Roger’s Right On Time!

Yup, another video of Roger’s forehead field. Still can’t get enough. Started working on my jealousy issues during therapy, but out of the corner of my eye, I keep seeing these rather puzzled and slightly nauseous looks cross the therapists face. My guess – A) She is not a Popologist or B) She is thinking she might have to create a whole new diagnosis to cover this issue. LMAO!

Go Roger! Git them spots!

Just Pop It!
~ H.S.

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  • I’m not sure why Roger keeps getting posted. I know all videos can’t be a 5 or more, but there is nothing to see with these. Sorry. On the up side, thanks for all your hard work HS. You even said in your instructions that a tiny spot of pus does not warrent a video. Case in point.

    • Agreed. I didn’t see any pus at all, I ean nothing against Roger, it’s just that there’s nothing to see, it’s just a waste of time. I could film myselpf doing the same thing, tho’ my skin is clear on my forehead, would it get posted too *insert quest mark* I think it’s nice that Roger is trying to share his “bounty”, but we simply cannot see it!

  • I think we all need to send Roger one of those macro cameras such as was used for the “sybil” vids…he could be like a rock star! (oh, and a tripod too….that would help, I think) I appreciate his, and your efforts, HS!

  • I think that Roger deserves a PTZ Honorable Mention … a t-shirt & a kit of Proactive. This can’t be good for him to keep picking at the existing acne he has on his forehead.
    Now I’m all for a shot of the good stuff, pus flying everywhere, but I think that his efforts might be better spent in trying to clear up his acne, rather than causing more harm to his skin.
    Just saying. 🙂
    Oh yes thanks HS for posting all of Roger’s videos. If nothig he is at least enthusiastic, and your efforts are totally appreciated.

    • You are so right BT..that is the main issue here, not the material posted. This was also an issue with my huge sebac post.

      Roger your filming is back-lit. Which means the light is coming from behind. The simple solution is turning around so that the light shines on your forehead instead of your back.

      Other than that I appreciate the time to take to send up exclusive videos. That will keep me watching every time!

  • I dont really know what to say here!
    First,who am I to say that Roger’s vid doesnt deserve a spot on PTZ?

    But then I agree with Puss n boots comment!

    So…IT IS WHAT IT IS!!! (learned that while watching post-football game’s interviews with the coaches and players…lol)

    As always tho,I do appreciate all the work behind it all.So,thank you Roger,
    and H.S,amen to you! 😉

  • ahhhhhhhh roger u should let them get more ripe hehehe u do have a pimple load going on your forhead nice lil poppers great find Halph Staph smooches hugs and audie bear loves 🙂

  • This is so me in my teens – locking myself in the loo for hours and just going wild on those horrible things that were ruining my life – oh the hatred I unleashed on those poor **ZIT**ps…making them worse than they needed to be, slippin and slidin with all that oil that I never thought to wipe off, just wanting to get rid of those horrible things! Being a baby boomer, apparently dermatology was in its infancy and all the docs told ya was to keep your face clean ha what a laugh. I feel for that kid.

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