Sir Lanced-alot At The Doctor

YAY! I’ve only seen the beginning of this one, and there’s only 1 previous viewer! I can tell, though, that it’s great already! I believe it looks like it’s on the back of some fellow’s shoulder. I’m praying for some giants piles of back goo – but I will sure as heck take whatever plops out! Enjoy!

– mookzmom, MVM
Graduate, Masters Program
PTZ School of Popology & Video Mining

Thanks to JPDuett for the video! (Uploaded to YouTube, May 1, 2011)

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  • Why do the brown gloves freak me out? Actually any of the non-white (normal) gloves give me the heebies – don’t know why! Good pus action, though! Don’t know that I would recommend the back scrubber brush in an effort to eliminate the spread of germs unless you are sterilizing it between uses. Also good to see that the procedure table seemed to have its wheels safely locked at the end there!

  • Oh, mookz, that giant pile at the end was sooooo satisfying! Thanks for this post, what a biggin’!

    But I have to ask, am I the only one who wishes we could make a poppologist’s arrest for Hyper Wiperism? 🙂

    • It was an awesome find. Unfortunately, the squeezers’ hands were in the way on a lot of it, and I agree that she certainly did have a case of hyper wiperism. It was still awesome though!!

    • I may be wrong, but I heard the doctor/nurse comment about using the Hibiclense to clean all of the staff off of the skin. I would imagine her ‘hyperwiping’ was to keep as much of the pus off of his skin as she could.

      • I should have known that after my 30 plus years of working for physicians. I used to love when a patient came in to have a “pimple” or “cyst”, etc. drained and I got to **ZIT**ist the doc. Only problem was, whenever the procedure was finished, we had to wait at least an hour afterwards to use the room again because of the smell!!!!

    • I’ve never seen such hyper-wiperism in a doctor. Along with that, the doctor was only willing to expel a tiny bit at a time. What fun is that, man. Let it fly!

  • Interesting how the video ended just as the pus started to get nice and firm. I’m longing for what could have been–this is the same type of pus in “THE BEST BACK ZIT” video. Good find.

    • Yea, at the end she said you really don’t want to see this, then she aimed the camera down.
      It was still good.
      She said the core came out, but it looked small and there was a lot after that. That doesn’t seem right.
      I can’t believe I’m **ZIT**yzing a cyst being popped.

  • OK in an abscess like this could someone define core to me please! Its like when people say they get the core out of a Sebac. I can see there being a congealed pus plug at the opening….confused…lol
    Was Dr. Hyperwiper was being paid by the minute? What did come out however was oh so sweet! Nice find!

    • Take this with a grain of salt.
      I’ve only been following this stuff maybe 6 months.
      A cyst is in a sack or bubble. That’s what keeps the puss from just going everywhere.
      It get’s popped, the puss comes out, but it’s still attached to something, whatever was feeding it.
      Sometimes they break loose real easy, and sometimes they have to be cut out.
      Apparently if you don’t remove it, it will fill up again.
      What I don’t know is of all the stuff that has puss which ones have a sack. I know the cyst does, but I don’t know about anything else.

      • Yes a cyst is held in a sac but does not have a core. Just cheesy deliciousness. And you are certainly right about getting all the sac out.
        An apple has a core so that would mean a center right? Does a abscess have a center and therefore a core? Its like a thing that drives me crazy uhh.. crazier lol. Do they learn the word “core” at abscess school?

  • omg. little squeeze. wipe wipe wipe. walka way, open stuck drawer or something. come back. little squeee. wipe wipe wipe. walk away……..repeat repeat repeat. GOT ON MY RESERVE NERVE

  • Good payload and beautiful abscess/cyst. Too bad she quit just as things were getting nice & cheesy. One good, long, sustained squeeze woulda turned this good vid into a hall of fame candidate. Fabulous find mookzmom. You should be awarded a doctorate in popology and be called Dr. Mookzmom,

  • OMG! WTF! Take this Dr’s(?) sheepskin away! Hyper wiperism at it’s worst! This has to be the top of furstrating video’s I have seen at this site! A potential great infection is waisted by ignorance! She prolongs this guy’s pain and probably never allows him to feel the ah ha moment when the pain is gone from having ALL of the infection removed by giving it a few good, hard and prolonged squeezes!! Ok, I feel better…but you have to admit this is one frustrating video. They ought to make this website a pre-requisite for Med school for potential surgeons!!

  • I wish she would get UNDER it and pop it out!!!!!!! I think she’s going to think it’s done and let a lot of junk in there!!!! Loved the vid!!!! Thanks!!!

  • If I would get ahold of one of these I would grab it from underneath and give it a wringing twist and watch it fly!!!! (I’m showing my sickness here, I know)

    • I have this vision of me standing behind you with my arms wrapped around your waist, much like a back brace as you do so giving you much needed body mechanics support as you Twistttttttttttttt…

  • Wrong camera angle. needed to get get perpendicular to the squeezing. Whenever i see the drapes I know we’re gonna have a wiper. Still lots of good goo and a nice chunk. Yep not done, sac still inside…why did she stop????

  • She’s watching all the goo with no problem but let the cheeze come out and she looses her nerve! Choose your cameraperson wisely!
    Good find MM!!!

  • Good find, however the doctor/popper annoyed the CRAP out of me. Lets cover it with gauze and block it with the hands so no one can see the early stuff, THEN make it where you can see at the last 1/3 of the video.

  • Fantastic find MZM! Your preambles are getting quite hysterical, sometimes I enjoy them more than the videos. Can I come to the grad ceremony for your Phd?

  • Quick!!! Somebody call the Hyper -wiper – Sniper together we can rid the planet of these pus -fussy, Cheese – Queazy wipe-a-holics…….

  • IT COULDA BEEN A CONTENDER! wipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipewipe……

  • Well Just for the record I thought you’d all like to know that I myself could have made a video of spitting coffee out of my nose and all over my keyboard and monitor reading the last few comments here.

    Pussmeister, pickypicky and comedoness…Good ones! I will forever be smelling Vanilla caramel coffee creamer today though. Thanks a lot. 😉

  • This makes me want to open a Free Clinic for Cysts/Abscesses and Boils!!!! I missed my calling, I know………….. I am jealous and sad that I did not get to do this one.

  • the wife thinks it’s over right when they are just beginning to get some pus out…I wish the Dr. would have just pressed down for a long time instead of those wimpy pushes and wipes…

  • First of all, thanks for the vid, M-Mom!!
    As for the infamous doc; don’t know if she was a doc-nurse prac., or pa. Anyway you look at it she sucked. Looks like one of those doc’s who schedules 25 patients but can only manage to see ten because she’s so god-awful slow!! I used to hate working with those doc’s- you’re ALWAYS working behind the 8-ball and the patients/family are **ZIT**ed at you…. of course they don’t say squat to the doc!!!! Also, no wonder the costs of med-care are so high: she must’ve used a CASE of 4×4’s when 1 or 2 pkg’s. would’ve been enough!!! Finally, doubt she got it all out- including the sac! Brake-up the loculations and SQUEEZE the **ZIT** thing already!!!! hahahaha

  • I viewing another vid some months ago, we were annoyed that the doc didn’t use enough gauze pads. We take that back….this doc was a nervous nellie and should have vbrought a pile od pads to the table. It could have been a 10! Great find. (Use the gauze pad ’til it can’t hold no more!)

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