More Maggots “Helping” **WARNING**

******WARNING: Maggots. Medical Maggots, doing their maggot therapy thang, but still, in the end or in the foot, they are maggots. Wiggly, munchy, maggots. So if just this warning made you feel queasy – then you may want to skip viewing this video. Thanks! Watch by choice, comment with respect…END WARNING*****

Another vid of maggots cleaning up a rough looking chronic wound. Still can’t believe that maggots are good for us.
maggot debridement therapy(MDT)
Uploaded to YouTube by TheCares4u on Oct 19, 2011

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    • Ouf…….What a mess it should be!!! I can take a lot of gore…but broken bones are…not my thing.(maybe cuz I did broke my tibia-fibula while playing baseball at 17.euh…not “maybe”,I’m sure its because of it)

      Crazy,but I have never made the link between your “avatar” and your “daily occupation”!!!!!
      And of course,thats why you’re so knowledgeable in the medic aspect of PTZ.
      Sometime I’m slow like that @unclelarry ,lol;I

      • I’m not so much in the streets anymore. I’m a paramedic instructor now. Time & back injuries caught up with me years ago. 😉 But after 34 years, I still love it.

  • eweee thats just wicked
    how do they know when the critters are done? how do they get sterile critters so they dont create infections?
    i really feel sorry for the foots owner, i hope they make a full recovery
    thanks to you for showing this to us, it motivates me to try and keep my sugar under better control.

  • Were the maggots placed there or were they layed there by flies? I have seen both as a nurse. To me that looked like larva eggs were layed and hatched. Because usually when maggots are placed in a wound, they don’t bandage it. They leave them on for a certain time period and then take them off. That bandage looked very nasty so, thats what makes me think they were hatched there. But I don’t really know. I just wondered if anybody else knew the story?

  • wow! that was cool, you could tell that the maggots had cleaned
    out the dead tissue, first of all the tissue looked pink and healing and also the maggots were all by the tape trying to exit…..meal (the good stuff) all gone.

  • I love these maggots therapy vids.

    Cannot understand why sometime some ppl have problem making difference between medical maggots and the other “unsanitary” maggots.

    The medical maggots are all the same size and they’re white-ish!

    Nice find @Imwithu2

  • I’m rather sure the maggots were placed there on purpose. “homegrown” infestations usually have many more maggots and of differing size. These all seem about the same size and there were not too many. I’ve only seen that last bandage in larvae therapy. It looks like a piece of rubbery stuff to set a boundary for the maggots. As nasty as it is I can appreciate the pragmatics of what they do. They only eat dead flesh so the doc doesn’t have to guess, “am I cutting too deep”. One of the first maggot vids I saw (that was therapy) the gum chewing patient talked about how it creeped her out at first but she kept her foot thanks to the little **ZIT**s. WARNING THE NEXT PART IS GROSS.

    There is a vid out there on LiveLeak I think of a man in Thailand or something who had a motorcycle wreck and lay for days with severe lacerations. His scalp was barely attached to the skull. Maggots were everywhere and the doctors credited them with saving his life (preventing gangrene). SHOCKING scene though. Doc pulls up the scalp and everything is moving. The man is awake and in no apparent distress. Lots of clean up work before any sutures can begin.

  • Wow, diabetes runs rampant in our family and I keep telling all my friends/relatives what I see on here when their sugar in not kept in check, or when a seemingly small injury can be life-threatening if not treat properly asap.

  • I am diabetic and have researched the ulcer thing quite a bit. The VAST majority of these wounds can be avoided with not only good control but daily visual foot inspections. This helps locate wounds, punctures and spots that diabetics cannot feel while they are small and more easily treated. If you can’t see your feet ask someone else to look at them or use a mirror. Calluses will, over time build fluid underneath and erode tissue. They must be controlled with proper foot care. For around $15-20 most places will do a basic pedicure and callus removing treatment which goes a long way towards keeping one’s piggies cute and healthy. 1-2x per month is a TINY investment in saving your feet and legs. Our neighbor lost his leg and died due to diabetes and my daddy died of it 3 years ago. Our daughter was diabetic ( we lost her 2 years ago from unrelated causes) and my brother and only sibling was diabetic and found dead by his wife on Easter Sunday of this year. He developed MRSA after knee replacement surgery we suspect that and untreated sleep apnea took his life away so suddenly. My mom is tiny and active yet she is also diabetic.

    People PLEASE take this disease SERIOUSLY. You may feel fine but it will slowly and silently kill you, taking your feet, limbs, kidneys, eyes and finally your life. People in 3rd world countries are not as lucky as we are. Even uninsured people who are diabetic are en**ZIT**led to care. I hope everyone uses it and educates themselves.

    Please take care.


    • @KittyKitty – Just means that the video is no longer available for viewing, and we need to replace it with a back-up copy when we can. But there is no problem with your ability to view it, the video really isn’t there. 🙂

      ~ H.S.
      Site Admin

  • I’ve seen a video with woman getting larvae from what looked to be a sterile hospital bottle, was dated & had a batch # looked to me, but it was amazing, he laid some gauze on her wound, then back in a few days or so, wasn’t told & low and behold her foot was ooozing with maggots, fascinating little things! Completely saved her foot. I just don’t think I could stand the thought of something teeming under the bandage. I’m a picker, so I would. . .have to pick! lol

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