Finally – Some Great Earwax!!!!

I have a thing for the removal of earwax. Something about those huge, multi-hued chunks getting scooped out, or flakes being s**ZIT**ed out, just really makes me want to knock out my S.O. and start working on his ears (just kidding! He actually lets e near his ears a couple times a year… hmmm, and that time should be soon… )

I digress, as usual. I am so happy though to have such a great quality earwax video to post!! It has been far too long!! This one is for all my brothers and sisters who also believe that an ear full of wax, and an open invitation to “git it ooooowwwuuut!” is a dream come true!!!

Just… uh, wait, Pop doesn’t fit…


Just Dig It! (yeah!)
~ H.S.
(off her nutter, again… *sigh*)

“Ear Wax (Cerumen) Removal” Uploaded to YouTube by earsurgery on Sep 8, 2011

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