Miasis Oido, aka Maggots in Ears

***WARNING! Extremely gross, those who are sensitive in nature will definitely wish to skip this video. As always, watch by choice, comment with respect! END WARNING***

Removal of Maggots from a man’s ear. With follow-up video of the all the extracted… material…




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  • Wheres Dr J when you need him?

    Thats an awesome vid IMO!But I’m not sure if that Dr was an ENT!
    He did not used the usual tool….well,I’m no professional…

    If he took care of the business and the grandpa was “worm-free” after his visit;Then he did a wonderful job.

    Nice find Dawn! 😉

  • How does this happen!? And how does one let it get this bad!? I would imagine the sound and feeling of one of those things in my ear would drive me bonkers, let alone like 30 of them…. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUGH! I now have a new worst nightmare.

      • Naw, magna, that’s just the echo in the cavern of your head when the few marbles you have left start rolling around. Don’t worry, I only have one marble left, and no matter how long I try – I can’t get it in the durn Clown’s nose!!!!!

        tee hee

        Oh, and BTW, great video Dawn!!!! EWWWWW, but great!

        ~ H.S.

    • They will eat on wax as well. It looked like there was a blood clot in that cup that the maggots were in. He may have had a sore down there inside his ear or some infection down there, it still makes my tummy turn seeing that.

    • OK – enough people want to know…

      Only 3 types of fly larvae are able to be utilized medically because they feed strictly on dead/necrotic tissue.

      However, there are many opportunistic flies that become attracted to the scent of any infection, lay their eggs or deposit their larvae. The larvae will then eat not only the infected tissue, but can even enlarge the wound and become the majorissue and the infection becomes secondary. Screwflies and blowflies (might be the same, just two different names) are common aggressive maggots, mostly found on livestock, but the occasional human gets infested as well.

      For those who want to search for more vids like this on YT – type in “Myiasis” or “Miasis” or “screwfly”. 🙂

      And that is about all I know. Ta-da!!!! (bowing deeply) ha ha ha

      ~ H.S.

      • clap clap clapity clap clap clap……, Good job Halphie!
        Hey, remember that vid with the kid with a wound just packed with screw-fly maggots that all burrowed as if on cue or something?

  • Maggots are an old remedy for infections, put a few in and let them munch on the bad stuff and then remove them. We still use them in the medical field today. They secrete a natural antibiotic as they grow. They are wonderful little tools if you can get over the ick factor. Great vid!

    • Thanks Tamara, I’ve seem quite a few maggot therapy videos, and it isn’t because the patient has “let” anything get way out of hand, it is 9/10 times maggot therapy. Maggots are actually sterilly cultured for this very purpose to eat necrotic material, and then eliminate antibiotic like substances as they grow and feed on the dead skin.
      Leaving behind a very clean area, with no scar tissue to deal with.
      Pretty cool little creatures! 🙂

  • Tamara and PnB Im thinking along that line as well.

    As Splatterman noted, they only consume dead tissue..We have seen them taken from nostrils and ears…There has to be some funky tissue in there for the larvae to be there in the first place…..Are we helping or hindering?? Just a thought..

    Perhaps if they were packed in there in a mesh like material and controlled and monitored by a professional….At least they are giving the clinitian a clue that the host has issues.

    • Dead on the money Mom E!
      My thoughts have always been that because maggots only eat necrotic tissue, they leave behind a very clean surface, with no scaring as well they emit an antibiotic like substance which helps heal the site.
      Sometimes this can be better than invasive surgery, which might (depending on the age & health condition of the patient) cause more scar tissue, take longer to heal, or may be more dangerous to perform due to patient health. Especially in the elderly, their skin is definately more thin, less elasticity, less blood flow, as well as their ability to come back from a General Anesthetic. Diabetics face the same challenges.
      My Dad is 86, and is facing some tough choices right now regarding his bowels. Had 3 surgeries so far to remove blockages, and is no longer eligible for another surgery, his body wont survive another one. Next step colostomy.
      All this by way of saying thank goodness for topical maggot therapy. 🙂

  • okay i was warned but i just had to do it and watch….with respect OMG!!!!!! I hope that was for medical reasons but i would have had to have been sedated for those to be in my ear….OMG…GREAT FIND AND YOU DID WARN AHEAD…URP 🙂

  • I have been in hospital many times with ulcer patients having maggot treatments , it works brilliant but theres a difference to having a maggot nest on a leg and in the ear i dont think i could stand the idea ,or in the nose gives me shivers

  • Sjeeeszzzzz…..Thats a nasty sight…..and a verry nasty thought to have that in your own ears. What if the lil **ZIT**s eat the eardrum.???? Now that hurts then. Imagine yourself cleanig your ears with that ear-picks with cotton swab at each ends, and if you go a lil bit too far it hurts like a B!tch….So if them Creepy-Crawler**ZIT**ting and **ZIT**ping to the Eardrums…Must be an Awefull feeling !!!
    But annyway, Dawn you did a magnificent find outhere !! KEEP”m Comming !!

  • WWWWHHHHHYYYYYYYY are these things happening? They were like magnetized or on little bungi cords. They did not want OUT. There were just too many in there. One is plenty I would think. If one just wakes up everyday in relatively good health it is more of a blessing than anyone can think. So many things can go haywire. Now maggots in the ears. Pus coming out of your eyes from your nose, rocks in your throat. And this is just a minute list of the things that can happen.

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