Feta Cheese Nose!

So, just boppin’ around for a moment, dreaming of pus producing nose pores, and I come across the “Comedons” video by anticomedons…again. Its always resurfacing in the related column list on YouTube, and 99% of the time I skip, since I have already overwatched the burn thing.

Lo and behold the miracle! Hiding next to the Old and Cl**ZIT**ic was a New and Better sequel!!! Imagine my surprise, my utter glee! Why haven’t we ever looked? Oh, it does not pay to **ZIT**ume – from now I will always check to see if my favorite videos have s**ZIT**ed a follow-up!!!! Praise be to the Pus **ZIT**dess!

And now, I present… Making Feta Cheese from Your Nose! I know, it may not look like yummy herbed cheese curds to you, but I have been having a Feta cheese craving lately, soo… **ZIT**, now I’m hungry again!

Oh! And *please* don’t try this at home, I know for a fact everyone has a sore nose already from the last pore cheese video, LMAO!! (My nose aches too, and there was no pay off. Even my fiance tried!!!) I really don’t want to get sued for several thousands of dollars in nose repair work… he he he

Just Pop It!
~ H.S.

suite: comédons n°2. super!! hummm” Uploaded to YouTube by anticomedons on Jun 15, 2011

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