Shilo Saw: One Gnarly Spider Bite

I’ve watched a lot of spider bite drainings and this is by far the most pus I’ve seen come out of one.

NOTE: Shout out to Tink and all the others who also submitted this outstanding video. I think we are all concerned that he is ok – I did hear he is on IV antibiotics, so he must be receiving adequate medical care now. Thanks again, Shilo and all! Great find!

“My Spider Bite Extraction. OH MY GOODNESS!!!” Uploaded to YouTube by nickhanson20 on Aug 5, 2011

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  • What kind of spider reeks such havoc when they bite a human? Where are they found? I live in Western N.Y. and have never heard of anyone suffering from such an atrocious wound. Are they potentially fatal if not professionally cared for? They just appear so awful and painful I can’t imagine…wow.

    • I thought that humongous swelling was his elbow until he moved his arm up. As it was said below the spider was probably a brown recluse. I know it hurt like blue blazes but the scab should have been ripped off IMMEDIATELY. He would have needed to make sure his arm and elbow were in a LARGE container SO the infection didn’t flood everywhere. I heard sniffing but I would have bawling like a baby with colic and NO SHAME. I hope he gets full usage of his arm without the muscles being destroyed or eaten away by the poison and infections. HAVE MERCY!

      • That kid was overwhelmed when he got the scab opened up! If he had taken the whole scab off, he would have needed a 5gal. bucket for that free flowing pus!
        Thanks for posting shilo!!!

      • My thoughts exactly – the table would have been awash in pus if that scab had been removed but it REALLY needed it!!! So glad that he is doing better that was a NASTY infection!!! The arm actually deflated with the pus pouring out. What about 8 ounces the first opening? Scour that place for those mean spiders!!!

  • How would you let your arm blow up like that with such an infection and not have sense enough to see a doctor, but stick a pin in it? Boy, they are out there.
    Hope he’s ok and has gotten some sense.

  • Wow, I don’t think that he/she was expecting THAT! I sure hope they’re on IV antibiotics, poor person they sound like they are in a LOT of pain. Cringe worthy, but fabulous pus. Get better soon “OH MY GOODNESS”.

  • When I “have the chance to see” these kind of huge spider bite,I’m ALWAYS asking myself the same question that @Garyps36 is asking!Never saw a spider that scary…What are they?where they’re from??Are they biting to survive,or is it a defense mecanism?

    Most of you guys mosdef saw the guy with a huge bite on his chin and he was trying to drain it over the sink in his bath room!Its probably here on PTZ!(the vid,I mean).
    Huge “pieces” were getting out of his bite.So big that they were blocking the sink….
    There were some kind of blood clot,big one too!!!

    That was a great vid,a great one,But why are they are always using a needle?Oh well!!!

    Tnx @Shilo,great post 😉

  • It could have been a brown recluse. Their particular venom (or is it bacteria they host? I’m not sure.) has been known to cause symptoms similar to necrotizing fasciitis (flesh eating bacteria). It basically eats the tissue of the victim from the inside out. I’m glad that this guy started to drain it when he did. As shiny as it was when he started, it looked like he was like one step away from compartment syndrome. His skin could have ripped open from the internal pressure! I’m glad to hear he’s getting proper attention. He could have easily lost his arm with an infection this angry.

  • Whatta payload! I greatly appreciate nickhanson20 for taking the time to video & post this on YT and I’m really glad he’s getting professional medical care. That’s one nasty infection. Excellent post Shilo.

  • they eat your eyes, they eat your nose, they eat the dirt between your clothes
    I don’t care who was “on the planet first” — all venomous spiders GET OUT OFF MY PLANET

      • U have just put in words why i hate spiders since i was child. Even i had a lot of nightmares with spiders attacking me.

        Btw great video, very intense. I was almost feeling his pain when watching.

        P.D.: English isnt my first language, I always find so hard to say how much i like this site… 🙁

  • And this person does not find it necessary to go to the ER because??? Didn’t look scary enough??? Wasn’t red enough? There wasn’t enough pus? Ohh no! This person was blind. Sorry!!!

  • OMG I am so glad to hear that you are on some IV antibiotics, That looks so very painful. WOW what kind of spider would do that much damage, I have never been bitten by a spider and had no clue that a spider bite could cause so much damage to a human. I have never seen so much pus from a spider bite, Thanks for the great video, but am hoping you get all better.

  • A brown recluse will do that and more to an arm. Poor kid. The reason people don’t always go to the doc is that firstly millions of Americans are not insured.:( and secondly you can WAKE up with that kind of situation and must act. Almost an instinctual thing that no doubt is linked to basic survival. I was amazed the poor guy wasn’t screaming. More guts than I have for sure.

  • I just went to YouTube to read Nick’s comments. He hasn’t seen a doctor and is not on antibiotics or an IV. He is putting triple antibiotic ointment on the bite. He has Crohn’s and had complications from an ileostomy in February, so he is sick of hospitals and doctors. I told him I know how he feels as I have Ulcerative Colitis, but that this was very serious. I URGED him to go to the ER ASAP as he could not only lose his arm, but his life. I really hope he listens to me and everyone else!

  • Poor guy, I know how it is when your so sick of doctors and you’ve already been through **ZIT** but I really hope he goes in nonetheless. With so much else going on his immune system may be compromised.

  • OMG, Doc Now! Thats just so bad popmaven…

    @ Shilo, seems to me most flowing drainage turns to blood too soon, this is so great..going to favs. with a 5 rating!

  • Oh, Lawdy! I read the comments while waiting for this video to load. Gave this one five stars, but sure am hoping this fellow took the good advice he was given and has sought help. He could easily lose his arm…or life! And I hope he smacked that spider into oblivion!

  • I looked at this in a larger frame. Man, there are pus filled reservoirs above and below. He seriously needs to go have it drained by a physician with heavy wide spectrum atbs.. Holy flowing pus bat man!

  • I do agree he should have had a dishpan to collect all of the pus. Looked awfully painful; so red and inflamed. I’m sure there is much more inside. You can see there are more pockets of pus. So swollen, fingers left imprints. I do hope he will go to doctor and get on antibiotics. My husband had a spider bite on his arm once that ate all the way through to the other side of his arm. It was awful. Thanks for sharing the vid with us.

  • Awsome video Shilo! there are many types of spiders which can produce the effects that this poor person has, that being said Mom E you are **ZIT** right on the money! Lots more loculations to be expressed as to not keep the infection spreading!
    I do hope this person finds professional medical treatment soon, even an after hours clinic if a hospital visit isn’t his thing, would be equiped to handle this type of I & D!
    See a doctor ASAP my friend, everyone here is right you might be lucky & just loose that arm, but there is always the chance of further infection, MSRA etc, which can take your life!

  • This is the first video I’ve ever watched and been afraid for the poster. That is just one angry red arm. Someone mentioned about isit pulsating…….I once had a staph infection on my face and chin that was so swollen and irritated that you could occasionally see it move due to my pulse causing te severely swollen tissue to move. This kid obviously deals with chronic pain issues so it’s MORE than safe to say he’s got a ridicuosly higher pain thresh hold then us folks. I’m glad to see from theother video he’s doing better. Thanks for sharing. Goodluck!!!

  • Definitely someone who was unprepared for the volume released. The blackened area was epidermal necrosis. The initial venom injection in the bite area caused the skin to die around the wound. Impressive.

  • this vdo makes me cringe everytime i watch it. talk about contents under pressure! gloves would have been nice – so he didn’t spread the infectious bacteria around. bet it felt good to relieve that pocket of pus. very fun 2 watch 😉

  • Having just gotten out of the hospital after gall bladder removal surgery after 4 severe attacks in 5 days, I undertstand why this kid might have waited. When you deal with chronic pain, you just “deal” with the current drama and don’t think about the next drama coming. I hope this kid takes care of himself, or at least has a mom who will bust his chops when necessary.

  • The bites can go from bad to Hellish very, VERY fast Having been bitten by a brown recluse when I was 20, I know that the bite starts as a small blackish hole. I did not feel the bite but felt a bit “off” for lack of a better word. I went to the ER because my intuition told me this was bad.

    The guy at the ER suggested maybe a wasp stung me. I suggested to the moron that I would have felt that. I insisted I was bitten by something bad. He almost laughed at me as he shoved me towards the door.

    About 6 hours later I tried to take my coat off and could not; my arm was stuck in the sleeve. I had someone pull it off and to my horror the arm was huge, purplish black and had a bright red streak like a marker from my forearm to my shoulder.

    I went back to the ER and the same goon was still on shift. I thrust my arm under his beak of a nose and said disgustedly: ” Wasp, huh?”

    He almost $hit his pants and began babbling about having to admit me. I spent a week in the hospital on very strong IV antibiotics.

    I caught this within an hour of the bite and because of my persistence I have only a very tiny tan spot where the black hole was. Although it took 3 scary days for the streak to stop spreading it finally did and I lost 0% tissue.

    This person needed an ER a long time ago. An infection of that magnitude can kill very quickly. Any ER would have had to treat him regardless of his ability to pay.

    I think 95% of “spider” bites are probably only SUPPOSED spider bites. It’s very popular to blame spiders. Here in CA a gazillion people swear they were bitten by Brown recluses and doctors concur despite the fact that they are not indigenous to this area. I was in Kansas when I was bitten.

    Still, I think this guy’s case may indeed be spider related but exactly what kind is up in the air. Widows have neurotoxin but all spiders can carry staph bugs and p**ZIT** them along.

    Hope he is a bit smarter with his next wound if he survived this one.


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