PTZ Exclusive Series: Roger Poppers!

This time Roger has not only a forehead video, but a couple of other nice, close-up lil’ pimple pops! Nice to see ya again, Roger! Keep that farm growing!!


Body Popper 1

Body Popper 2

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  • Surely I’m not the only “Net Nanny” who sees a problem here? At least most of these amateur vids are able to produce SOMETHING! Roger seems intent only on using up film, and that childish “s**ZIT**ing” of the holes he did manage to open up on his body is totally disgusting. If he’s NOT infected by now, HE SHOULD BE!

    • Midnightdream69, MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus) does not have a “look”.. Also, MRSA is resistant to antibiotics, hence the name, so they would do no good. That’s why it is dangerous. The’re is no cure or treatment. It is also very can contagious. The only sure way to know if a wound is MRSA is be culturing the wound. Thought you and others would like to know.

      • Let me clarify something I said above. The’re are some antibiotics that will treat the infection, but they are not they “usual” antibiotics, so it is difficult to find one that works. Once you have MRSA in your bloodstream, it will never go away. MRSA is often call a “super bug” because it so difficult to treat. Also, doctor’s will often prescribe an antibiotic because the the patient insist on them when they are not needed – an example is a virus is not treated by an antibiotic – but because we insistant on taking so many unnecessary antibiotics, we are making out body ibecoming immune to many of our antibiotics. OK…the end! Hope this information helps someone understand it more. (It’s the nurse in me. I can’t help it!)

  • Hey Roger, Sweetie, please don’t rub all that pimple-juice all over your skin while looking for new things to squeeze! You’re getting too many infections and scars. It’s like you’re trying to “cultivate” more pimples as you go. OCD can be treated and you may need a little help before you do yourself in from infection! Not criticizing, just that mama-granma “worried-about-my-babies” thing!

    • Hey Nina, I’m with you here.
      Roger as gajustme and Dawn have mentioned please use gloves if you are going to continue this you are definately spreading infection over other open sores, which will continue to get infected, this will never heal, and could potentially cause you some major health issues in the future.
      As much as I appreciate your posting yourself here at PTZ,
      I also want you to be healthy, keep good care of yourself.

  • OK Rodger, you’re becoming well known ’round here….I feel like enviting you to coffee, and discussing asepsis with you….

    Can’t promise I wouldn’t come over the table and after you in a proper, clean mannor.

    Listen dear, none of us want to see you laying in the hosp. all scarred up from bad infection. (and unnecessary)

  • Having had the dubious pleasure of a deep wound, antibiotic resistant staph infection aftewr a botched surgery I urge Roger to be more careful with his skin. A month in a hospital and six weeks of post-op IV antibiotics has made me much more aware of the bacteria that surrounds us.

  • Did anyone see any pus at all coming out of the spots he squeezed on his face? I didn’t see a spec of pus. Roger is there any pus coming out or is it just liquid? Wish you could focus the camera. Way to blurry.

  • I don’t see the purpose of all the “Roger” videos. Watching him dig into his skin with his nails is disturbing. I never see any pus either. If he keeps this up, however, he will have a major infection …..then we can really see the products of infection. In the future if there are more Roger videos, I choose not to watch him destroy his skin.

  • roger got some in grown hairs going on his leg those are really painful to good job roger nice lil sqeezer teasers great find Halph Staph smooches hugs and audie bear loves 🙂

  • Halphie, I think he scared the well-formed head into hiding so all that escaped was some fluid. I also suffer from the compulsion to pop pimples before they’re ready. Hubby is currently on pimple-watch!!! Thank heavens he knows to wait until it’s good and ready, hehe!!

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