Inside The Nostril – Owww!

This pimple is in one of those places that just makes your nose run, your eyes water, and you have to find a person nice enough to pop it for you, since there is no way in heck you can see it on your own!!! (Note: Nose hair electric clippers don’t work on pimples… don’t ask…)

Thanks for this one, gajustme!!! Excellent! And a shout out to Twisted Cyster, who also got it in, just behind GJM!

“Popping big zit inside nose” Uploaded to YouTube by notessa2 on Jun 19, 2011

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    • I just realized what you were talking about. Our EXCELLENT Halph Staph wrote the commentary (hope I’m right) Halph, you’ve missed your calling as a Hollywood script writer:)

  • I am HAPPY to share the spotlight with Twisted Cyster!!! Years ago I had a very sore blackhead/pimple in my nose and it “migrated” to the outside of the nose which REALLY hurt. After almost sneezing my head off my shoulders several times trying to pop the painful monster I pulled out a ingrown nose hair 🙁

      • You better believe it was a big OWIE! As a toddler I cut the inside of my Dad’s nose with my baby fingers because my nails were long. Now everyone knows babies WILL poke their fingers into most anything open and it is NOT easy to cut baby nails. Dad ended up in the hospital with a staph infection because his health was not good at the time. Back in the Stone Age – 1950s – all they had was penicillin.

    • Same here Gajustme, and you know, its good for the PTZ-Teamspirit !!!!
      And oh boy, can I tell e-body: Those mean lil pimples in the Nose DO HURT !!!

  • As I watched this offering I couldn’t help but wonder “who on the planet earth could I sweet talk into squeezing a zit inside my nose???” Boy, that’s a short list, isn’t it? I kept hearing James Taylor singing “You Got a Friend”…. Thanks gajustme.

  • This was a video finger-licking good.

    Oh, wait! No, thanks, i’ve just had dinner.

    Normally i see people picking there nose with their own finger.
    Maybe she still had hunger.
    Table for two, please. The one by the window is fine with candlelight.

  • I’m surprised at how calm the poppee seems to be about this! I’ve had those type of zits 2 or 3 times and they always require the help of Mom, Dad, crazy Aunt Sophie, or the Spouse!
    Good find gajustme!

  • I had one of those when I was a young teenager and made the mistake of telling my sister I had it. She put me in a headlock and stuck a hairpin around it in there and pressed it until it popped. It hurt like HELL. My nose was black and blue for a month.
    It was the same headlock and hairpin she used if you had one in your ear too.

  • Thanks for this post gajustme, it was fun and painful to watch all at the same time!
    I’ve had those nose pimples and they are soooooo sensitive, I am totally impressed by this lads ability to stay calm! I’d be on the ceeling for sure!
    @ unclelarry, bwahahahaha, definately a short list!

  • I had someone tell me once that you can pick your friends and you can pick your nose but you can;t pick your friends to pick your nose. I’m telling her about this video cause she was obviously wrong. I had to pop a pimple that was way up in my nose with a bobby pin just a few months ago. I danced all over the bathroom singing the “Ow Ow Ow” song.

    • Hey, where Have I heard that before?1?1 Oh No Daweedwaa, I offer my apologies..You said it before me…

      At any rate, that just made my ears leak……yowzer!

  • Ouch! This is when you get the hairpin out and have at it yourself! The hairpin is also a good tool for then nasty blackheads on the side of your nose. Makes your eyes water, but you have to suck it up! lol

    • Those blackheads on the nose are SO hard to remove! Sometimes it seems the durn things can’t even be removed with dynamite. The natural oiliness of the nose makes it hard to get the heads out even with a hairpin or comedone remover

  • Y’know, after reading all of these descriptions of in-the-nose zits and how gawdawful painful they are (I’ve had ’em too); I think they need a newer, better name.

    I think that they should be called Wasabi-cl**ZIT** zits, after the evil (but tasty) green Japanese horseradish preparation that burns the nasal p**ZIT**ages like a thousand suns if the fumes get up there.

  • I get these from time to time. They have to do with my allergies. They hurt like an sob, and there is such relief when you pop them. Popped two last night.

  • How come I can watch “nose surgery” videos by Dr. J and such but when it comes to someones “regular old nose” I’m grossed out! lol That had to HURT!!!

  • That wouldn’t bother me… hubby lets me dig in his nose every night anyway (G-d Bless him), so if he had one of these up there, I would just wash my hands and call it round 2…before I found this site, I thought I might be the only one who ‘dug’ (in every meaning possible) noses as well as pus. I am so greatful to all of you!!

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