A Suprize Splinter

Most have probably seen this, but I can’t seem to find a lot of splinter videos, So I’m your new Splinter Queen. lmao. Ignore me, I’m pretty stupid, but here’s the video! 😀

When I first watched it I figured it was a waste of time since it was going to be some small piece but Oh My **ZIT** was I wrong. When they try and try to get it out it only builds the suspense. But if you want to skip to the quick pop out forward to 1:50. It was so fast I actually jumped back and my Jaw dropped to how big it was. Enjoy!

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Ciao. <3 <3 (NOTE: Oo, I had to add – not only is this a great video, but in doing a quick “repost” check, I ran across the first “splinter” video posted on PTZ, which sadly is non-existent now *sniffle* – and there in the comments section, was a comment I had made apparently referring folks to go watch this very vid! How weird! Ah, how time flies, and how fast doth my world shrink!!! Welcome to PTZ, Bri Cat – and bring on them splinters!!! ~ H.S.)

“Wayne’s Huge splinter removal” Uploaded by wayboard on Oct 20, 2008

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