Surgery to Remove Biggest Booger Ever! **INTENSE**

***WARNING! EXTREMELY GRAPHIC Surgery! Involves removal of portion of skull, and the partial transection of the face.
This is not a surgical do**ZIT**entation for those easily grossed out. It is included here for those interested in the educational aspects of the amazing advances of modern medicine. So, as per standard warnings, watch by choice, and comment with respect. Thanks!

It’s a very graphic and **ZIT** film involving pretty much removing the patient’s scalp and face to get at a m**ZIT** in the paranasal sinus. I thought it was pretty amazing, though I’m wondering if there was not a way to do this that did not involve so much destruction of tissue. Anywayz…here ya go!

– mookzmom

“anterior_skull_base_surgery.mpg” Uploaded to YouTube by bucho57 on Jun 1, 2011

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    • Good Lord – there must be something I’m not understanding here because that seemed like a bit of overkill to me! I mean, if you drop your ring down the drain, you just go in after it or at most remove the trap – you don’t start jackhammering the foundation to get into the waterworks from the other direction! Do you? I don’t know – I’m neither a surgeon nor a construction engineer so maybe I’m talking out of my nether regions here….

    • And by less invasive procedures – do you mean simple repe**ZIT**ive noseblowing over the extended periods of time? Because I hear that works for most people!! LOL!!

      • Haha, I just don’t even want to imagine what the scars looks like. I mean, they cut right down the front of their face! I feel so so bad for this person.

    • They have, but the defect left by the excision of the tumor would have been too big for minimally invasive surgery, too big to close it through a small opening. To me it seems like they chose to open the skull so that they could do the piping for the donor tissue. Big pieces of tissue need to be connected to an artery and there are only so many choices available.

      The clearest give away for the age of this video are the badly placed, badly shaped incisions.

  • I’ve seen what I **ZIT**umed were recent surgeries were they made a big hole under the eye to get at the same area I think.
    That was a huge piece of meat they pulled out, it might have been more trouble getting it out a small hole using lapriscopic surgery. I certainly don’t know, just guessing.
    I’ve also seen others were the face was cut in half and lifted off.
    They made the cut in the crease where the nose meets the cheek so the scar isn’t as visible

    Where did they get the meat to replace what they took out?

    Very interesting stuff.

  • Paranasal Sinus, unless I totally forgot my Med. terminology, that simply means around the nasal area sinus.
    Im in awe. Would it be too far fetched to think this team of surgeons wanted to practice their art? I know thats preposterous, but sweet Jesus…wasn’t that a bit extreme??

    Oh Mmom, This is the first surg. vid in my favs. mesmerizing! fascinating! How neatly a human body can be excised…I was mortified when I seen just how haphazardly the surgeons simply tossed the tissue flaps in place..Just EEEEeeeuuuugghh!! How neat, in a disgusting fashion..

  • Data on the xrays shows 2002. I believe the patient’s name is Japanese……I wondered if this were a medical university and the patient was rather than alive, a corpse…..??????

    • I was thinking the same thing. If he isn’t a corpse I bet he wishes he was one when he wakes up and sees his head and face looking like a huge baseball with all the s**ZIT**ching.

    • I was wondering as well if this might not be a living person. There doesn’t seem to be any anesthesia for the patient. How would they do that for such a radical surgery?

      • I would like to think it was a cadaver but when they cut near the brain, you can see the tissue pulsating so I’m pretty sure the person is alive.

  • I believe if this was done in America there would have been a fair less evasive procedure done, thus irradicating all the scarring of the facial tissue. This was a very interesting video, but I would have this done in America instead of China, or Japan. DWS

  • This had to be surgery on a cadaver. No breathing tube for general anesthesia (unless these was a tracheotomy tube I didn’t see). Also, it looked like the eyelids were sewn shut. Interesting surgical vid though!

  • If that was a cadaver, he had one of the best hearts around. Notice that blood is still flowing from the initial incision (00:44) from the Ginsu knife.

  • Went back and took another look. The eyes were s**ZIT**ched down. That is not done in surgery on a live patient – and there was no active bleeding. It was a cadiver, but still very interesting.

    • Well, if it was a cadaver it was a fresh one.
      Your point is well taken.
      Also, regarding the age of the procedure… from the X rays, it was about 20 years ago (2/22/92)

    • As much as I wish this was a cadaver, I really don’t think it was. I see the patient take breaths at the 2:45 mark. At the 4:55 mark you can see the tubing on the left that must lead to a trach and at the part where they unclasp the vein/artery you can see it fill with blood and pulsate. It does look like the eyelashes are sewn shut but with this magnitude of surgery perhaps they needed to make sure they stayed in place while moving the face. Plus it was 20 years ago in a diff. country so….

  • if it was a cadaver it was definitely a fresh one since there was blood flowing out of some of the incisions. I did notice the lack of intubation and the eyes being sewn shut. At the beginning of the deep cutting my first thought was is the surgeon Josef Mengele?!?
    Note to self: no surgery in foreign countries.

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