A Bladder Stone To Be Proud Of!

**WARNING: Open surgical video, please consider skipping if you are of a delicate cons**ZIT**ution. Watch by choice, comment with respect! END WARNING**

Smiling indulgingly. If I’d grown it, I’d be proud! It’s huge and really weird. Reminds of those crazy seed pod things you find on the grown under certain trees.

From the YouTube description:

This is surgical procedure where we removed large size bladder stones, first we gave a semilunar incision on lower abdomen, we gave vertical split in muscles, reached abdomen, verified bladder by injection sucking urine, made a vertical split in bladder and removed calculus from bladder.

“Open Cystolothotomy”
Uploaded to YouTube by shaziajafrey8 on Aug 17, 2011

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  • What a rock!

    I see some of these when (well…they look like it!) when I do some scuba-diving in Percรฉ!!!

    That was a HUGE stone to have in the bladder…poor guy…
    That must have been painful.
    Hope he feel better!

    Tnx very much for the post ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I don’t think surgeons should ever verify anything by sucking urine. There has just got to be a better way.

    It looks like a sea urchin. I wonder… could you tumble it, string it and wear it as a necklace??

  • When I had a kidney stone several weeks ago, I did some web searching on these things. It’s amazing the different sizes and shapes and chemical makeup of them! We had a dog surgery video here not too long ago, where the bladder stone was about this big (or maybe it was a horse…I forget) I was not aware people could form things this huge in the bladder…but I don’t know why that should surprise me. Also the rough surface on this thing had to be sooo uncomfortable moving around in there. I imagine this person had some terrible bladder spasms while that thing was inside. Wonderful and interesting find, GG! You’re doing a fantastic job finding all these great vids!

  • Oh pickypicky – I **ZIT**ure you WANT them to check what they are poking into.

    Urine is supposed to be sterile but I guess that is what the drain in the abdomen is for. Can drains stop fluid buildup and adhesions after surgery anyone?

    You can tumble anything BUT the problem is the amount of trouble you get into ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll tumble for ya – Culture Club

    • Culture Club was my favorite growing up! Loved Boy George!
      Holy Teledo, that was alien, something from outer **ZIT**e!! He was a victim of extraterrestrial invasions! ET planted it there to monitor his movements and behavior! Phone home, and hurry!
      Great post GG!

  • It’s a truffle! Not the tasty chocolatey kind, of course, but the kind pigs sniff out! Also, good thing urine is a sterile liquid, that would have been pretty bad to clean up as it was going everywhere. Big relief for the patient, and hope they feel loads better!

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