Simon’s Nasty Back Pimple

Simon says – “Look what you did to me! You squeezed and squeezed this cyst last time, and now it is a nasty infected and painful abscess… so I am giving you another chance to make it right! Harumph!”

Well, actually, I have no idea what Simon said, since I tend to watch videos in silent mode – unless someone tells me I should really listen to whatever quotable one liners are being tossed about in rare, hilarious banter amongst the poppee and the DIY popper crew (or the doctor on occasion… hey, its happened!)

But what I *can* deduce is, first, that this is the same offender that was squeezed in the first video, and second, it has returned with a definite vengeance! For those scratching their heads and saying “What the deuce are you talking about Halph?”, I suggest you >>>CLICK HERE<<< and watch Simon’s first pop session before watching this one. Trust me – BIG difference between the two!!!! Enjoy!

Oh, and props to dripper, who posted the previous Simon video. 🙂

Just Pop It!
~ H.S.

“Simon’s Nasty Back Pimple” Uploaded by princegeicko on Sep 10, 2011

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  • Ok. It has to be said. While this was awesome…if the first time you pop a cyst it gets infected and turns into this, go to a **ZIT** doctor!!! Obviously diy didn’t work so well for you last time! Unless you’re going for a bloodborne pathogen! If so then by all means, have fun! But I don’t want to hear it when you’re either having your arm amputated or lying on your death bed! Just sayin! When it turns ugly the first time, it doesn’t mean try it again!

  • The camera man did a great job, esp. when he got the popper to move so he wasn’t blocking the light. Five stars for the vid. I hope the guy went to a doctor if the infection didn’t start getting better fast.

  • Dude, how cool is that !!!! You have a gaping hole in your back !!! ( “Cool, p**ZIT** me a beer…are DA Bears winning??? Oh yeah, p**ZIT** me my prosthetic arm too…check it out, ain’t it cool? Hey, check out THIS pimple on my a*s cheek…it’s crazy huge…wanna `git` it at half-time?…” )

  • Whoooeeeeee! I’d make a video with either of those boys! lol. Wonder what the cameraman looked like? LOL…Great video, BTW. Camera work was awesom and lots of pus. Good find.

  • It took 7 months to go from that tiny thing to that?
    That seems like a really long time.
    I wouldn’t think it would take anywhere near that long for something infected to get that size?

  • I would guess that it was messed with sometime recently to get the infection going- I too don’t think that it took 6-7 months for it to become that infected- but who knows? I am a bit worried about the reaction to the “hole” in his back, it would seem that they had no idea what to expect from what they were doing(they forgot the towels- and never remembered the disinfectant!) I hope that the operation room was a college dorm, and that there is an infirmary on campus!! At least a course of antibiotics is called for here, and maybe wound clean-up and packing! Good luck!

  • That was one angry looking SOB of a boil there huh? It had it all, hight, texture, girth, color, & a **ZIT**load of pus. & I’m sure the smell had to be there to with all that infection that was up in there. That how a infected boil should be. That was so rancid.

  • Impressive to say the least. I expected a lung to come oozing outta there! Fantastic pus load but when it got **ZIT** to the point I though they were slaughtering a hog on the bed, I became “concerned”. Beautiful post HS. Thanks!!!!

  • Good lookin’ kids! Finally, someone with the “cajones” to cut & squeeze one of those! Great find, Halph Staph.
    On the other hand, as a mom & grand-mom, I hope his buddies got him to the infirmary shortly thereafter!!

  • FAN-EFFING-TASTIC!!! These guys KNOW how to do this s**t straight! This was one of the best videos I have ever seen, and certainly the best “home made” video (as opposed to medical offices) That I have ever seen! ANYWHERE!!! No screaming, no nonsense with background screaming or anything else by way of distractions. The subject stayed still, and didn’t get up to emote or walk around, or anything else at all! 5 STARS!!!

  • ahhhhhhhh now that was great fun alot of pus alot of blood what else could a girl like me ask for lol great video post Halph Staph hope you and your family had a very merry christmas smooches hugs and audie bear loves 🙂

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