Massive Mangoworm Infestation

****WARNING! ANIMAL INVOLVED Veterinarian Treatment. Very graphic removal of parasitic worms on dog. Please, proceed with caution! As always, watch by choice, and please comment with respect. END WARNING****

Now this I have never seen !!!!!

Original Title:Cordylobia anthropophaga, m**ZIT**ive infestation
Original Posted: VetClinicGambia 22 aug 2011

I got some interesting information about Mangoworms, from the vet who posted this video, that I thought would be great to share here:

Q: Can a dog die from this?
A: “If it comes to this m**ZIT**ive infestation they do die of it, yes. But in general adult dogs don’t get that bad. Puppies are always at risk for m**ZIT**ive infestations with follow up problems as they don’t? move around too much and lay in there own contamination.

Q: Are there preventative measures?
A: “Yes, you can protect the animal by using Avermectins. I generally use Ivermectin s.c. but Selamectin or Moxidectin spot-on works well, too. It protects for 3-6weeks against new infestations. Once the maggots? are inside you have to remove them manually.

Q: How many times do you see this, weekly or monthly?
A: “I see this 5-10x every week. Why not hire a termite control los angeles service as they may be able to help you prevent this infestation, or any other from happening again!

Another video on Mangoworms: >>>CLICK HERE<<<

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    • By ”Critters” you mean the worms , right ??? I have a softy spot for them too !! And especially for the BotFlys….Those poor lil creatures are sometimes pulledout like maniacs…They stretch them twice their size sometimes, They even break intwo, if they are roughly exctracted. Poor little Fellows. Im glad I am not the only one who symphatizes with them !!!

      • Yeah Mom, Im talking about the Worms…Maggots, Bot-Fly larvea, They are Animals too you know. And sometimes the lil fellows are heavy-mistreated by the extractors/poppers. Can you Imagine if you watch a vid where the poor thing is stretched TWICE its Body size !! It breaks my Heart !! Thats Animal Cruelty too !! Imagine them suffering. if they get poked on by tweezers,needles,and all kinda Murder-Weapons to them. Do I need to give you more excamples ? There are enough here on PTZ. EveryTime I post a MagotRemoval Vid here I do give a fair WARNING !! But by that warning I mean Animal-Creulty concerned the Maggot !! They are the ones who get Killed/Suffocated/Punctured/Stretched-Out and so on. The Animal who harbours them always feel better,and get outa the ordeal unharmed. Something you cannot say from the Bot-Fly or Larvae whatsoever. I am thinking about opening a Farm, a shelter for traumatized,injured Maggots. Good idea isnt it ?? Every lil Donation is welcome btw !! MomE, I hope you now can understand my point of view about it all
        Peace & Love Twisted……in the name of all the traumatized larvaes around the Globe !!

    • While I totally get where you’re coming from Cyster, I must remind you that insects don’t have central nervous systems. Thus, they feel no pain! We can all rest easy… 😉

      • He must be kidding,in fact I’m sure he is…

        -“I am thinking about opening a Farm, a shelter for traumatized…”

        I really dont think larvae/maggots have any emotion so they cant be traumatised!

        It was funny tho! lol

  • OMG!!
    Too short tho!Even tho I’m a huge dog lover,these are my kind of vid!

    What a nasty parasite!
    FYI,mango worm are also called “Cordylobia anthropophaga”(for a later research)

    The number of these in a single infection is….out of this world,simply incredible.
    The survival mean of certain species are spectacular.

    I hope the poor dog is feeling good by now;free of these worms,infections and big scar!!!

    And @TwistedCyster ,that was an awesome find,Tnx man 😉

  • Poor poor pup! I have seen these before. Glad they got them out.

    Am I the only one who is thinking this…..Wouldn’t it be nice to have “blackheads” that big and some one who would let you mash them out? *shivers just thinking about it*

  • Holy **ZIT**. Poor puppy….can’t imagine how that must have felt to have that many moving under his skin.
    Strangely I’m reminded of Puffed Rice cereal.
    Which I will never be able to eat again.

  • GAH! **breathes deeply** I was doing fine until the end when she GRABBED the squirming little critters bare handed. Somebody hand me a gr**ZIT** rake and a Brillo Pad. I’m itching all over.

  • UncleL, I’m with you…Im not too vocal about the glove thing….but OMG, How could she stand to touch such filth??

    It appeared she was mashing them out like blackheads…I wonder do they burrow into the skin and rise to the surface when medicated.

    I wonder if the txment is topical or oral…Hey, I could go investigate….
    off, I go…..tra-la-la-diddle-lee-dee……..

  • Oooo! I’m with everyone here! The first thing I thought of when watching this was that it looked sort of like on of those “Playdoh Fun Factories”…where you squeeze the playdoh out through a device sort of like a pasta machine or cookie press. TC….EXCELLENT work on this one…especially going back and getting the info from the doc! Hoping the pup is feeling better now!

  • OMG That was just freaking awesome. It reminded me of some huge zits being extracted from someones face. At least that is what I imagine when I see this video. I wish I could have seen all of these worms extracted from this dog. Because it looks like there was alot more extracted from the upper portion of the dog…Nice Find…Five stars. going on my favs….sweet….dws…

  • everytime I see this I am amazed, looks likr pup wa**ZIT** with a shotgun, they come out much easier than botfly…guy just grabbed a spot and squeezed and out popped a ton,,,,bet he’s not done yet

  • omg that was insane to watch all those holes but when the vet sqeezed they just came out like a big cow heard great find Twisted Cyster smooches hugs and audie bear loves 🙂

  • Those things are hideous. They seem like they are easier to extract than a bot fly though. Thank **ZIT** they aren’t here in the US or if they are, not infested with them. Keep that **ZIT** over there in Gambia!

  • My question is what kind of pet owner allows a poor animal to get this bad. Thats just cruel!
    Maybe the pet owner should have to deal with a case of these to see how awful it is for the poor dog.

  • The vet that I used to work with was from Africa and her dogs were shipped to the US. They arrived with mango worms all over them. The reason a dog/ct can die from any infestation is because most larvae feed on the subcutaneous skin layer and/or their blood. If you’ve ever heard the term “flea dirt”, that dirt is really nothing but your pet’s dried blood. Most of the pets die from anemia if not taken care of properly. This video of “Lucky” is one of manyand it **ZIT**es me off that this sweet dog had to go through this again, especially since if you listen closely, it was BOARDED at the vet’s and each time the owner’s come home they get their dog that’s filled with mango worms. Just FYI, these worms sting very badly and when they are removed, a substance is left in the hole that keeps stinging. This dog is so sweet, it only cries a couple times. But an owner should not have to come pick up their dog in the condition this dog is in. Not being disrespectcul, just honest. It’s partly the owner’s fault – Happens once, shame on the Vet, happens twice, shame on the owner. Just my opinion.

  • Does anyone know how long it takes for the mangoworm holes to close once the mangoworm itself has been removed? The skin looks so painful and raw, I would hate for the pups to get a supplemental infection due to the open sores.

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