Immense Cyst Lancing! Yummy!

What a “pustastic” way to end your weekend or perhaps start your Monday morning!!! Enjoy! (action starts @ 2:00)

– mookzmom, MVM

“Pimple / cyst lanced GROSS” Uploaded by AquinasNurse on Sep 18, 2011

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  • Eh……Maybe a 5.5 outta’ 10. The poppers (Nurse?) technique was amateur at best. In fact, I’d have to say she was an Amateur ’cause of the way she made the incision insufficiently at first, and then had to go back again for a second time. I honestly couldn’t tell where the **ZIT** this guy had his cyst…..stomach? Thigh? Wherever it was, the popper was NOT goin’ wide enough or deep enough. A true medical professional would’ve broken up the “loculations” (am I saying that right?) with a pair of forceps and widened the incision…..then the glorious goop would’ve come out MUCH faster & easier.

  • grrr dont they get it, dont cut wide, cut deep!!! then get the 4 finger grip and squeeze!! what is with this pushing???? omg i just want to push her aside and squeeze it! that could have been sooooo awesome and she spend most of her time wiping the blood off!!! AAARRRGGGGGGGGGG

  • I agree with everything Sir Squeeze-a-Lot said. I think the cyst was just under his armpit. And yeah, her squeezing technique was terrible. The first couple of bursts were very promising, but ultimately her lack of experience and skill killed all the potential that thing had….and has. Definitely needed a hemostat to get in there and break that thing up.

    Still, thank you for posting Mookzmom.

  • Another Amen from the choir. It twas a **ZIT** mess tho, wasn’t it. It the world’s “professionals” would ask us “amateurs” how to do such things, anyone from PTZ could teach this cl**ZIT**. I know doctors have I&D training. But I don’t know about nurses……or nurse, as in this case. Might skipped the demonstration that day. Too bad. Cound have been a great pop.
    Thanks, MzM for the find. 😉

  • This is such a weird video! There are clues that it’s professionally done, like the blue scrubs, blue drapes, shaved area and use of injected meds, but lots of really, really un-professional stuff, too. They use the same one piece of gauze to wipe the wound, then switch to kleenex, they keep wiping into the wound, not opening the wound, not squeezing in a efficient manner….all in all a really botched job! All medical personnel should visit this site and see some good jobs done before botching it up like this.
    It’s a good bad example.

  • This made my toes curl up I wanted to get my hands on it so badly, but it will definitely go into my favorites for the chunky stuff! Mookzmom, as always, you came through for us…thanks again for all you do for us!! You are the best!!

  • I thought the cyst was on the guys leg, I thought her cut and squeeze technique were fine, she had to wipe aot because of all the blood, this was a bad bleeder.

    the area where she failed was in understanding the cyst wall and how to get it out.

  • I was thinking a couple things about this video… 1) What was up with the wimpy tweezers?? All they did was **ZIT** up the field, and definitely couldn’t hang onto the sac. 2) Did anyone else get the feeling that this cyst was just north of his, um, “junk”?

  • So many thoughts on this one

    I’ll just say, they were not all they appeared to be!

    Lovely cyst Mmom…good find, I’m surprised the fella didn’t urinate all over! It did appear to me that she was pressing in the bladder area!

  • Does this cyst remind anyone else of “Best back cyst?”

    She obviously missed the loculations, notice in the beginning the infection was risen under the skin in two areas….

    • The cyst does remind me of “best back cyst”, but in that case the MD knew what he was doing and got GREAT results. The gal definately needed a pair of hemostats and someone to show her how to you them! The ” Best Back Cyst” is still my all time favorite. t least she did get some good goo out to begin with, but there was so much more. Thanks Mookzmom for another great post.

  • I liked the gooey, chunk-filled payload. The “pop” was an unexpected surprise. A good, hard 4 finger squeeze could have sent that payload to the moon. Great post MM. One for the faves.

  • I of course love the pops and chunks and for that it was and excellent post Mom. But all that blood from a sloppy incision was inexcusable for a professional…this had to be a DIY.

    She is wearing a blue jersey knit t-shirt…and she also said “what is that” when she found the sac. Just my opinion anyway.

    I have read that if you look closely enough you can see a small hole in the area that is the “puncture point” for cysts and abscesses. Most people just slice away with out looking for any dangers…small veins and such.

  • The location looks like its at the bottom of the ribcage. You can see the chest hair and the chest shape also. Wish a “TRUE” professional would have pop this instead of an amateur.

  • Definitely between his belly **ZIT**on and his pubic area. You can also tell that when he laughs, you can see to our left his belly and lower chest moving with the laughter.

    I can’t imagine a medical professional saying, “Is it on my F#@^ing face?’, can you?

    • i cant imagine them throwing used 4×4’s in a basin with an unopened ( TB or insulin) syringe either….whats the word they use…oh! fail! im never so judgemental but this pair,well…..

  • Love how the area jiggled when he laughed! The popper did not have the best technique, but I was happy that she squeezed it so we could see the chunks, and there were some marvelous ones in there! All around good one!

  • My Wife, Debbie just asked me if I was watching a **ZIT** vid because of the way one of the women was moaning during the squeezing!!!! I said “Sure! Have a look!!” “Oh, Your on PTZ, I should have known!”

    • It’s been fixed!!! 🙂 FYI for anyone reading this – any videos posted to PTZ after January 13, 2011, you can drop me a PM and I will do my best to get it replaced ASAP, unless it is a rare video that didn’t get a back-up made… but like I said, that’s rare.

      ~ H.S.

  • OMG, horrible doctor (or whatever). So frustrating to watch all the blood she squeezed out. It’s my bet she didn’t know a sac from a hole in the ground. I hope that guy didn’t get an infection from that lousy job. This is a good example of why doctors and hospitals get sued for malpractice–so-called professionals not knowing what the **ZIT** they’re doing. End of rant.

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