Anal Gland Expression

**WARNING: This is nasty. You *really* might want to consider not watching this. But it is educational? Does that count? Ever since that video about the impacted **ZIT** glands… now we have “**ZIT** cheese”… I see more of this in our future… muwahahhahaha END WARNING**

Video on how to express the **ZIT** glands of a cat or dog.

Anal Glands (2): How to express them?
Uploaded to YouTube by vetstoria on Jan 8, 2009

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  • Chocolate Soft-Serve!

    But seriously, my Beagle had this done at the Vet’s office last summer, and the smell is absolutely horrendous. She had a whole lot more than this pup. And I would NEVER try that on my cat, haha! Very educational, thanks Zitani! πŸ™‚

      • Yes, I am well aware that this is a normal and needed body function of these animals. Deficating is suppossed to express the excess from these glands; however they do frequently become ‘engorged’ and that’s the reason my beagle sometimes has to have her glands emptied. The vet said that certain foods can help or hinder the process, plus each animal is different. I have never had any problem with the **ZIT** glands in my cats. (Thank **ZIT** for that, haha!) πŸ™‚

  • “And what did YOU do at work today dear?” “Oh, I mashed a cat’s **ZIT**”. But yeah, this is an important thing to have done (to the pet, not to you). The first time I saw my dog’s vet do that I was awestruck. And yeah, it smells real bad. Cool post Zitani.

  • I had a cat for 19 years and never had to have this done to him. My friend works in a vets office and she said that once you have this done you have to keep it up. Forget that. My dog can just go outside and drag her **ZIT** across the gr**ZIT**.

  • I can attest to the fact that **ZIT** gland secretion has a unique smell since both of my kids worked for PetSmart’s Grooming Salon here in town. My son showed me where they were on our dog Teddy. I didn’t gag, but it made me turn my head real fast!
    Great find Zitani!!!

  • I actually have to perform this very thing on my dog when he gets stopped up. And it’s pretty clear when he needs it because it starts leaking, usually on my couch. And I have to do option 2. It’s cool and gross at the same time, but at least it keeps the **ZIT** juice of my couch.

  • When would an owner know its time for this procedure?
    Do all cats and dogs need it done?

    I have to admit, Ozzy is 6yo and this never came up..

    What are the consequences for not doing it?

    Thanks Zitani, educational..

    • Well, in the four dogs and two cats I’ve owned in my life, my hound is the only one to ever need it done. When the dog, or cat, **ZIT**s, the hardness of the stool pushing out will express them naturally. In some animals, though, this doesn’t happen correctly. My vet said that I can have his glands removed, or I can keep having them expressed (or I can do it myself…which is a lot cheaper). The vet also told me to give my dog a couple of tablespoons of pumpkin once a week. I’ve been doing that and it somehow makes his stool the right consistency and it has been better.

      • And to answer your other question of the consequences, then the **ZIT** glands will become impacted and may need surgery of some sort. I’m not a vet, but that’s my understanding of it. But it isn’t an issue that all dogs have, and trust me if yours did, you’d probably know about it by now because it STINKS!

    • No, not all dogs and cats need it done. When you start to smell a “rotten **ZIT**” type smell coming from your pet along with it scooting it’s **ZIT** on the ground AFTER worms and parasites have been ruled out, then the vet should check the **ZIT** glands. If you feed your pets a good grain free, by-product free diet they should express them when they have a bowel movement. If the pet has **ZIT** gland issues and they are not treated, then they can become abcessed and rupture but mine (thank god) have never had any problems. The smell could knock a vulture off of a manure truck.

      • Thanks…I will be paying attention!

        I love the things that can be learned on the site! We have alot of good members willing to share πŸ™‚

  • You don’t have to have it done on your pets unless they show signs. Excessive licking their bottoms. Scooting on the rugs or carpet excessively. You smell a metallic horrible stench when they lick their behind. Dogs or cats when they **ZIT** naturally secret the fluid when they make a **ZIT**er. But if they don’t have a good diet or their stool is to hard or to soft the dogs **ZIT** glands can get impacted. Then go see a vet. You can also get it done at most pet groomer. I only had one Italian Greyhound who I had to have it done regularly. He has stomach problems and had loose stools and frequent diarrhea.

      • IHAVE to give the animal an IMMEDIATE bath because the stench is absolutely foul and gut wrenching nauseating. Never, never, never, never stand in front of the **ZIT**! Stand behind the animal’s hips then squeeze. I sprayed my sister one day because she just had to stand and watch. I rinsed her off in the yard – stench and puke.

  • My cat’s gland got abscessed once. I didn’t realize this though. I was poking him on his upper hind leg, he turned and my finger hit next to his bung-hole. White puss shot out an incredible distance. Unfortunately, I was laying in bed at the time and it shot onto my face and pillow. My cat instantly turned around and started licking it off my face. The smell was terrible and I was gagging like crazy b/c this nastiness was on my face and in my hair. The cat hasn’t had any problems with his **ZIT** since then though.

  • One of my cats had to get hers removed because they were infected and didn’t go away with antibiotics. My dog that I have now came to us with an **ZIT** gland infection. Infection is gone now and she has a second follow up to make sure all is well next week. I always try to get her a female vet for this type of visit. Usually women have smaller fingers and it’s the least I can do for her. When they emptied the infection there was no gland smell. The first **ZIT** gland express follow up visit after the antibiotics stunk the whole office…wooooo. So I have come to the conclusion stink is a good sign for a healthy gland. Here’s hoping next week there is a big smell or even better, they emptied when she went to the bathroom before we get there.

  • I’m so glad we don’t have smell-o-vision. I used to have a black lab with this problem and it was the worst smell ever. The vet said that his **ZIT** glands were deeper than they should be and that’s why they weren’t emptying on their own. It’s amazing how smelly one drop of that stuff can be– it can funk up an entire room instantly.

    • I had a tea cup Chihuahua – 2 lbs. Her **ZIT** gland would get swollen to the point she couldn’t sit down. The stuff expressed out was like the cat but 10 times the quan**ZIT**y. Expressed her at least once a month.

      My sisters were visiting and saw me express her. One symptom of blocked glands is the animal running their **ZIT** across the carpet. They asked me to look at one of their dogs.

      Started to express their male standard size Chihuahua and warned them to get behind the dog’s hips because it can be projectile at times. Youngest sister ignored the warning – got blasted with a little poo and oil gland substance. Smelled so bad, everyone standing in the backyard watching puke.

      Story morale – let the vet and groomer do it.

  • My dog has to have this done every once in while and I am the one who does it. The smell is atrocious. He hates getting his glands expressed and will usually sit down to try and avoid what is about to happen

  • My cat used to get infected **ZIT** glands about once a year. They would be filled with thick, chunky pus. The vet said she had impressive **ZIT** glands because she produced so much.

  • This is why I take my puppies to the groomer every other month. She does nails, ears and glands for $10. Sure a lot cheaper then having to pay a vet for impacted glands.

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