I Spy With My Little Stye

Most infection poppings don’t require poking sharp objects at necessary body parts. This eye stye needs popping but they could have been a bit more gentle with it.

“Cousin’s huge eye Sty (read description)” Uploaded to YouTube by LilKharizmo on Jul 29, 2011

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  • That would have been really neat to watch if the they had someone to film it that wasn’t a _____________!!!!! I don’t want write what I really think of the guy.

  • Impressive stye. When I saw that razor cutting that close to that eye I thought “this will end badly”. Glad he’s OK and all his body parts are intact. There was some good goo during the procedure. But kids, don’t try this at home. Cool post SC. Thanks! 🙂

  • It would have been sweeter if the camera person was a little better at keeping the stye centered in the frame….omg…camera ppl are always messing up a good video….Looked to be a very painful stye,,,but isn’t a stye just an eye zit?//….DwS

  • I don’t like it when people talk sh*t about the people that provide our vids, but, **ZIT**, I have to go back on that for this…the “videographer’ needed some Ritalin or something..

  • ooowee! That’s was a great stye. I have to admire the growers of such things as I am running to the mirror at the first hint. I’ll never reach “epic”-ness. I am glad people share and that my Soul Cyster finds ’em. Thanks.

  • Ok folks, I’m just an old farm boy but listen now. Never, and I mean never, ever place an instrument that’s sharp enough to remove an entire elephant’s **ZIT** with one swipe near a young man, or a young woman’s eye. Eyes are very, very important. They let us do things like see where to **ZIT** and important stuff like that and the last time I checked we only come with two of them from the factory. A very small needle would have done just fine but, in the case of a stye, a needle is, in itself, really quite unnecessary since the skin of the eyelid is very thin. I’ve had some big styes before and they required little effort to pop. I also hate to say disparaging things about Ladies because of the way I was raised but this one gets the Flat Cake Award of the Month. Bad girl, bad, bad girl.

  • 1 of the Best vid I ever seen, a good steye ,and a good cam.man/woman, not one time outa focus, not one time moving/shaking the cam. , especially not on the ,critical, moments……wel done !!
    I think I need some sleep

  • I guess the comments already posted about sharp pointy things near the eye already covered my initial reactions pretty well….Hope this thing heals without further infection or scarring. And thank you for posting this!

  • This is how I would have popped it…..pull lid away from eye and pinch lump between thumb and forefinger, the problem with doing it like she did was that as she squeezed she would also push against the eye,

  • My grandmother used to make us lay down on the couch with our head in her lap. She would take her gold wedding ring, say a prayer over it and then rub it on a piece of wool until it got hot and then touch it to the sty. It would come to a head soon after and she would pop it.

  • i felt like i was watching christmas story when ralfy wanted a bebe gun and everyone kept telling him you’ll shoot your eye out you’ll shoot your eye out….**ZIT** the way she poked him i thought she’d poke his eye out **ZIT** and i thought u weren’t supposse to touch styes i thought u had to go get antibiotics and if you touched it its suppossively spreads i don’t know thats just what my momma told me growing up but she also told me i’d get ricots if i didn’t eat my vegetables lol

  • This was an educational film on many counts:

    1. What not to do with a ripe stye.
    2. What nasty words not to call the popper when said popper still has weapons.
    3. How not to film.

    Great find, though, SoulCyster!!!

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