Larvae Therapy

****WARNING! Maggots! Yes, they are being used medically, but these images may be disturbing to some. So, please watch by choice, and comment with respect. Thanks!! END WARNING****

Larvae Therapy

BONUS: Therapy In Action…

“Larvae Therapy”
uploaded to youtube by zohrabash on May 9, 2010

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  • Looks kind of like oatmeal boiling. I wonder if they can be felt moving? My Maw always refered to people that couldnt’ sit still as “squirming like maggots in hot ash”. I guess they don’t have to be in hot ash to squirm.

  • You can feel them moving, but also the heat. They move so much that the wound gets warm. But they don’t hurt you. And the wound gets much cleaner than with “normal” therapy. There is just one thing: you can not be scared for little maggots, or you go crazy.
    And another thing: you have always fishbait with you.
    (where is my fishingrod?)

  • There is not enough Valium in the world for me to have those things in a wound, no matter how therapeutic it is! But I understand the science behind it and respect their use. Just…ugh-h-h!!

  • I find maggots to be very interesting little creatures…It does make me wonder what they would feel like if maggot therapy was needed….If they would help me get better, I would for sure have maggot therapy..I am so glad that they help out us humans….Go larvae….dws

  • They seemed well behaven, stayed put.

    beautiful wound, and I completely see the logic, but Im with nina. Not enough seds. in the world
    No Way!

    fascinating, Dawn!

  • I think they should change the name of this therapy to the **ZIT**le above. Larvae therapy. When I think larva I think caterpillars and most people don’t find caterpillars grotesque.

    The term ‘maggot’ just has such a stigma.

    • You’re so right @Kagome , No matter how you use the term “Maggot” it just doesn’t work. Even if you said “Happy Maggot Fun Time” it’s still icky.
      If you called them “Weight Loss Tickle Therapy Pets” there wouldn’t be enough flys on the planet to lay enough eggs to keep up with the demand.

      • I ’bout fell off my ball laughing. I believe it was back in the Victorian days people injested tapeworm eggs for weight loss. Those things can get up to 30 feet long. Looks like people were crazy back then too.

    • Jeeze LMS, don’t torture yourself over this image, they’ll never get near you. I totally agree, it was a horrible visual, but at the same time fascinating. Im sure if the pt. had to watch them do their work she would think otherwise.

      Im sure they were well contained and covered up.

  • These vids are my faves,maggots and especially “The Guinea worm” ( but those are soooo rare,since the disease has been mostly eradicated;tnx to President Carter!Its a good thing for the poor people concerned by it,but not for a “sicko” like me…).

    The second video was my fave!Awesome post @Dawn ,tnx a lot 😉

  • Sjeeeszzz GOT to fall in love with those white **ZIT**s , when you see them so cozy side to side ,wirling,twirling,around. Sometimes they act like olympic simultaneous swimmers…..then they move over ALL at the same time !! Thats a GREAT vieuw when they act like that….There is a vid around somewhere here, and there my lil friends maggots are in a wound of a lil boy. And then all at once they just seeems to turn around simultaneously ,all togheter at once…..MAJESTIC !!!

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