Way Awesome Pilonidal Cyst Surgery!

The best part, not to spoil it, is that they show the dissection of the offending flesh that has been removed!!!! Yeah!

~ H.S.

“Enfermedad Pilonidal.wmv” Uploaded to YouTube by Coloproctologiamx on Jun 1, 2011

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    • Well, I can only speak for myself, but afterward I felt horrible. Granted, after about four or five days I was feeling much better; but that period of time was brutal. I couldn’t sit, lying down was painful (but doable so long as I didn’t move)…mostly I stood and leaned against walls. I didn’t feel any release when they lanced it (I had a local so I wasn’t feeling much at all just that moment), and when the local wore off it was mostly just pain.

  • Fascinating. That thing was the size of a walnut. He had to feel better after the extraction. They sure carved his backside wide open didn’t they? Cool video HS.

  • I’ve been dying to see one of these things opened up…at last! I thought there would be more gunk and hair in it, though- I had the idea it was kinda like a dermoid, but obviously not. The way they were playing with it made me think it was saying “Feed me, Seymour!”

  • I have had this surgery done and let me tell you, I almost wish I hadn’t. First of all it
    took **ZIT** near a full year to fully seal shut [the surgery] created more problems than it solved (such as this tiny spot that healed wrong that tears regularly that they can do nothing about). I am still in excruciating pain & have a standing prescription for a narcotic skin cream that has to be rubbed on by my wife 3-4 times a day [she has to wear gloves or her fingers go numb for hours]
    and to top all that off, I have this thing/growth/whotheFknows growing from one side of the incision that we call my “Butt Nipple” it is a 1+” callous looking growth that the dermatologist said ‘don’t worry about it’ that started forming when the surgery site was healing.
    Unfortunately I don’t have surgery video, the VA doesn’t allow cameras in the OR, [I did ask with PTZ in mind :D] but if you guys want to see the scar & the “Thing” I can post a pic or 2.

  • These are the WORST kind of cyst.No personal experience,but I heard so many “bad stuff” abt it!
    The post-op seem to be more painful than before it(another kind of pain).

    And if you’re single…its a daily trip to the hospital,or…you can always move back with your parents.
    Plus,the post-op treatments seem soooo humiliating.Some ppl that went trough the op,posted their daily routine on youtube.Kudos to them 😉

    I wonder why(even tho I respect their opinion)some ppl could say that these cyst are their favorite!!!I dont understand!They are not fun to watch,you know that they’re painful +++++ for those who get it,plus,these ppl are cicatrized(scar) for life.

    I hope,seriously,that I will never have to deal with such a thing(among others).Give me 10 beautiful cyst on my arm,that I can deal with on my own and I will be happy.

    Good luck and much respect to all the people who have,or had to deal with a Pilonidal.You paid your due,thats for sure.

  • Why are they doing surgery on Pac Man, did he eat to many dots. Pac Man really does look like he is in some m**ZIT**ive pain. Please make him better so he can get back to running away from those wicked ghosts. lol DWS

  • Wonder what would happen if they left the cyst alone after it was tested for cancer and other serious diseases. After reading the comments, if I had one to appear, I would definitely give it 2nd, 3rd, and 45th thinking before I agreed to have it removed. My empathy for all those who have gone and will undergo this surgery inpatient/outpatient alike.

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