Expert Pimple Popping in progress…

And i’m back with another video of popping zits.

This time it’s a long video, but i found it most interesting video ever.
This woman is professional with removing zits.
And the lady who get the treatment has a lot of them.

Info from youtube: After having popped hundreds of thousands of pimples, Naomi Fenlin is a bonafide acne killing expert. Check out this video to see her tried & true technique; the Isolaz acne laser coupled with manual extractions provides a double punch that no pimple can withstand. Instead of taking weeks or months to resolve naturally, these blackheads and pimples have been eradicated in 5 minutes.

Enjoy the video and keep popping, people!

“Expert Pimple Popping in progress…” posted to YT by cosmoskincare on Apr 14, 2011

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  • Wow….Seems like a little tedious to me just to pop a few very minor, minor pimples. I’m sure you could get these same results at home using that exact tool or even just the good ol’ fashion way with your fingers and some antiseptic.

  • I could watch these extraction vids all day. Great doctor! Very brave patient. We all know the sensitivity of some areas, in this case, the upper lip. Tks again young lady.
    Bravo Zulu to Efteling!!!

  • these patients must have more money than sense! what happened to a hot cloth to open the pores and a squeeze it wouldn’t hurt half as much as using those hooks.

    • seriously, what the **ZIT**? The lady was just making stuff up as she went along. In the process of removing that TINY pimple, she destroyed the surrounding skin. She made it look like brain surgery.

  • Naomi Fenlin gets to pop zits and blackheads, AND gets paid to do it? Why, oh, why didn’t the guidance counselor at school inform me of this choice for a career path?

  • I don’t agree with the popper’s statement that one cannot do this by oneself at home. She had that silly pumping/light tool that I couldn’t see had any effect on the zits. And the loop tool is available everywhere. Still, an appropriate and nice video for here!

  • I can’t believe I spent nearly a quarter of an hour listening to this woman spew forth what was essentially spurious nonsense.

    I can’t even remember half of the clap trap she put forward it certainly didn’t have it’s roots in medical science.

    It’s amazing what you can get away with wearing a white coat and a name tag toting a contraption which for all the world could have been a hand held bug Zapper. with your Honours Degree in Bovine Effluence From the University Wanapeepee hangin on the wall Anyways Naomi Fenlin(I bet that’s not even her real name) This is the PMG from the bust your **ZIT** for a living in the real world checking out .. If you have anymore Questions Don’t call me. nuff said!

    • I cannot agree more, PMG! I watched the first video posted showing her and “the super mega elite don’t do diddly but make a wind sucking sound and emits a green light.” If it really worked – she wouldn’t have to m**ZIT**acre the patient’s face!! I have *never* seen someone press that hard or that many times on the same blemish. And who ever taught people that popping was supposed to hurt?!? That sounds similar to the idiotic adage “No Pain No Gain!” I can only watch her videos on mute, and even that has me squirming in my seat, wanting to leap into the video and actually do it right.

      Sorry, had to vent. Huff puff puff. I’m (phew) okay now. Oh well, to each their own I guess. I just pray i never have to be in the same room as her after I graduate the esthetics training program. πŸ™‚

      ~ H.S.

      • Jeez imagine if she was the training provider for your course That’d be like aural Valium your head would be hitting the table within twenty minutesAgggh!!!!

  • I was so excited by the idea of a long extraction vid… and so let down. I have the Tweezerman version of that metal tool, and it hurt my little popologist heart to see her misuse it that way.

    The patient’s skin between her mouth and chin must be tougher than mine. If I pushed down on my skin that hard (given the indent the popper left), there’d be a trail of skin attached to the tool. Or at least plasma on my face.

    The round metal side is for white heads. You’re supposed to place it over the white head then *gently* slide it up against the wall and pull until the white head’s surface tension’s breaks. That means no blood, and no dents in the patience’s face! The flat side is meant for pressing down around blackheads and the odd *ripe* pimple. That should be used with enough force to leave sizable dents either.

    I swear, this popper should just invest in a upholstery needle and just run it over people’s faces.

  • @pussmeister General I agree!

    $500 PER TREATMENT! 4 TO 6 treatments? Monthly follow ups?
    And, just what does the “Laser” do?
    This is right up there with the Electric Energy Belts sold in the 1800’s.
    Medical Quackery
    From a web site….**ZIT**ets/File/ABC_Miami.html

    If that “Lady” was a doctor, then the tooth fairy is a dentist!

    Build your own for about $25 (less the usless laser)

    • Oh, by the way, according to the “Safety” tab on the Renyolds site….
      “Do not use Vacuum Sealer on body of humans or animals.”
      I **ZIT**ume they mean living “humans or animals” even though they don’t say for sure.
      I have a similar warning on my Sears ShopVac though…

    • No, you most definitively were not the only one. I wanted the woman lying in the torture chair to jump up, turn around, give her a good raspberry then walk out the door.

      Am I too nice?

      ~ H.S.

      • No, yer awesome (high fives)!

        This is random but… I’ve been thinking lately how utterly hilarious it would be if we POPPERS got together and had a party, and got a whole bunch of zitty and cyst-y people to come(they’re all up for it, in my fantasy world). Someone would be cameraman, we’d be fully equipped with supplies (a glove for EACH hand!), great lighting, flawless technique. The hardest part would be sharing!

        Sigh. A girl can dream.

  • I noticed that the “patient” was wearing what looked like a scrub top. That makes me think that she probably works in this woman’s office and was volunteered for this procedure. Do you really think a paying customer would sit there calmly while her “very dark skin tone” was mentioned over and over? First of all she is in the medium range of skin tones for people of African descent, not at the dark end of the range so I don’t think referring to her as a “very dark skinned” person is even accurate. Secondly, I’d be willing to be just about everything I own that all of us on this site are better at squeezing pimples than this “professional.” I got my extraction tool at good old Walmart for about $6 and it works just fine.

  • This woman didn’t need an extraction tool – none of those pimples were ready to be popped! The client probably could have gotten away with a few Biores strips and some apricot scrub!

  • I love everyone that submits videos to this site. Thank you Efteling

    That said…..

    This video stinks to high heaven!
    But, the comments it triggered are priceless and the best part of the whole file.
    In our heart of hearts we all want to be that popper lady! Not because of this poor lady in the chair, but because some day a real squirter will be in that chair and we want to be at the other end of that extractor tool.
    Who among wouldn’t pay to be her on that day?

  • “You’re not going to want to do this on a Sa**ZIT**ay night for kicks.” What a charlatan. Just shows how someone with a good line of BS can still make money even in these recessionary times.

    It still is true, that there’s a sucker born every minute.

  • “after having popped hundreds of thousands of pimples” and being paid for it? oh… dear…. **ZIT** I am sooooo jealous! This woman isn’t a doctor, she’s just a secret zit popping fanatic (ah, yes, aren’t we all) that found her dream job! And what a job it is, folks! Where can I find employment like this?

  • “by a professional”. Really? I saw her videos on Youtube and wanted to slap her. It’s a really expensive way to pop pimples. For some reason I really doubt she has any medical related degrees. Any person who had acne / pimples growing up, and popped them could do this lady’s job.

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