My lump that I told you about

So basically. this is the mystery lump. First pic is taken the same day I saw it, the second one I took today.

Anyone know what it might be? It’s not deep or anything it’s just in a stretchmark, just a little dent on the skin.

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  • the second picture looks worse…I work in the medical field, and am going to school and the it resembles the beginning stages of MRSA to me.

    Have you tried popping it? is it hard? can you move it around?

  • if you google stretchmarks, I am pretty sure there’s a common “**ZIT**by thingy” that people occasionally get in them. I only know this because my sister and I were lucky enough to have gotten stretch marks from pregnancy. She told me when I showed her something similar in one of mine, what the name of it was, but it escapes me now. Google stretch mark complications, or something like that. I will text my sis and see if she remembers the name of it. Mine hung out for a week or 2 then just went down. I hope that’s the case for you. Check back in a couple of hours, I may have a name for you to look up. Mornings are crazy for my sister’s and I as we all have young school age children, so give me an hour or two. Good luck, and I wouldn’t pick at it, leave it for now, K?

    • Okay, this is what me and sis (Steph) have come up with…have you recently been pregnant or are you now pregnant? There is a thing **ZIT**osciated with pregnancy and post preg. called “PUPPS” or pruitic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy. They look and sound like what you have, but are most offen found during pregnancy or soon thereafter. Does it itch? If so, I would consider looking more into this, as maybe it isn’t just a pg thing, as we are looking on a pg msg board, as both of us forgot the name of it. Good luck, hope it helps! ~Inna

  • I’m not sure what it is and hope it’s nothing serious; but, if it were on me, being the obsessive/compulsive squeezer that I am, I would HAVE to squeeze it. If you do squeeze it, please be a sport and film so we can watch.

  • Your first guess was right. The medical term for these are “Mystery Bumps”. I had one, and when I popped it. candy came out. I think all different kinds of prizes can come out of them. giving the name Mystery Bump.
    Or, like Innaffitoften said. It could be puppies ! if it is, can I have one?

  • be careful, my dear, it might be staph; so, if you pop – get out the Betadine, alcohol etc…afterwards, don’t touch a thing until you wash those fingers and your hurtie!

    • NO! Don’t ask the doctor, it would take the mystery out of it. Let the surgeon wanna’be’s keep guessing. Actually, some of the answers are quite interesting. Also, some of the posters are sharing deep dark personal secrets about themselves. You just can’t buy ‘honesty’ like that. So, all you fem types keep sharing. This is truth telling at it’s best!!! A special thanks goes out to Cystophilia for putting herself out there and showing she has great confidence in the PTZ family. Gotta’ go and find something to pinch, pop, mash, gouge, etc. I’m beginning to tear up!

  • I get those occasionally. I’m also an obsessive squeezer, but these aren’t something to really squeeze. First off these “mystery **ZIT**ps” pop up under lots of layers of skin, and it hurts really bad to pop, and leave a huge bruise if you do. Plus it’s not really satisfying..

    • You are so right watcher…I pop anything that shows up on my body and these might just be a **ZIT**p!!! lol the second pic looks like it has been popped a little..yes?

  • It’s just about impossible to tell what it is just by looking at these pictures. Magna is right– if you do squeeze it be extremely careful and follow her advice. I hope it goes away quickly.

  • I AM tearing up……Ive found my family !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just love you guys… 🙂 Plus I learn something new every day, and the ultimate gift of videos of pus that just keeps giving and giving….yay

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