Lucy The English Bulldog (1 through 4)

****WARNING! Very sweet dog infested with maggots (myiasis). Extremely graphic and potentially very disturbing. Please, watch by choice and comment with respect. END WARNING****

From YouTube:
This poor girl was surrendered to rescue today, those are maggots in her open wounds. Her owners allowed her to get into this horrid shape.

(note: These videos were originally posted in 2009. I could find no references as to Lucy’s current condition, but we shall hope that she is well and adopted by now!)

Part One


Part Two


Part Three

Part Four

“Lucy the English Bulldog” Uploaded by bre27233 on May 22, 2009

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  • I’ve seen the chainsaw decapitation this week, but this video brings tears to my eyes. I hope Lucy made it through and that the former owner was criminally charged with animal cruelty and neglect. To allow that to happen to a dog, is unconscionable.

  • I hope that the previous owners rot and fester in maggots. And the sad thing is- if they do get it trouble it will only be a fine, probation, or maybe a few days in jail. Im a firm believer in scratch my back ill scratch yours. Just like you hit me- Im gonna hit you, and Im gonna hit you hard. Poor doggie.

  • I honestly don’t know what to say, this is a very difficult post to comment upon. Poor baby Lucy, S Man you are correct some people are not fit to own animals or to be parrents to children, unfortunately there is a lot of sadness in the world and these posts just highlight it.
    Thank you for posting these Dawn, I wonder if there is a follow-up to Lucy’s story, it would be nice to think that she is doing better now.
    We have 2 dogs, one who is a rescue dog from a puppy mill in Quebec. When we got her we were told she was a poodle, 5 years old, and had just had her last batch of puppies 7 weeks previous.
    We had her to the vet within 3 days of getting her, had her spayed, and then her teeth cleaned, they had to remove 2, we also came to find out she was actually a schnoodle, and unfortunately has epilepsy. We have had her for almost 2 years now, and she is the sweetest baby in the world.
    Knowing the difficulty our puppy has had adjusting to a loving & kind home, makes these posts all the more sad for me. So I’m hoping that Miss Lucy has found a new owner who will cherish her and love her the way she deservs to be.

    • We have a puppy mill rescue doggie, too. She’s a malti-poo, and is so sweet. It took her about a year to not try to run away from people when they approached her, and when we first got her, she wouldn’t stand on the gr**ZIT** because she didn’t know what it was. She also was so afraid of my dad (who is a teddy bear) that when he would take her on walks, she would pull the leash so tight that you could strum it like a guitar string. She was about 5, as well, and it took us a good two years until we could get her to actually cuddle (which poodles usually do automatically!). I hate knowing that the owners of these mills are making money off of the suffering of these animals. Make them live in a cage, covered in their own filth for a while. See if they continue to treat the dogs that way after that!

      I hope Lucy made it. She was one sick doggie. 🙁 I don’t think there was an inch of flesh on her that wasn’t angry and raw. 🙁 Those owners should be locked up and the key thrown away. She would have fared better as a stray.

  • That was hard to watch. My heart aches for this poor dog. All they ask of us is a little attention, love, shelter, food, and water. Not much at all. And they give so much more in return. Love, devotion, companionship, entertainment, and laughter. The “people” responsible for this aren’t human. **walks away shaking head and wiping tears away**

  • I have always understood that canines with the deep wrinkles are rather high meint. animals…People should not take on more responsibility than they are able to cope with financially or otherwise.

  • Ahh man!! I hate this.
    We def. need better laws regarding the treatment of animals. A slap on the wrist or a fine isn’t a suitable punishment for situation such as this.
    I hope this animal received treatment to eradicate the infestation, and found a great loving home!

  • oh that is so sad. I am glad she received veterinary care.

    on a side note: maggots could have actually helped her from getting worse. They only feed on infected-necrotic tissue and could have prevented the doggie from going septic from infection.

    I work with Adult Protective services and if you think this is awful, i have seen a sweet little old 94 yr old lady who had maggots in her bed sores from her “kids” not caring for her. BLACH!!

    • Cherry,

      **ZIT** bless you for doing such important and heart wrenching work. It takes a very special person to be able to handle all the things you have to witness in APS.

      Oh, and just an FYI on maggots, yes, some will feed only on dead tissue, but only 3 types are used medically for that reason. There are way more types out there that are opportunistic and the fly lays them in a small open sore, and then they do their damage by eating the good flesh, enlarging the wounds and worsening any existing infections.

      But I do remember a story that went with a vid in our Archives about a guy who had a motorbike accident, and wasn’t found for many days. The maggots were of the “good” type – and actually saved his life by preventing the wounds from festering too much. 😉

      ~ H.S.

  • That’s why douche bags shouldn’t have English Bulldogs! They are a very hard breed to keep up to begin with BUT this dog would have went bad even if it would have been a mutt. I have a Bully at home and there is nothing more precious than one of them. I hope the owner is in jail!

  • I’ve seen **ZIT**per stickers lately that read, “Abuse and animal and go to jail.” I much prefer, “Abuse an animal and I come to your house and crack your f***in’ skull open!”

  • Poor dog 🙁 I think its pretty pathetic that the owners allowed this to happen. They probably took baths everyday and go any medicine they needed on time. The least they could have done was given her up to a vet sooner, before it got to this stage. Like as soon as they realized they were in over their heads.

    Preventable diseases that present in animals due to user head **ZIT**e errors always upset me 🙁

  • omg i love bull dogs its so crazy how the owner let it get so bad poor doggy my god it was crawling with maggots i would have loved to adopt this bull dog great find Dawn smooches hugs and audie bear loves 🙂

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