you have really been on a roll as of late, thank you for all you do. I remember this guy, I emailed him last time to see how he was doing, That is just so awesome,thanks again for sharing, Can we beg for more, I would love to help this guy, just let me at him lol

    • Welcome to the PTZ Dating Service… lol. No real relationship required beyond just letting us pop your zits, cyst, blackheads, whiteheads, comedones, heck – we’ll even sand down your cutaneous horn!


      ~ H.S.

  • Halphie- this one is your best intro yet, I think….I’ve been wondering about the YT Deleters….now I have a hysterical mental picture next time I get the “Violated Terms of Service” notice!!
    Honestly….is there a way to contact these fabulous pus-posters and tell them “PLEASE! BEFORE THEY FLAG YA! Get this on PTZ where you, and your pus, will live on…..FOREVAH!!!!!!!!!!”

  • That was a hysterical intro! I’m literally snickering over here – trying to keep it down so I don’t wake the house. Which is making it worse, of course. Too funny!

  • Geesh that brought back memories, bad ones. Sigh cystic acne is horrible and in spite of the many bad effects of accutane, I have to admit I was grateful for it the few times I had to use it that it worked. I’d had years of horrible cycts mostly on the face and I tell you … I can relate. They hurt like a **ZIT** and are a zit to get rid of because they won’t pop til they are darn good and ready. Most doctors don’t have a clue how to treat it and you spend years taking antibiotics that do nothing but ruin your stomach and make you allergic to all sorts of things. Sigh … I do hope he decides to post here where we will not make fun of him and where we shall enjoy the ooey gooeys without censure. Really this site is amazing. To one who went through it …where the **ZIT** were you 30 yrs ago? lol

  • HALPH STAPH , thank you for the laughs. I hope you’ll consider writing professionally if you don’t already. Short stories, novels, newspaper columns, memoirs! How about a screenplay! Think about it! You are really talented, in my humble opinion. Humorous women writers are always needed by society. We always need more.

  • Ok this video gets 5 stars from me 1, because he filmed this himself backwards with 1 hand while looking in a mirror, and I didn’t get vertigo while watching it! 2, because he squeesed his cyst himself, with 1 hand, while looking in a mirror, and while filming himself doing it with the other, 3, for no squeeling, 4, for great pus action and 5, cause you know there is gonna be a squeezequell!

    Halph, thank you for bringing us PTZ members the best material! Your dedication to this site is so appreciated, obviously looking at the above comments not just by me.
    To all who bring regular material here, PPM, Dripper, Emil, Big Tull, to name a few, thank you for sometimes being the bright spot at the end of my day sometimes.

  • This guy needs to find himself a PTZ girlfriend… or boyfriend, I don’t judge. He needs someone to help him with the hard to reach areas, to bring him hot compresses and moist towelettes, to gently m**ZIT**age the trouble areas to improve blood flow and break up chunks. Above all he needs someone who, after ministering to the demands of the zit, will only love him more.

  • god its times like this i wish i was there to help out oh one day one day a friend or family member of mine with have a huge gold mine for me to pop at i hope and pray is that wrong for me to say? lmao haha great post Halph Staph smooches hugs and audie bear loves 🙂

  • This guy does awesome camera work for being by himself w/ no help, using the double mirror technique and being able to stay still, let alone single handedly squeezing and popping that cystic acne which is in a tender spot to begin with! Great job popper, great find HS!

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