***GRAPHIC! Maggot Removal****

****INTENSE WARNING!!!! This video shows the removal of a maggot infestation from a large facial wound, including the area where the dog’s eye used to be. It is being posted because a) it was submitted by a member, and b) many PTZ viewers are interested in the subject. If you are at all squeamish, Do Not Watch This Video!!! Remember, watch by choice and comment with respect. Thanks! END WARNING****

NOTE: From what I gleaned from YT, poor dog was brought into the vet’s office, suffering from traumatic injury coupled with severe neglect. Apparently, when the toy poodle was injured, the owner’s decided that it was easier to abandon the dog instead of trying to find money to pay for the dog’s treatment. I think the poodle did survive, and probably was adopted by a loving family. 🙂

“Cão teve olho comido por bicheira”
Uploaded to YouTube by hyzzo on Mar 30, 2011

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  • Some vets have the right to decline an animal treatment for non-payment if they are in private practice. It was good for the little pup to be sedated and treated by these kind folks whether they were aspca **ZIT**ociated or not in their country. Even if the pup loses an eye, I’m sure someone will give him a loving home. When I worked, most of the sick but recovering strays were all adopted by staff members from the clinic as we all grew so close to them, having to care for them thru recuperation.

  • i should have heeded your warning and p**ZIT**ed on this one. usually animal vids dont bother me but this is a horrific story. it probably doesnt help that i have two toy poodles myself.

  • How sad seeing an animal in this state. 🙁 As disgusting as the maggots are they would be cleaning the wound eating the rotten flesh. I’m a bit concerned about how the pup was tied down. Surely a general anaesthetic would be the kindest way to treat it.
    Hope it has been rehomed.

    • My guess would be that a general anaesthetic would be too much for the poor dog’s heart. I’m sure a local would have been given though. As for the maggots cleaning the wound, it isn’t beyond the scope of antibiotics. all that said though, abandoning a helpless animal is bad enough but to abandon an animal in need of care is as low as anyone can get. Wouldn’t be surprised if whoever dumped the poor dog haven’t got another one by now because they are “animal lovers”.

  • It bothers me more to see the vet probe the eye socket, not the actual maggots. He is very skilled with that tool, couldn’t be more percise with his own fingers.

    Humans who treat poor unwanted animals with kindness, have a reward waiting. I believe that with all my heart.

  • We just got a 3 1/2 yr old Shih Tzu on Sat. and the people we got him from were neglectful. They complained that he was a chewer and we got him home and had to give him a bath right off because he stunk and his teeth were black because they didn’t allow him to chew ANYTHING to clean his teeth.He has strange scabs on his body from what…… he heeds grooming and he is having his nails clipped for the first time.

    I wish someone would have been able to get to the poodle sooner…. that poor little baby. I dont get how anyone would even let it get that bad before getting the dog to the vet or to a shelter.

  • Some people need to have checks done on them before having any kind of pet. Shame on those people who did this, it confirms what type of low life they actually are. STOP! animal abuse, cowards!!

  • wow it amazes me how owners dump their dogs instead of bringing them to no kill shelters im happy they found and treated this dog i just pray it lived through it great find Dawn smooches hugs and audie bear loves 🙂

  • Yuck. All these look gross. I really hate maggots on pets. Myiasis is a headache for most pet owners. Most of the treatment methods available are harmful to our dear pets as well. I came across a very good article on how to treat our pets from this condition the natural way. It is so cheap using only Neem oil, camphor and turmeric, and poses no danger to our pets as well. For those who are interested in reading it, check it out here: http://www.holisticlivingannex.com/2012/06/best-natural-remedy-for-maggot.html

  • So sad. It’s heartbreaking to see an abused or neglected animal. I wish people would understand that if they can’t afford to take their pets to the vet, don’t adopt one. Bless the vets in that country for treating the dog. I’m sure he or she was adopted. **ZIT** bless you, little pooch!

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