Wow! What A Big Pilonidal Cyst You Have!

Even from the still shot in the search listing I could see that this Pilonidal Cyst was going to be H-U-G-E! And guess what? I wasn’t disappointed! And here is a teaser from the dialogue between patient (P.) and camera woman (C.W.)…

C.W. “That is ridiculous.”
P. “What’s ridiculous?”
C.W. “Your booty…”
P. “What happened?!?”
C.W. “It exploded.”

So I guess volume is okay, in fact, its suggested – if you even notice it while watching all the pus come out. The very last shot is great (it almost crosses into unpostable… barely), and her comment is really funny if you listen carefully.

– mookzmom, MVM
“Huge Pilonidal Cyst” Uploaded to YouTube by terrance6238 on Aug 9, 2011

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  • Outstanding!!! The best line is “it smells like rotten Chinese food”. Excellent payload, great comments from the “star”, sweet explosion when the scalpel made it’s cut, this had it all. Great mining MM. 5/5 & into the faves. 🙂

  • What a load!
    What a relief it must be too…

    His girlfriend was,not only the camera(wo)men,but she also seem to be the Docs **ZIT**istant!!! Am I wrong?
    Or maybe she brought her BF at the clinic where she works…getting off-topic here 😉

    Great find MM,tnx.

  • I guess the bigger the **ZIT** the bigger the cyst is going to be. This video did not disappoint. I would pop alot of nasty things, but there is no way I would have popped that nasty cyst. I sure did love watching it though, thanks for the awesome post mookzmom, you really make my life better with all these wonderful posts. DWS

    • Awwww come on PTZ groupies. Are we that pc that we have to hide comments cause a member call’n it like she saw it? Hell we all saw it & was think’n it, she just expressed it. & belive me she didn’t go outside the lines on her comments. It was no hatred or malice towards that man, Light’n the **ZIT** up….what a bunch of s**ZIT**s.

      • Think of it this way, would it bother you if your child, sibling or any one that fits. visited PTZ? Thats the way I see it.

      • Awwww I’m so sorry that I was so wrong by calling some members of PTZ s**ZIT**s. So please stop giving me the thumb downs, or I’m just gonna cry my lil Black Irish Ass off all night long.

      • What was the post that was hidden saying? I REALLY don’t care what anyone says in a post. We are all a bunch of freaks only here to look at goo being expressed from every part of the body.
        If you have a favorite kind of pus and a fave place to see it expressed, there should be nothing said about it that could disturb you.

  • Great drainage on that one. I can only imagine the amount of relief the guy felt. I dated a gal with a pilonidal cyst and it caused her a great deal of pain when it became inflamed. Seeing as how that’s the third time the guy’s had it lanced, I wonder if he’s going to go in for the surgery.

  • That cysts was really big. This person had to be in so much pain. I can’t imagine what it was like just trying to get to the doc’s office. Sitting down… man oh man… I hope they got everything out cuz those suckers can come back easily if you don’t!

  • I hate to have to make this rant but I must, I have been a PTZ popologist for as long as this site had been up and now I have my comment hidden because I wasn’t PC enough, calm down people, this is not a PTA meeting, let me remind you what we do, we come to this site to watch people pop zits and cysts, so that we can see the explosion of pus and blood, its ok to say someone has a m**ZIT**ive nasty infected cyst but I get PC’d because I comment on the guys m**ZIT**ive **ZIT** under the m**ZIT**ive cyst. I mean **ZIT**! even the nurse wats to get the **ZIT** out of there before the whole things explodes.

    MY name is Bob and I called it the way I saw it, I was trying to make a funny on a web site devoted to watching people pop zits , you have to police the site but not so PC.

    I guess all posts should go like this: Wow that was a very swell pimple being squeezed, that person was very nice to share the picture with us and did you see the wall paper it was to die for, and she seemed like such a good mother….. JUSTIS thanks for posting the video of the cyst with puss spraying all over the camera, the girls at my book club just loved it when the pu**ZIT** the walls….BYE …………….Rant over but I hold to my comments, I could not enjoy the full effect of the great cyst (and it was) because it was on top of the scariest **ZIT** I have ever seen!

    • Well Gee Wiz Bob, I rather liked your example comment…Indeed if you’ve been around that long, you know why hurtful things to any involved don’t fly.. I bet if the Pt. was to come here to see how we responded to the vid. he allowed, he wouldn’t appreciate someone wondering if his rump was human or not

      • that is EXACTLY right on the money MomE. I almost always invite my posts in a PM to come and see their work appreciated. Many have and have fallen in love with us.

        If you want to post nasty comments do so
        on YouTube where you will be in great company. And remember this, Who knows what your **ZIT** will look like say in 10 to 15 years from now? There are a lot of stretch marks and that means weight was gained quickly. There could be medical explanations for this.

        We focus on pus, cheese . squirts and great popping vids, not on someones appearance.

        I am trying to arrange to have people post here and not on YouTube at all. They need to feel comfortable enough to do so.

    • There is a huge difference in being cr**ZIT** and posting interesting comments. People today are under the impression, if they think it, they should say it, post it, blog it or just share it.

      If that is the worst rear you have ever seen, then you must never leave your house.

      At the end of it all, what you post is a direct reflection on you and how you feel about others. So post what ever you want, but don’t get your knockers in a knot when people don’t agree with you insulting others physical issues.

      • That was well said Justis and I try to follow the rule not to comment when I am angry or out of sorts…I have a long way to go but I am working on it!!! Thank you for my own little epiphany!

        Its just to easy to hit reply without thinking your thoughts through.

  • In regards to all the comments about snarky posts, I would kust say that most people who would post a pilonidal cyst of this magnitude ahve a great deal more important things to worry about than what others think of their badonka- donk. This guy must have been in so much pain and yet he was agreeable with the doctor who was inflicting the pain. Just a thought.

  • That poor man was a trooper considering the immense pain those cysts cause. He received proper medical treatment and allowed the proceedings to be filmed…for our enjoyment. If you people want to make nasty comments about strangers, pick the videos of idiots performing DIY surgery in the kitchen next to the salad bowl without gloves, fluid recepticles and paper products…
    or visit You’ll have a field day leaving nasty comments on that collection.

  • The good news…”It doesn’t stink as bad as last time”…
    The bad news….. “It’s a lot more though”…
    The encouraging news ….. “This is the third time I’ve seen it honey”… (there will be a fourth time?)

  • Maybe the size of the **ZIT** has nothing to do with it,but the hygiene definitely does…if that’s the third time he’s had it popped,it’s time to wash that azz,dude.

    • Once upon a time, back in the mid-1980’s, a young college girl tripped happily through life. She was tall, blonde, and, like most blonde girls, not very hairy. She also was, as she is today, quite meticulous about cleanliness.

      This sweet blonde girl found herself **ZIT** up in the air having surgery on a pilonidal cyst…how did she get it? Who knows? What I can tell you is that hygiene had nothing to do with it, dear friend.

      How do I know? That sweet little girl was ME!!!

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